8 Best Fan for a Chicken Coop – 2022 Reviews

Best Fan for a Chicken Coop

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It is a comprehensive guide on the best fan for a chicken coop or house, to keep them healthy by providing fresh air while removing damp air and ammonia.

In this guide, I am going to show you all the possible techniques like ventilation fans, their working principle and benefits on the chickens’ health.

The best part is that after reading this guide, you will understand why ventilation fans have become so much necessary in chicken raising and installing of fans in chicken coops.

Let’s get started.

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Best Fan for a Chicken Coop Reviews

1. DestinyBliss Solar Panel Powered Fan Mini Ventilator

DestinyBliss solar-powered mini ventilator fan is an easy-to-install exhaust fan for chicken coops.

It is an environmentally sustainable solar fan that works on the green energy principles and an energy-saving product that runs by just connecting the solar panel with the fan.

It is a perfect fan for ventilation of the chicken house, dog house, Rv cars, Pet house, Treehouse, and camping.

All you need is to put the solar panel towards facing the sun and connect the power cables with the panel.

The package includes a USB fan, solar panel, DC alligator clip, and cigarette lighter.

It is a perfect choice for the ventilation of chicken coops with a long lifespan and smooth airflow.


  • Easy to install
  • Energy-saving chicken coop ventilation fan
  • Solar-powered
  • A convenient source of ventilation
  • Iron made
  • Runs at 12V
  • Used indoors and outdoors
  • Keeps the air clean

2. AC Infinity AXIAL 1225, Quiet Muffin Fan, Cooling Ventilation Exhaust

Axial 1225 by AC Infinity is an exhaust ventilation fan and a perfect choice, especially if you want to install a quiet and effective fan in the chicken coop.

It is designed for cooling and ventilation of any small box, chicken coop.

The fan of this ventilation exhaust is made of heavy-duty aluminum, that runs at a speed of 1800 RPM.

The premium feature of this product is that the material used in making is high graded which ensures its long life and the dual ball bearings in the fan have more than 67000 hours of lifespan.

The great thing is the quiet muffin fan with very low noise with smooth airflow.

It runs on 100 to 125 V AC and a low-powered fan to consume low electricity.

All you need to do is install the fan inside the wall of the coop and insert the power plug and the fan is easy to go.


  • 67000 hours lifespan
  • Smooth running fan
  • Heavy-duty aluminium fan
  • 1800 RPM
  • 51 CFM airflow
  • Lower noise than high-speed models
  • Two fan guards to protect the chicken from running fan
  • Perfect ventilation exhaust

3. iLIVING – 10″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan, Silver (ILG8SF10V)

It is a large, wall-mounted, variable speed exhaust fan for the chicken coop by living. It is a perfect choice for large-sized or high population density chicken coops.

This exhaust fan is specially designed to remove the excess heat and moisture to keep your living safe by preventing mold and allergens.

It is a versatile used fan that can be mounted at any place at home like a garage, shed, pet house, chicken coop, attic. The corrosion-resistant, the enclosed motor is thermally protected and well lubricated for longer runs.

The premium feature of this fan is the variable speed function that is adjusted by connecting the iLIVINGILG8SFSC speed controller (Not in the package).

It is made to last for years due to the high graded aluminum use in making, which ultimately resists the corrosion attack on the fan body and withstands moisture and heat for a longer time.

This 10-inch fan runs smoothly at 120V with 1580RPM and a capacity of the ventilating area of more than 600 cubic feet per minute.


  • Automatic shutter chicken coop exhaust fan
  • Build to last
  • 1580 RPM
  • High grade aluminum used in making
  • 10 inch fan size
  • Perfect for ventilation
  • Ventilate 600 cu ft. per minute
  • Runs at 120V
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Wall mounted

4. Maxx Air Wall Mount Poultry Fan for Chicken, Hen, Horse, Barn

A wall-mounted, fast speed, 2 bladed, the large-sized fan is a perfect choice for the barns, garages, chicken coops of large-sized or high population density.

It is made of rugged steel that ensures it will last for a long. The tightly enclosed motor sealing protects the motor by preventing dust particles and from clogging and damaging.

This fan runs at 120V, with 3500RPM, and provides a vast and more air throw to cover more area.

The premium feature of this fan is the speed controlling 3-speed dial switch to stable the air throw as required.

The best thing is that it comes in assembled shape, so all you need to do is install or mount it with a wall and it is ready to go.


  • Great choice fan for chicken coop
  • Enclosed motor protects from dust
  • Speed controlling 3 dial switch
  • 3500 RPM
  • Works on 120V
  • 2 bladed fan
  • 18 “ diameter
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Completely assembled
  • Save the floor space
  • More air throw
  • Ventilate more area

5. 5.2W USB Solar Panel Powered Mini Portable Fan for Cooling Ventilation

This is a USB-powered, mini portable, solar-powered fan for chicken coops and houses. The motor of the fan has a very low watt of 5.2W which means it could work on any USB device.

It comes with a solar panel that generates the current for the fan and it could also be attached to USB devices like computers and power banks.

The efficiency and speed of the fan depend on the intensity of sun rays falling on the solar panel.

It is made of a premium metal frame that ensures its durability and longer life.

The great thing is the adjustable support stand to make it stable on any surface and to any adjustable angle.


  • USB powered chicken coop fan
  • Solar panel provides energy
  • Adjustable stand to any angle
  • Made of premium metal
  • Power 5.2W/6V
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use and carry

6. iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan Aluminum High Speed 1620RPM

The power shutter, aluminum, a high-speed exhaust fan is the perfect fan for removing the moisture and odors from a place and replacing it with fresh air.

