How Much Does a Fainting Goat Cost? Price Breakdown

How Much Does a Fainting Goat Cost

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Myotonic goats, an American original, natural escape artist, are adored for their fainting habit. Because of their nature, they are called by different names that are wooden leg goat, stiff leg goat, and fainting goat. They were first seen in the USA back in 1880 and no one really knows how their breed started. They are often kept as pets or sometimes for meat and milk. 

These goats are expensive and hard to find but that doesn’t bring down their demand. They are expensive to buy but their upkeep cost is as low as other goats. And they make great pets because of their social and friendly nature.

How much do they actually cost? 

How Much Do You Have to Pay to Get Fainting Goat?

There are factors that determine the price of fainting and all other types of goats. Not all of them are being sold at higher prices. See below to get the price idea.

  • Young fainting goats can be bought within $300-$500 dollars. 
  • Pet fainting goats are being sold between $50-$100 and 
  • Fainting goat without pedigree: is somewhere between $200-$400.

Factors that Affect the Price of Fainting or Myotonic Goats

These factors greatly affect the price of fainting goats. Younger and healthier goats are expensive to get.


Age determines the price of not only fainting but all other types of goats out there. The goats that are most fertile are sold at much higher rates than the goats whose productivity is declined because of their age. 2-3-year-old goats are usually expensive.


Generally, nannies make you pay more as they have the ability to produce more. Bucks can be expensive too for some other factors but mostly female goats are seen being bought at much higher prices.


Fainting goats are kept either as a pet or solely for meat as these goats have a higher meat-bone ratio than the other types of goats. That’s the main reason why their weight influences their price.

Body condition

Body condition also affects the price of fainting goats. You will be expected to pay more for healthier goats than skinny ones.

How Much Does Feeding a Fainting Goat Cost?

Fainting goats are kept for meat and rarely for milk. The better the diet the better the meat. Goats are less expensive to feed than any other animals(either kept as a pet or for some other reason) they can even live on weeds.

Hay/ Pasture cost

Hay and pasture are goat’s favorite food. Even if you are feeding them shrubs, plants, etc they still need hay and pasture to fill their little tummy up. So this important part of their diet can cost you up to 15-20 dollars a month.

Vitamins and minerals

To get better quality of milk and meat you need to make sure that they are consuming all the necessary vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.

They need calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, copper, zinc, iodine, cobalt, molybdenum, and other micro and macro minerals to produce better quality milk and meat. They need to be fed at least 0.5 loose minerals every day and this cost is totally different for each goat herder. 

Where Should You Buy a Fainting Goat? 

This question disturbs the peace of every goat lover, unlike their other cousins they are hard to find.  Though they are hard to find that does not mean you can’t have it. Their breeders mostly belong to the United States of America. 

They can be bought in the USA from the:

  • Golden Acres Ranch
  • Big Wheel Ranch

The most popular fainting goat breeder in the USA is American Fainting Goat Organization and The International fainting goat association, the myotonic goat registry, and the fainting goat registry is the most trusted fainting goat association in the USA.

Unavoidable Costs Relating to Raising a Fainting Goat

Raising a fainting goat is as easy as their other cousins.  The total annual cost ( Including feeding and all other costs relating to this activity) goes up to $1024. 

Feeding Cost

The most important and unavoidable cost is their feeding cost. Keeping one goat can take the feeding cost up to 15 to 20 dollars and sometimes even more if you are adding some minerals and vitamins in their feed.

Initial or one time cost

The initial or one-time cost includes the cost of that small fence, their feeding and watering pot, and the cost of all their little necessities.

They need 250 sq. Feet space to live a happy life and the cheap fencing for this little piece of land can be bought for $50 dollars but the expensive ones are up to $600. And the overall feeding and watering pot cost will be between $18 to $45.

Medical cost

The medical cost may vary as it greatly depends upon your goat’s health. The healthier the goat, the fewer veterinary visits. Anyway, you can expect the annual medical cost between $50-$250.

Other Goats Cost

Pygmy Goat Cost

Sheep Cost


How much does it cost to raise a fainting goat?

The upkeep cost of a fainting goat is similar to their cousins. The annual total cost of raising a fainting goat can be more or less $1024.

Do people actually eat fainting goats?

Yes, as they eat other animals. It’s safe to eat fainting goats they are even kept for slaughtering because of their high meat bone ratio.

Is raising a fainting goat profitable?

Beetal goats are the most profitable example but this does not mean fainting goats are not. Proper management and good care and controlled but planned expenses can bring fruitful results.

Is it easy to raise a fainting goat?

They are less naughty as compared to other goats and they are bad at jumping, climbing, and escaping. They are fun-loving and social. So yes they are super easy to raise.

Is making the fainting goat faint harmful?

No, absolutely not. Fainting does not affect their nervous or cardiovascular systems it only makes their muscles go stiff for a few seconds. And it’s painful and harmful.

How long can fainting goats live?

The average life span of fainting goats is 12 years. But if cared properly they can live up to 18 years. 

Are fainting goats a good pet?

Yes, they are social and fun to play with. Like dogs, they form a strong bond with their owners in a very short time. 

Is fainting painful?

No, it is not. It’s not actually fainting but we call it fainting because this reaction is similar to fainting. Surprise and fear make their muscles go stiff for a few seconds but this does not hurt them at all.


Raising a fainting goat is similar to other goats. They are less expensive to keep as compared to other pets. The total annual cost including all expenses is expected to be $1024. They do not need any special conditions to live and their feeding cost is also minimal ( 15-20 dollars a month). If kept and cared for properly they can live up to 18 years. 

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