Brown Leghorn vs Welsummer: 7 Differences

Brown Leghorn vs Welsummer

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When you are planning to get a good chicken layer pair for the flock, the two breeds come to our minds. To be more specific, these breeds are Brown Leghorn and Welsummer. 

There is no doubt that Brown Leghorn and Welsummer are both exceptionally good layers. Therefore when you have to choose one, the comparison is done differently. To be able to compare these chicken breeds, allow us to introduce them first.

Brown Leghorn

Brown Leghorn

Brown Leghorn is a domestic chicken breed that originates from Tuscany, Central Italy.

This chicken breed was initially known as “Italian”, later in the 18th century the Breed begin recognized as ” Leghorn”.

This is the same Italian Chicken breed that gets admired for supreme egg production and highly strung, unfriendly, and flighty temperament.


Welsummer is a Dutch domestic chicken breed that originates from a small village in the Netherlands called Welsum.

Like Brown Leghorn, Welsummer is also a good layer however, it is raised for meat as well. This Dutch breed is famous for its colorful egg production, friendly, light, and intelligent nature.

Brown Leghorn Vs Welsummer


As mentioned above, Brown Leghorn is an Italian breed. It originates from Tuscany, Central Italy. Whereas, the other case is a Dutch breed originating from a small village in the Netherlands called Welsum.


Since Welsummer is an average chicken breed, it is commonly found in the country of its origin; the Netherlands.

Australia is another country where Welsummer chicken can also be spotted. The Brown Leghorn is found in America, Italy, and some other countries of the world.


When it comes to appearance, the Brown Leghorn has been blessed with a perfect slim body, large wattles, combs, reddish-brown feathers, donning orange hackle, and colorful plumage.

The Welsummer, whereas, a full-sized chicken breed that has got a broad back, full breast, and full large tail.

As compared to Leghorn, the Welsummer chicken has medium-sized wattles and lighter gold-tinged and warm lighter chestnut brown feathers.


This intelligent resourceful domestic bird is known as Brown Leghorn is hyperactive, highly strung, unfriendly, and flighty.

They do not like being held or restrained. However, Welsummer is quite the opposite. This chicken breed is intelligent, calm, friendly, and docile just as the domestic chicken breeds should be.


The Leghorn chicken comes in a variety of colors; white, brown, black, and buff. Whereas, the Welsummer chicken has got only one color; reddish bay.

Weight and Height

Brown Leghorn is a standard-sized chicken breed, the adult healthy Brown Leghorn weighs up to 6 kgs.

The other case, Welsummer is a large-sized chicken breed weighing up to 7 kgs. When it comes to height, the standard-sized Brown Leghorn can grow up to 16″ tall.

The Welsummer can be a bit taller than the Brown Leghorn.


The Brown Leghorn is an exceptionally good layer. As per the rough estimate, the Brown Leghorn lays about 3+ eggs a week, up to 300 eggs, and Welsummer 160 eggs a year.

The Welsummer is also considered a good layer, however, it can not compete with Brown Leghorn in the egg-laying race. Learn about layer feed requirements.

That’s the reason why it is considered for both meat and eggs. Whereas, the Brown Leghorn is usually raised for eggs.


Brown Leghorn and Welsummer are the two heritage chicken breeds that get raised for eggs. The Brown Leghorn originates from Itlay whereas, the Welsummer is a Dutch breed that originates from the Netherlands.

The Brown Leghorn is a standard size chicken breed however, the Welsummer is a bit taller than to be called standard sized. The Welsummers are intelligent, friendly, calm, and docile however, the Brown Leghorn is quite the opposite; flighty, unfriendly, and highly strung.

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