Polish Roosters vs Hen: 7 Differences

Polish Roosters vs Hen

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It is pretty easy to identify a male and female chicken in the pair. Isn’t it? The males usually have large wattles, combs, spurs, and pointed feathers around the neck, back, and tail whereas the females can be identified by their less pointed, more rounded feathers.

What if there is one chicken breed that makes it nearly impossible for a naive person to identify a male and a female.

That chicken breed is called “Polish”. Most aviculturists fail to distinguish a polish rooster from a hen probably because they look breathtakingly the same.

That’s not the only case with the Polish chicken breed, the Polish rooster and hen require different care as well. Here’s how the Polish rooster is unique from hens and hens are unique from roosters.

Polish Roosters vs Polish hen


Like every other chicken breed out there, the Polish roosters and hens can also be identified by their appearance.

When it comes to appearance, the Polish roosters have a topknot of feathers that appear flamboyant. Moreover, like most roosters, the Polish roosters have sharp-tipped and little tousled feathers.

Since topknots of feathers are the specialty of the Polish chicken breed, the females also happen to have topknots of feathers. However, they do not appear flamboyant but sleeker and smooth. Polish rooster can not fly long.

The crest is another characteristic that makes the Polish rooster and hens “totally” recognizable.

The Polish roosters have more stringy crests and the hens have big puffy crests. What is common in the Polish rooster and hen is that both sexes do not look any less than a rock star.


Polish chicken is a standard-sized chicken breed. Therefore, the adult male and a female both have an average weight. To be more specific, the polish males usually weigh around 6 to 7 lbs. Whereas, the females can gain up to 5 lbs. Some natives eat roosters and keep hens for eggs.

Polish hen


The Polish chicken breed might have a unique dramatic appearance, however, they still have some more or less the same characteristics as the regular heritage chicken breed. Let’s take an example of height, the Polish roosters are slightly taller than the hens.

More specifically, the polish hens would always be 4 to 5 inches less tall than the roosters. As per an experienced aviculturist, the polish rooster and hen both can achieve a height up to 18 and 16 inches like fighting roosters.


Since hens have to lay eggs, they need to be more pampered than roosters. The polish hen needs more calcium and a luxurious lifestyle than roosters. However, the Polish do not require any different care than the regular rooster.

Polish Roosters


Polish is believed to be a very “prolific” chicken breed. The polish hens are good layers, they lay around 200 eggs a year. Therefore, the Polish hens are often raised for eggs.

Whereas, the roosters are considered for typical purposes. Moreover, the Polish roosters and hens are both raised as ornamental breeds as well. Read some catchy rooster names.


Just as regular chicken breeds, the Polish roosters have a shorter lifespan as compared to the Polish hens. More specifically, a Polish rooster can live up to 5 years whereas carefully raised hens can serve for a good 8 to 10 years.


In brief, Polish roosters can be recognized by their topknot flamboyant feathers, stringy crests, whereas, the females have got sleek, smooth topknot feathers and big puffy crests. The Polish roosters are slightly taller and low-maintenance than Polish hens.

Polish hens are raised for eggs and roosters to provide fertilization services. Moreover, both Polish roosters and Polish hens can be raised as an ornament as well. What’s more surprising, the Polish roosters have a shorter lifespan as compared to Polish hens.

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