Law Grey Gamefowl Characteristics & History

Law Grey Gamefowl

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Known for its power and gameness, the Law Grey Gamefowl breed developed after the crossing of superior stocks.

Later, the infusion of different bloodlines brought a new set of genes to rejuvenate mental sharpness, health, and other fighting traits.

Combining power-hitting, gameness, and smart fighting techniques, we get the Law Grey Gamefowl.

This fighting cock is a sure bet and a winner when it comes to fighting other gamecocks.

Law Grey Gamefowl

Like other gamefowl or battle cock, Law Grey Gamefowl is also raised and trained to show its fighting skills in the battle arena. It is not a popular gamefowl as compared to Asil, Hatch, Radio, and Sweater.

This beautiful-looking gamefowl is used in cockfighting and they put up a good fight. These roosters are costly.

Not many people know about this gamefowl breed as it does not get documented as much as other gamefowls.

As the name gives away, it is a grey-colored rooster in combination with other roosters.

Law Greys can not be easily overlooked due to its dense feathers, impressive plumage, and fighting capabilities. However, law grey roosters can fly high.

It is also used for cockfights in places where it is not outlawed. This gamefowl breed is a mix of two or more fighting chicken breeds and has evolved certain characteristics through selective breeding.


Initially, they were called grey gamefowl but the developer of the breed, E.W Law, started calling them Law Greys around 1935-1936. This rooster’s name came from the breeder.

Though not much is known about the origin and history of the breed, it is believed to have been developed from Albany and Madigan Grey.

It was also crossed with Texas Ranger, the infusion of this bloodline resulted in darker legs.

The trait of dark legs evolved due to the Law’s breeding, suggesting Ranger’s blood, therefore, can be considered a pure Law Grey.

Besides the Ranger, these fighting cocks were crossed with a lot of fowl kept by the Law.

He advertised and sold plenty of these gamefowls back in the day. This gamefowl breed is also believed to have crossed with Boston Roundhead. Early this rooster breed used to eat and poultry purpose.

Many breeders continue to evolve the breed and develop certain physical and behavioral characteristics by crossing it with other famous gamefowls.

Law Grey Gamefowl admirers can expect the breed to be more refined in the future.

Characteristics of Law Grey Gamefowl

Law Greys feature multiple colors including dark grey, white, and light yellow. Wings are of white color whereas the tail feathers are dark grey or black.

They are straight combed and have yellow and white legs. The infusion of McNerney Grey’s blood ensured the dominance of yellow legs over the white.


They are easier to handle and can be territorial and aggressive towards chickens and other hens.

Some aggressive Law Greys are kept separated to prevent lethal fighting between roosters.

This fighting rooster is bred, raised, and trained for cockfighting and poultry exhibitions.

The agile, majestic, and ferocious cock impose stature and assert dominance with every move.

They are not trained or evolved to be friendly as these roosters are meant to take part in deadly fights.

Law greys are energetic, athletic, muscular, and actively developed for strength and stamina.

Law Grey rooster

Law Grey Gamefowl Fighting Style

Greys are one of the best fighting cocks available today. Not all fights result in death but the damage done is often lethal and fatal.

They can be as aggressive and deadly as red roosters in cutting and gameness.

More than a bloody heel, they possess the death heel, making them hard hitters.

These strong hitting roosters are one of the deadliest modern hitters that the cock fighting world has ever seen.

Being a power hitter, they have the ability to cut deep with each strike. Many other fighting rooster breeds are not deep cutters and that’s what gives the Grey an edge.

Law greys fight like the whirlwind, in the air, or on the ground. They are crossed with another gamefowl to enhance their agility, dedication, and lightning speed.

Law greys are combined with other gamefowls for genetic enhancement and evolution of different fighting traits.

Fighting Training

A Law Grey gamecock needs to be taught to fight and should be trained. The rooster should know different methods to prevent critical injury or death.

Raising and training a rooster right will produce competent fighters. Law Greys need to be kept separated and should go through the process of deworming and de-lousing.

Preconditioning feed and treatments give them extra power and energy. Along with other training techniques, light exercise, as well as mental conditioning, is also important for the gamecock.


Many old-school breeders infuse Law Grey blood to other breeds to increase their vitality, strength, and stamina. This smartly-crossed murdering gamefowl fights like a champ and often comes out as a winner. They share similarities with some of the most popular fighting chicken breeds such as Blueface Hatch.

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