About Us

Welcome to Farming Base! We are a small group of farming enthusiasts with years of experience in running and maintaining a farm. We have everything, from crops to animals and we have years of experience working with them. Seeing how we know all the problems one can have while running a farm, we have decided to go online and offer our experience and know-how to everyone out there that might need some help. 

We cover every imaginable topic related to farming, including but not limited to building and maintaining a proper farming infrastructure, cultivating crops, fruits and vegetables, as well as keeping and breeding animals. You are also going to get some botanical and zoological information, as well as information on how to prevent spreading diseases and keeping your farm safe and completely healthy. 

We publish on a regular basis and we try to be as informative as possible, while meeting your and the market’s demands when different issues are concerned. We try to provide the answers people are looking for, but if you want some specific help or advice that we have not yet offered, you are free to contact us and we are going to do what we can to answer your plea and help you.

You can contact us by email: info@farmingbase.com