Working by chicken coop fan ventilation in the form of improved chickens health is seen in a few days of installing.

It is a perfect fan that is made for chicken houses, dog houses, barns, warehouses, and greenhouses.

This fan is featured with aluminum-made fan blades that are durable in strength. Additionally, the automatic gravity shutters that work according to the fan are the best feature of this fan.

The Premium thing about this product is the safety of the motor by tightly enclosing the motor to protect it from dirt.

It does not need any technical knowledge of assembling, all you need is to install it into the window or any opening of the wall.

The use of aluminum in making ensures the long life of the fan by protecting it from rust.


  • 12 inch exhaust fan
  • 65 watts motor
  • Perfect fan for chicken coop, garage and greenhouse
  • 1620 RPM
  • Works for both cooling and ventilation
  • Rust proof aluminum made
  • 120V
  • 940 CFM
  • Last for long

7. Coolerguys 10W Solar Powered Dual Fan Kit for Small Chicken Coops

 An environmentally resistant, solar-powered dual-fan by Coolerguys works also as a refrigerator. This is a perfect chicken coop fan to replace the damp air of chicken coop in minutes.

The premium thing about this fan is the environmental resistance of the body and fan that are completely resistant to dust and water. Both fan and body are designed on IP67 and IP%% technology.

Upgraded fan blades are designed in such a way to throw more air with low noise.

The dual-bearing motor has a lifespan of 67000 hours that is almost 7 years and it is a perfect investment for so much time.

Installment of this fan is also very simple as attaching the connectors with the solar panel and fans are ready to go.

The great thing about this fan is the 3 years warranty provided by the supplier.


  • High air flow as 138 cubic feet per minute
  • Lower noise level 34db
  • IP55 and IP67 design technology resistant
  • Dustproof and waterproof fan
  • Motor lifespan is 67000 hours
  • 3 years warranty
  • Fan and body are environmental resistant
  • Dual Ball Bearing
  • Rated Voltage: 12v
  • Combined Airflow: 203 CFM
  • Fan Grill/Guard with Mounting Bolts

8. Solar fan 5W 4 inch free energy for Greenhouse motorhome House Chicken House

Another solar-powered, good quality, green-powered fan Solar ventilator is famous for its working. The 5W solar panel with an updated power design makes it a money worth product.

The mini fan 5W works by getting power from a solar panel.

It works perfectly for ventilation purposes in Chicken houses, dog houses, greenhouses, RV cars, Pet houses, and camping.

This solar-powered fan works great on summer days, by getting solar energy and aerating the indoors.

The efficiency of the fan air throw depends on the intensity of direct sun rays falling on the solar panel.


  • Solar powered fan
  • Mini sized fan of just inches
  • Perfect for small chicken coops
  • Versatile product for home use
  • 1.25A powered
  • Aerate the chicken coop or house
  • Ventilation fan for removing damp air and moisture
  • Stronger structure
  • Updated power design

Types of Ventilation Fans for Chicken Coop

These are types of ventilation in poultry house as:

1. AC powered fans

These ventilation fans work on the AC power. It could be 110V to 220V. AC-powered fans are large in size as the more powered motor is present in these fans.

These fans are perfect for large-sized chicken coops, warehouses, garages, or greenhouses. They are mostly made of metal to make them durable and longer-lasting.

2. Solar powered fans

Solar-powered ventilation fans are low-powered and less size than AC-powered fans. They get power from the sun rays and convert them into green power then run the fans.

These fans are a great choice for outdoors like camping, farms, barns, chicken house, dog houses, and greenhouses. It helps to save money and energy.

3. DC/USB powered fans

Dc powered fans run at low power as 12V and they are comparatively small in size and are used for ventilation in small chicken houses and pet houses.

They can be battery-powered, solar-powered or the direct Dc adapter powered fans and they run smoothly with low airflow but very low noise so they are known as quiet fans.

What Makes a Good Fan for a Chicken Coop?

As it is a universal fact that ventilation through fans is necessary for chickens so choosing a fan for a coop should have many factors that make it a perfect choice.

First of all, keep in mind that the appearance of the ventilation fan does not matter. The actual things that should be in the fan are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet and effective
  • Provide decent airflow
  • Runs smooth and not blown the dust in the coop
  • Easy to clean


Can I put a fan in my chicken coop?

Yes, fans can be kept in the chicken coop. The purpose of putting fans is to circulate the air to remove the extra moisture and reduce ammonia levels by providing ventilation.

What is the best floor for a chicken coop?

These are the best floor beddings for chickens.

  • Sand. It is a permanent source of flooring of the chicken coop and excellent in work
  • Straw. They do not easily rot but they have a low absorbing capacity.
  • Pine shavings
  • Rubbers mats
  • Shredded paper

How much venting does a chicken coop need?

1 square foot of air ventilation per chicken is recommended in the chicken coop. In summer, venting is increased as per the hotness of the days. In winter use heat lamps for chickens to prevent humidity.

How many chickens can you put in a 4×8 coop?

In a chicken coop of 4×8 size, 10-11 chickens can be easily kept with proper venting. If the chickens are mature egg-laying birds then the number will be 8-10.

Final Verdict

Chicken coop ventilation is a crucial thing to keep the chickens healthy and well being. Putting the vents in the chicken houses is the primary action to ensure their health.

The placing of ventilation fans is the additional thing to ensure the safety and ventilation of the inside environment.

I hope that this guide helps a lot in choosing the best fan for a chicken coop as all types of solar, AC and DC powered fans are reviewed and added in our list.

If you find this article helpful and informational the kindly share it with your friends and colleagues.

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