How Much Does a Rooster Cost?

How Much Does a Rooster Cost

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How much does a rooster cost? The first question that came up when my nephew talked me into buying a rooster. I searched online and met local dealers to compare prices. With a careful calculation of purchase and raising cost, I concluded that keeping roosters is not as expensive as other pets. 

Rooster or cock, a male gallinaceous bird, is kept widely for cockfighting and egg fertilization. Roosters are known to protect their flock and keep invaders at bay. Be it to fertilize the eggs or guard the community, roosters do it effortlessly. Roosters imprint their footsteps in an onlooker’s heart with colorful feathers and stately presence.

Let me enlighten the would-be rooster owners with all the information I have gathered connected to the purchase and upkeep cost.

How Much Does a Rooster Cost?

Roosters are available at quite an affordable price. There is not a definitive answer or a number for how much a rooster cost as the price of a rooster depends on numerous factors. A seller only interested in egg-laying hens might give away the rooster for little to no cost. The average cost of the rooster is around $5 to $30. Newly hatched or young roosters may cost anywhere between $3 to $5.

How Much Does a Fighting Rooster Cost?

Rooster is generally kept and raised for fighting and exhibition. A good English fighter rooster may cost anywhere from $50 to $100, whereas the price of a show or exhibition rooster may go up to $800.

Many pure breed varieties like Pure Lemon Hatch, Dark Red Hatch, Silver/Regular Greys, Pure Butcher, silkie rooster, Claret, and Roundhead may cost about $250 to $300 for pullets and $500-$600 for pairs and trios.

Rare Breeds Rooster Price

Generally, people like to spend $20 to $100 to get a rooster. However, rare breeds are a bit more than the average cost. A rare breed or a gamefowl may cost up to $1500 and more. The average price of a newly hatched rare breed chicken is around $50. On average, a mature rooster from rare breed bloodlines is available at $150 to $500.

Cost of Raising a Rooster

The good thing about keeping roosters is that there are several ways to cut down costs and save money. Now that you know how much does a rooster cost? Let’s direct you towards how much it costs to raise the rooster.


First and foremost is the rooster feed cost. Chicken feed bought from a local feed store may cost around $0.30 to $0.50.

A rooster eats up to 1.5 to two pounds of feed every week. In addition to the chicken feed, the feed cost also includes the price of any nutritional supplements or treats a rooster requires for weight and growth. According to an Alliat, an average feed cost is about $10-$15 a month.

If the buyer has a large area for hens and roosters to roam freely, it will slice the feeding cost. The free-range rooster will hunt down food, and the owner would not have to worry much.

Chicken Coop

How much does the chicken coop cost? The size of the flock highly influences the chicken coop cost. If the individual has fewer roosters and hens, he can build an enclosure from recycled materials, which will cut down the extra cost.

For a larger flock, the price of a new large-sized fancy coop may go up to $2000. The chicken coop cost also depends on the facilities like perches, nest boxes, waterer, feeder, and bedding. On average, you can get a reasonably good-sized coop for about $500.


This cost includes extra rooster-related costs like

wood chips, repairs to the coop, and water bottles. These costs may go up to $10 a month.

Roosters are not as expensive to bring up as the hens. However, most individuals go for the hens because of the eggs. Roosters are in demand for egg fertilization, cockfighting, and exhibition.

Factors that affect the price of a rooster

Many elements get to play determinants of a rooster price. Prices differ because of age, health, bloodlines, and source.


An average life span of a rooster stands anywhere between 7 to 8 years. A mature rooster may cost up to hundreds of dollars; however, if you buy a chick, the buying cost would be less than $10 or $20. Older roosters are also not as expensive as a mature rooster.


Pure-bred roosters are more expensive than cross varieties. Purebreds are valuable as they make a right candidate for fighting competitions, exhibitions, and shows because of their color, shape, and aesthetic appearance. However, an unregistered or hybrid booster may cost under $100.


According to nbci Roosters bought from local dealers or breeder farms are relatively cheaper than the ones available online. With the addition of shipping cost, the cost difference may go up to $10-20.

Where to buy Roosters?

Check local breeders; you may find different varieties to choose from in the lot. If not local breeders, go to hatcheries or craigslist; you may find a good deal there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a rooster worth?

No one can evaluate an exact price for the rooster as the price varies depending on several factors. However, a mature rooster may cost about $20 to $50, whereas the price of the registered purebred rooster may go up to $1500. 

How much is a full-grown Rooster?

Prices vary under the influence of age and breed of the rooster; however, one can find a full-grown rooster under $50.

Is it worth having a roosting?

If you are interested in expanding the flock or cockfighting, a rooster would be of high value. If these are not your concerns, the rooster may be of little use to you.

Roosters are low-cost pet for you, who are not demanding and may require little care. People raise roosters to expand the flock, cockfighting, and exhibitions. Roosters are not expensive than other pets; one can get a full-grown rooster for under $50. The upkeep cost is also nominal. However, it is banned to keep a rooster in some urban areas. Check before buying.


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