Kaghani Goat Breed: Origin and Facts with Pictures

Kaghani Goat

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Deer Din Panah, Beetal, Kamori, Khurasani, Barbari, Teddy, and Kaghani goats are the few Pakistani goat breeds that have made their mark in the world because of their remarkable qualities. Despite being immensely demanded, the Kaghani goat remains the least discussed breed of Pakistan.

As we have been discussing all the least-discussed topics related to farm animals for quite some time now, it’s our responsibility to enlighten our readers on Kaghani goat as well.

Kaghani, a meat breed, originates from the valley of the Hazara District, a northeastern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The home tract of Kaghani goats is believed to be in the Kaghan valley(Swat, Mansehra, Kohistan). Besides serving every serious goat herder out there in the Hazara District, this meat goat breed is widely distributed in the surrounding areas.

Appearance of Kaghani Goat Breed

Kaghani is a medium-sized meat goat breed that can be recognized by it’s dramatic long hairy coat.

This worth-mentioning goat breed has been blessed with a very well-developed body that gets covered under the long hairy coat.

The said goat breed can have white, gray, black, or brown colors, there can be more coat colors as well but most of the Kaghani population is White, gray, black, or brown. Kaghani goats are horned, both bucks and does belonging to this goat breed have spectacular horns.

Other than the dramatic coat, the short pendulous ears can also be taken as it’s the mark of identification.

However, the only issue goat herders think the Kaghani goat breed has is the not-so-developed udders, but the defined teats cover this flaw to some extent.


Kaghani goat is regarded and known for it’s supernatural qualities in almost all parts of the world.

Despite the dramatic appearance and being good meat producers, Kaghanis are still not bothered enough to be imported, most of this breed’s population is surviving and serving the people of Pakistan.

This meat breed is distributed in the whole of Pakistan but most of the population resides in Abbottabad, Mansehra, Kohistan, Swat, and some other cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Characteristics of Kaghani

Here are few factors to consider.


Kaghanis are medium-sized goats, they neither remain exceptionally healthy nor skinny. So, the maximum weight Kaghani bucks can achieve is 37 kgs and does remain under 32kgs.

So, if we try to judge Kaghanis we can say Kaghani goats are average-sized goats.


Just as the weight, Kaghanis achieves an average height as well.

The bucks belonging to the Kaghani breed get 60cm tall whereas they does remain under 55cm.

They have large horns and are sometimes males with beards.



Kaghani goats are widely accepted as a meat breed but they must be admired for one other reason as well and that’s cashmere hair.

The Kaghanis undercoat has cashmere hair that is immensely demanded of pashmina fabrics. It might be a “really” good meat producer but Kaghanis are more suitable for cashmere fiber production.

As mentioned above, Kaghani does have under-developed udders, which makes them average milk producers.

Because of their under-developed udders, Kaghanis are hardly demanded and raised for milk. So, it can be said that this goat breed is mainly raised for meat and cashmere fiber.

Common names

Despite being an excellent source of cashmere fiber and meat, Kaghani goats are not admired enough to have several names, the natives of Hazara District either refer to Kaghani goats as “Kaghani” or “Bakerwali”.

Facts About Kaghani Goat

Here are few facts about this breed.

Kaghani is one of the hardiest meat breeds

Kaghani goat is regarded as the hardiest meat breed in the Hazara District. It’s one of the reasons why this meat breed is so immensely demanded by the Pakhtuns.

Kaghani may or may not do well in other regions or countries but they are very well adapted to native areas.

The Kaghani goat’s undercoat is not just immensely demanded, it’s expensive as well

Kaghani, cashmere, pashmina, and some other goat breeds are great sources of cashmere fiber that is used to make yarn textile and clothing for over a hundred years.

The Kaghani goat’s undercoat is loaded with cashmere hair that is just not hard to find but expensive as well.

The cashmere fiber obtained from Kaghani goats is fine, strong, light, soft, and more insulating than the sheep wool.

Like all regular sheep and goat breeds, Kaghani goats shearing is also done in spring

Though Kaghanis are taken as the hardiest goat breeds, yet the goat herders pamper them the same way as other goats.

Their shearing is also performed in spring when the weather outside is just about to get intolerable for these little fellas.

The goat herders raise Kaghani goats either for meat or cashmere fiber only

Kaghani goats might have a spectacular appearance, yet they are neither demanded as a pet or any other reason; milk.

This medium-sized goat breed is raised solely for meat and fiber.

Other than the meat and fiber, the Kaghani goat has no use in the eyes of a goat herder.

Kaghani goats are the main source of income for small farmers

The meat obtained from Kaghani might not be expensive but the cashmere fiber is. The small farmers usually keep Kaghani goats to raise a noticeable amount of profit from cashmere fiber.

As it is raised on a large scale, Kaghani goats remain the main source of income for the small farmers of Hazara.

In brief, Kaghani is a famous large goat breed that originates from Hazara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is mainly raised for meat and the cashmere fiber.

Kaghani goats are found in Abbotabad, Mansehra, Kohistan, and Swat. It is the main source of income for the natives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Kaghani goat breed is known for it’s dramatic long hairy coat, medium-size, and short pendulous ears.

The said goat breed can have white, gray, black, or brown colors. It is known as Kaghani or Bakerwali goat in its country of origin.

The maximum height Kaghani goat can achieve is 60cm and it only gains weight up to 37 kgs.

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