Can Roosters Lay Eggs? (Find with Facts)

can roosters lay eggs

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Roosters are admired for many reasons. They are loved for their striking appearance, ability to lead the flock, to fertilize eggs, and a million more. If we try to list all the reasons why they should be a part of your flock we would probably run out of space.

As it’s impossible to list down all the reasons, we would be discussing whether roosters are admired for laying eggs or not? If they do lay eggs or not? If they do, how often do they lay? Or if they don’t why is it so?

Roosters is a term we use for chickens that are mainly raised for cockfighting, and ceremonies in southeastern Asia. Read the complete Guide on Fighting Rooster breeds worldwide.

Though they get loud and irritating sometimes but are excellent in keeping the flock organized. Besides being called “roosters”, they are usually referred to as cock as well. They are often recognized by their long flowing tails, shiny pointed feathers, striking plumage, and by the brighter and bolder colors.

Now that the subject of the discussion is introduced, let’s get back to today’s topic.

Can Roosters Lay Eggs?

No, Roosters can not lay eggs at all no matter which breed they belong to. This creature is just not made for laying eggs, they are rather brought to the flock for security purposes, because of their striking appearance, and several other purposes.

Roosters Can Not Produce eggs, Can male chickens lay Eggs?

Allow us to clear a misconception here, name rooster and male chickens are not two different things. In fact “rooster” is a term we use for male chickens. So yes, male chickens or roosters can not lay eggs for several legitimate reasons.

Why Roosters Can Not Produce or Lay Eggs?

Usually the question “can roosters lay eggs?” Is answered this way, “because it’s anatomically and physically impossible for the male chickens to produce or lay eggs”. The simplest answer to this question is that this creature does not possess organs that are necessary to produce or lay eggs.

Why do you get to hear that a rooster laid eggs quite often?

Frankly, it’s funny but we get to hear this quite often. No doubt miracles happen but a rooster possessing the organ or laying eggs, it’s just as impossible as humans or big birds like emus to fly.

As there are both hens and roosters in the flock so there is a possibility that the aviculturist mistook that the rooster laid eggs. It’s just hens that lay eggs, with or without roosters. Even if

  • The rooster is the only one around the egg at that time
  • The egg sizing is odd
  • The hens do not seem mature enough to produce eggs
  • The color is darker

Still, it would not be the rooster who laid the egg. You have to check which hen from the flock has gotten mature enough to lay eggs.

You should not believe your eyes or anyone else’s claim because;

  • Hens rarely abandon their eggs and spotting a rooster around the egg is not rare at all
  • It’s quite common for the hens to lay odd-sized eggs because the size or shape of the egg gets influenced by breed, sun exposure, diet, and age. The first few eggs are usually of odd sizes, for their supernatural size they are often referred to as ” fairy” or “fart” eggs.
  • Some hens do not show any obvious signs of maturity, so there is a possibility that you are mistaking the hen as immature. It’s also that not all hens mature at the same age, some start producing or laying eggs at eighteen weeks of age whereas a few breeds take much longer to reward their keeper with highly nutritional eggs.
  • If the sizing can be odd, so does the color. The eggs that reside in the hen’s shell gland pouch are usually more pigmented than the regular eggs.

They are made for a different purpose

Roosters are though not necessary for hens to produce eggs, they would be laying eggs as usual even without roosters. Roosters can fly more than hens.

The roosters are made to fertilize eggs, not lay eggs. The eggs that hens lay without roosters are not fertile, they can only be eaten not hatched. Other than fertilizing eggs, they are made to protect the flock even can not crow like hens.

Chickens need a few natural elements to produce eggs, roosters have the access to them as well but they still can not lay eggs

As we have mentioned several times above that hens do not need roosters to lay eggs, these flightless birds need nutrition, a good amount of sunlight, and water to produce eggs.

Roosters are not deprived of any of that(water, sunlight, and nutrition) but they still can not produce or lay eggs.

If they had ovaries just like the female chickens do, they probably would have been rewarding us with highly nutritional eggs.

Inquiring whether the rooster has laid eggs is similar to questioning do men menstruate?
As it’s physically and anatomically impossible for men to menstruate or give birth.

The same is the case with roosters, they have testicles and all other male organs but not ovaries to produce or lay eggs. Just as only females can menstruate or give birth, only hens can lay eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a rooster a male chicken?

Yes, “rooster” is a term we normally use for a male chicken. The adult male chicken is called a rooster whereas the young male chicken is referred to as a “fryer”. So, yes it would be more appropriate to say that a male chicken who has attained sexual maturity is a rooster.

What is the difference between a rooster and a chicken?

What is the difference between a rooster and a chicken? is a widely asked question. Chicken is a general term we usually use for both sexes. The more specific terms are ” hens” and “roosters”. The adult female chickens are called hens and adult male chickens are called roosters.

What are roosters for?

Like everything else in the world, roosters do have a purpose. They are needed to fertilize eggs, protect the flock, break up hen fights, monitor nest boxes, and encourage the egg-laying process.

Why do roosters not lay eggs?

Roosters can not lay eggs because they lack the necessary organs to produce and lay eggs. The lack of organs is the main reason why they can not produce eggs.

Are hens happier with roosters?

Yes, why would they not be? Besides bringing a rooster home to keep your hens happy, roosters are important for many reasons. They keep the hens happy, break up fights, monitor nest boxes, fertilize eggs, and lead the flock.

Is it mandatory to have a rooster in the flock?

It’s not mandatory to have a rooster in the flock if egg hatching is not the issue. However, it is recommended to have a rooster because they keep the hens happy and protect the flock from predators.

Do roosters kill hens?

Yes, roosters can kill hens but it rarely happens. Like all male species, they get aggressive as well. If you ever spot bald patches, bleeding spots, or damaged combs, it’s time to protect your hens against the rooster.

What is a fart egg?

Fart eggs are a small-sized egg that is usually laid by hens in the early or the later stages of the reproductive cycle.

Fart eggs can also be laid in the time of stress but it rarely happens. The fart eggs can be of the same color as other eggs or a bit darker than the regular ones.

These odd-shaped eggs are also called ” fairy eggs”. In storybooks, these eggs are also called witch eggs, wind eggs, cock or rooster eggs even though they are not laid by the roosters.

What’s the use of roosters when hens can lay eggs without any aid?

Indeed, hens do not need to have a male-aid to produce or lay eggs. Their egg-laying schedule would not be disturbed by the absence or presence of cock in the flock. The rooster is only demanded when the eggs are needed to be fertilized.

How long do the hens take to lay eggs?

Egg laying is a complicated process that usually starts when the light enters the hen’s eye and activates the photosensitive gland. It is often said that hens lay eggs every day, it’s not true. Hens, no matter which breed or age group they belong to, need at least 24 to 26 hours to lay a new egg.


Roosters are adult male chickens that are usually brought to the farm for various reasons but mainly to protect the hens from predators, monitor nest boxes, lead the flock, break up hen fights, and encourage the egg-laying process.

Whether they are brought to lay eggs or not is an innocent question that deserves to be answered. Well, the answer is ” no, they can not lay eggs”. The reason is that they lack the organ that stimulates this function.

Only female chickens, which are normally referred to as hens, can lay eggs. They do not need a rooster to lay eggs but require them to produce fertile eggs. If egg fertilization is not the issue, good nutrition, sunlight, and water is all they need to keep the egg-laying process going.

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