Columbian Rock Chicken Breed: Facts and Origin

Columbian Rock Chicken

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When we look for a dual-purpose chicken, many breeds come to our mind. Possible options are shortlisted, the comparison is done to get the hardiest, friendliest, and more importantly the best dual-purpose chicken breed home.

Columbian Rock is one of the few chicken breeds that come to our mind at that time. Columbian Rock is a forgiving chicken breed that mostly ends up being chosen.

Therefore, there must be a reason why Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Rhode Island, Australorp, Sussex, Brahma, silkies, Delaware, Brown leghorn well summer Chantecler, Cochin, and some other dual-purpose chicken breeds fail to meet up the standard that Columbian Rock has set high.

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Columbian Rock Chicken Breed


Unfortunately, due to a lack of records, it’s hard to tell where exactly this dual-purpose chicken breed comes from or when it started existing.

However, from some unreliable information collected, we have concluded that Columbian Rock originates from America. It is also not clear when “exactly” the breed started existing.

Official name and other common names

Since there are Columbian Plymouth Rock and Columbian Wyandotte chicken breeds out there, the Columbian Rock is only referred to as “Columbian Rock”.

This is to avoid confusion, however, the chicken farmers do recklessly call this breed a Colombian chicken.


Columbian Rock appears more like an ordinary breed if we try to judge it from its appearance.

It’s a standard-sized chicken breed that has got white feathers with black flecks on the neck, saddle, wing, and tails.

The black flecks are often taken as the mark of Columbian Rock’s identification. Other than the black flecks on the white feathers, this breed has got yellow skin, legs, and beaks.


Since it’s a dual-purpose breed(a good layer and an exceptional meat producer), both hens and roosters gain enough weight to be called a meat breed.

As per the rough estimate, the carefully raised male Columbian chicken weighs more or less 10 lbs whereas hens usually 6 to 8 lbs.


According to studies, Columbian Rock does not come in impressive packaging. It’s a standard-sized chicken breed that stands less than 70 cm or 27.6 inches.


Besides its exceptional egg-laying capabilities, the Columbian Rock is often considered for its quiet temperament and occasional broodiness.

The Columbian Rock is friendly, docile, and everything a domestic breed needs to be. Therefore, choosing other breeds over Columbian Rock might not be a smart choice.


As you now know, Columbian Rock is a dual-purpose chicken breed. It is praised for its heavenly delicious and healthy brown eggs and meat.

When it comes to laying, Columbian Rock is just as rewarding as Columbian Rock cross, Golden Comet, Amberlink, and Rhode Island Red and polish chickens.

As per the keepers and admirers, the Columbian rock lays 305 to 315 eggs a year and 1.8 to 3 pounds of meat can be fetched from this breed.

Besides the typical chicken purpose, these sweet mannered chickens are also raised as show birds.


Columbian Rock is a cheap breed, that’s another reason why it is chosen over the other popular dual-purpose heritage chicken breeds. This forgiving domestic breed can be brought home for just $5 to $8.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Columbian Rock a good layer?

Yes, Columbian Rock is not only an exceptional layer, it’s a good meat producer as well. It lays around 305 to 315 eggs a year, which is not enough to set a standard high for the other layers.

What is a Columbian Rock Chicken?

A Columbian Rock is a dual-purpose chicken breed. It’s hardy, docile, and friendly. The chicken farmers take pride in raising Columbian Chickens for eggs and meat.

What color eggs do Columbian Rock hens lay?

Columbian Rock lay cream to mid-brown colored extra-large eggs. The same-colored eggs are a bit more pricey than the white-colored eggs.

Are Columbian Rock chickens friendly?

Yes, Columbian Rock chickens are just as friendly and docile as we demand our domestic breeds to be. Their quiet temperament and occasional broodiness are what make them most considerable.

What does Columbian Rock look like?

Columbian Rock is a standard-sized chicken that has got yellow skin, beaks, and legs. It has got white feathers with some hint of black on the neck and tail.


Columbian Rock is a standard-sized dual-purpose chicken breed. As per unreliable information, the Columbian Rock originates from America. This dual-purpose chicken breed has yellow skin, legs, beaks, white feathers with some black flecks on the neck and tails.

Columbian Rock is a good layer and an excellent meat producer. It lays around 305 to 315 eggs whereas 1.8 to 3 pounds of meat. Like most of the standard-sized meat breeds, the Columbian Rock hens weigh around 6 to 8 lbs whereas, roosters gain up to 8 lbs. Both male and female Columbian Rock remain below 70 cm.

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