Can You Eat Roosters: What About Taste?

Can You Eat Roosters

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Roosters are always the talk of the town, our recent post Can roosters lay eggs? has encouraged us to write more about this ornamental creature. So, here we are with another widely discussed topic ” can you eat roosters?”. So, let’s not beat about the bush and find out if you can eat roosters or not;

Can You Eat Roosters?

Yes, you can eat roosters. Most of us have been eating roosters without even knowing. We usually eat hens more but eating roosters is not rare either. The chicken meat that we bring home from the market can be of female or male chicken, it’s just that they get slaughtered before they reach sexual maturity. So, we get to eat cockerel, a young male chicken under the age of one year.

We can eat roosters, are male chickens safe to eat?

Most of our readers already know that “rooster” is a term we use for male chickens. There is no harm in eating male chickens as they are equally nutritional and flavorful as the hens. If you do not want loose eggs, slaughtering roosters or male chickens would be a fine idea.

Why Do We Not Eat Roosters?

Our readers must be thinking why do we not eat roosters when they have the same flavor as hens? Well, roosters are not eaten for a variety of reasons. The reasons are;

  • Raising hens on farms is more economical than roosters so the farms that supply chicken in the market usually prefer raising hens over roosters. So, we get to eat hens more.
  • We usually bring one or two roosters to lead the entire flock, so whenever we have to pick a chicken for meat we intentionally leave the roosters, pick up hens just so the flock has someone to lead.
  • Whether raising roosters are economical to raise or not, they are not suitable for industrial-scale farming for various other legitimate reasons.
  • We often do not eat roosters because castration is required and it’s not cheap at all. So, the overall cost we have to bear to eat a rooster goes up. So, why would a person choose to pay more when he has a better option?
  • Though the rooster’s meat tastes the same as hen’s it’s a bit tougher and stringy.
  • No one has the heart to slaughter a bird that has elongated, narrow, pointed saddle feathers, spectacular tails that spill over the sides like waterfall, exceptionally large combs, and bright flashy colors.
  • Hens are more fleshy than roosters
  • Roosters are brought to last multiple years
  • They are usually left to keep protecting the flock from predators.
  • If egg fertilization is not the issue, the flock may not even have one rooster.

Eating roosters is less common, we eat hens more

As we have mentioned above, we do eat roosters but occasionally or without even knowing. Meat lovers who can differentiate the hen and rooster meat prefer hen’s over rooster’s meat.

Rooster’s meat is immensely demanded in Asian countries

Bringing this poor bird to the table might be new for the Americans but not at all odd in the Asian countries. In fact, the people in India, Mexica, and Africa prefer eating old roosters.

As they say, the old roosters are tougher, leaner, and immensely flavorful. The rest of the world also eat roosters but it is considered the least demanded meat in the USA. In Asia, most fighting rooster breeds are not common to eat because they are expensive. Check How Much Does a Rooster Cost?

Rooster’s meat is just as nutritional as hen’s

Roosters might not be fleshy, their meat is tougher and stringy, yet it has the same flavor and nutritional value as hens. So, if keeping a rooster in a flock is not the issue, you can eat roosters and get the same nutrients just like any other bird.

The availability of meat birds has also reduced their demand

Broilers are usually referred to as “meat birds”. The availability of these birds has reduced not just roosters’ demand but hens as well. As these meat birds usually take 45 to 50 days to be ready for the market, why would we demand something else?

Male broilers are an exception

Broilers are immensely demanded because they are fleshy(as the chicken meat should be), affordable, and easily accessible.

Contrary to the situation here, the male broiler chickens are more in demand than females as they are larger and much more fleshy than female broilers. As the male broilers are meeting the demands of the meat lovers, so they are an exception.

If not demand for meat, what are roosters for?

This poor creature is not regarded as the best meat producer. It’s fair to think if not for meat what are they bought for since hens do not need any rooster-aid to lay eggs. Well, roosters are just as important as hens because they

  • Protect, lead, and organize the flock
  • Monitor the nest boxes
  • Keeps the hens happy

Even though the worth-sharing information is served, let’s not wind up this post here and discuss it a little further. Just so, whenever you get asked you can speak about it confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we eat roosters in the USA?

Eating roosters is not prohibited by law and yes some meat lovers in the USA do eat roosters. It is not as demanding as chicken, sheep, goat, or pig meat as it’s tougher and a bit stringy. Another reason why we do not get to eat roosters is that rooster farming is quite expensive and they are not fleshy as well.

Why do we eat chickens, not roosters?

First of all, we indeed prefer eating hens not roosters. We raise hens for meat because they are fleshy, economical, can live under the same roof, do not fight, and require castration to taste better.

Are roosters used for chicken meat?

The meat that comes in the market belongs to both sexes. Using cockerel(a young male chicken under the age of one year) for chicken meat is more common but slaughtering roosters are also not rare. So, yes roosters are used for chicken meat as well.

How are roosters eaten?

As mentioned several times in this article, the rooster’s meat is tougher and stringier. It takes more time to be called “ready to eat” so it is cooked on low, slow, and moist cooking.

Why do we not eat male chickens?

We do eat male chickens but occasionally not usually. The male chickens are not as regularly eaten as hens do because their farming is expensive, they need to be castrated, and the meat is tougher and stringier.

Does rooster meat taste different?

Roosters meat does not taste different at all. It’s just a bit tougher and stringier. However, the regular eaters describe it as “tougher”, “leaner”, and “flavorful”.

Do we eat roosters or just chickens?

First of all, we would like to clarify here that roosters are not any aliens, they are “actually” male chickens. We eat both sexes knowingly and unknowingly. Eating roosters intentionally is a little less common in America but more demanded in India, Mexica, and Africa.

Can you kill and eat a rooster?

Yes, you can easily slaughter a rooster like regular chickens. You can eat roosters if eating stringy meat is not an issue. But most people eat hens meat and eggs because rooster does not give eggs and their meat is not common.

What are roosters good for?

Roosters are good for several purposes. Roosters do not just lead, seek out food for the flock, keep it organized they also protect the hens from predators, monitor the nest boxes, and provide fertilization services to the hens.


Roosters for us? Is a widely asked question that should now be answered satisfactorily. The appropriate answer to this question is yes, we do eat roosters sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. The meat that comes in the market can be of both sexes so you would be eating roosters unknowingly this way and it is usually eaten intentionally in India, Africa, Mexica, and some Asian countries.

The rooster’s meat is not preferred in other countries as it is tougher and stringier. We do not get to eat roosters quite often because their farming is expensive, they need to be castrated to be eaten, and have tougher stringier meat. Roosters are also usually not slaughtered because they are brought to protect the hens from predators, monitor the nest boxes, search out food for the flock, and provide fertilization services to the hens. The regular rooster meat eaters in India, Africa, and Mexica find the rooster’s meat leaner, tougher, and flavorful.

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