Teddy Goat Breed: Facts with Pictures

Teddy Goat Breed

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Hundreds of goat breeds exist today prized for their unique characteristics or traits. Some goat breeds are attributed to different countries and are better known by their native place. Today, we would be discussing one such breed which is particularly bred in a specific country.

As you may have read from the title, today, we would be telling you all about the Teddy goats.

The reason why you clicked on this post maybe because you intend to buy a teddy goat and want to know all the information beforehand, good call, we have to say.

It is important to know about the breed before you bring one home. It is not the most talked-about breed as you can find little information about it online.

Therefore, for Teddy goats fans, we had to step up and make a start. So, after hours of research, we gathered enough information worth sharing with all our readers.

We hope you will get to know about this breed like never before with all the additional information.

About Teddy Goats

Like its traits, its name also sparks curiosity as Teddy is an unusual name for a goat breed to have.

  • It was understandably given because of its small size.
  • They are relatively smaller than ordinary goat breeds. 

Pakistan has about 25 recognized goat breeds and Teddy is one of them.

The Teddy breed is commonly found in different districts of Punjab, however, it has spread in different parts of the country including Azar Kashmir and northern areas.

In Punjab, it is mainly found in Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sargodha Mianwali, Khushab nowadays.

This small-sized goat breed is known for its many attributes and personality traits; easy handling, docile nature, low input, and better efficiency, to name a few.

It is a small-sized breed but some studies show that there exists a wider variation in different traits.

Even though it is not the most famous goat breed worldwide, it is one of the prized goat breeds in Pakistan.

Their small size should not fool you into thinking that they are fragile and delicate, they are as hardy and strong as some large breeds.

They can withstand a lot of hardship without even complaining.

They can work for hours and adapt to varied environmental and weather conditions, which is also the reason they are popular countrywide and preferred over other local breeds.

It is like a household name and everyone is quite aware of this goat breed.


Teddy Goats Farming

Goat farming is the fastest growing business in Pakistan, and Teddy Goat farming, even more so. Most people of Punjab are stepping into this farming business as it is quite profitable. 

There is an increasing trend of Teddy Goat farming as they are easy to care for and require little attention.

They are mostly raised for Chevon on a commercial scale. To cope with the ever-rising demand for Chevon, some measures should be taken. 

The inadequacy to meet the demand is because little attention is paid to improving the animal through selective breeding.

Government and breeders should take initiative to further developing this unique breed.

History of Teddy Goats

This breed is not hundreds of years old or one of the oldest goat breeds of Pakistan. The breed’s origin is lost to the mists of time and is mostly based on folklore.

It is believed that Teddy’s ancestor was, Saanen goat, also known as Frances de Gessenay goat for its distinctive coloring. 

According to studies, Since 1950, Teddy goats were imported from Bangladesh and Chittagong to Pakistan.

It was named Teddy inspired by the Teddy Bear owing to its small size as they can only get up to 106.68 centimeters high.

It is primarily raised for meat or Chevon. Lactation is low, so, most goats can not even produce half a liter of milk in a day.

Physical Characteristics

Teddy goats vary in coat color from Off white, Cream, Light black, black, to pure white with patches of tan on the neck and head. Teddy goats are small with small hair that does not need trimming.A common rectangular pupil and sometimes beard.

Teddy Goat Behavior

As mentioned above, Teddy Goats adapt well to varied environmental factors such as extreme temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

They are docile, friendly, always minding their own business. Thanks to their hardy nature, they need little care and attention as compared to some other goat breeds.

During colder temperatures, Teddy goats spend 97% of their time grazing on greener pastures whereas it is not easy for this naive animal to spend much time outside during the sweltering summers of Pakistan. During summer, the grazing time is reduced to approximately 70%.

Teddy Goat Weight

Teddy goat’s weight varies depending on age, gender, and health. On average, the weight of dam during the age of 24 months to 42 months is Light; 11-15 kgs, Medium; 16-20 kgs, and Heavy; 21-26 kgs.

If we talk about the estimated weight of adult male and female Teddy goats in numbers, male goats usually weigh about 42 kgs whereas female Teddy goats weigh about 36 kgs. Its characteristics are the same as other Pakistani goats Dera din Panah, Gulabi, and Nachi.

Teddy Goat Purchase Price

The Teddy goat price range keeps changing as there are a number of factors to consider when determining the cost.

With an increase in goat farming, prices for different goat breeds are soaring high, however, Teddy goat is comparatively affordable.

The male and female goat price starts from 10000 PKR and goes up to 70000 PKR. However, you can get a healthy, mature adult Teddy goat at an average price range of 15000-20000 PKR.

If it is still out of your budget, buy a dam or young Teddys. Prices can not be fixed as factors like age, gender, and health influence greatly.

Location plays a huge part as different areas have different prices set for this goat breed.

In brief, Teddy goats are smaller in size but serve a bigger purpose. They are raised and bred to meet the ever-growing demand of Chevon. We hope you found all the answers in relation to Pakistan’s famous Teddy goat breed.


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