Can Goats Eat Bananas?

can goats eat bananas

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Can goats eat bananas? is most asked question by goat lovers. The answer is not a single line or justification with Yes or NO. Banana is highly nutritive but how to feed and amount should keep in control. Here is a complete guide about feeding banana or banana peel.

So this question, what should you be feeding your goat except for hay and pasture? Brought you here. No doubt goats love hay and pasture more than anything but they do get bored if they keep getting the same old food every day.

You might have heard or even seen people around you feeding bananas and other fruit peels to their goats. Bananas are as beneficial to animals as they are to humans!

Can Goats Eat Bananas?

Yes, they can eat bananas. In fact, they are seen enjoying them. This rewarding fruit does not just spice up their taste buds but also helps in supplying essential nutrients to their body.

Why Banana Peel?

Let you goat have banana peels for these following reasons:

  • Because they are edible and they enjoy having it.
  • Because of its health benefits.
  • Because they add more vitamins, minerals, and micro minerals to their diet.
  • Because it’s humorous to watch your goat dying to have it in their tummy.

Bananas or banana peels?

It totally depends on you and your goat preference. Some of them enjoy having only peels while others are even okay with banana flesh. But mostly goats are being treated with banana peels and banana leaves only.

Nutritional Value of Bananas for Goats

Banana peels have the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is as important to goats as to humans. Besides, Turning the food into energy it is also important to maintain a healthy body.
  • Vitamin B12: Goats can easily get affected by anemia as they are sensitive to worms. Vitamin B12 is needed to get them back on track. 
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is needed for better development of the nervous system, muscular system and skeleton. Magnesium also helps in producing more milk and its deficiency may lead to a decline in milk and urine production.
  • Potassium: Potassium-rich foods are extremely important for goats to have if you are not allowing them to graze. It helps in keeping balanced fluid circulation in your goat’s body. It also plays an important role in keeping the metabolism sound and healthy.
  • Fiber: It should be an essential part of your goat’s diet as it prevents milk fat depression. Adequate fiber intake improves rumen fermentation and mastication.
  • Protein: The most important part of the goat’s diet is protein. Protein intake is needed for almost all parts of human and animal bodies. It is essential for eyesight, heart, liver, fur, skin, and of course muscles and ligaments.
  • Polyphenol: Polyphenol plays an important role in producing better quality milk and meat not only in goats but in other animals too.
  • Carotenoids: Carotenoids aids in boosting immunity and overall health. This vitamin helps them in fighting against minor diseases.

Banana peels have the ability to replace Napier grass (source of roughage)

Banana peel is also the best food for ruminants. It can be converted into a livestock field that provides nutrients and protein.

Risks with Banana

There are some recommendations to keep in mind while feeding bananas to your goat.

Bananas are pesticide-laden fruit available in the market. The nature of banana peel is like that residue will not be removed easily. So make sure about the banana.

Make sure to feed as treat only, not a regular diet. Bananas can be harmful when you feed in large amounts.

Banana Peel as Alternative Goat Feed?

Yes, they are. If they are combined with other organic options available. Goats cannot live solely on banana peels even though they enjoy them.

A Diet plan having a balanced amount of grains, hay, pasture, vegetables, fruits, banana peels, and some raisins can actually compete with the formula food. 

Who needs banana and fruit peels more?

Domestic goats, Grazing goats don’t actually need you to follow a strict diet plan as they are pretty much consuming all necessary nutrients but if you are keeping a goat in your backyard you definitely need to feed them banana and citrus peels sometimes.

The Right Way to Feed Banana Peels

Goats can eat them the way they are. You can just throw them in their food pot, sliced or not, they will eat them right away.

Let them eat in moderation

As we all know excess of everything is bad and eating in moderation is a key to living a healthy life. This is why they should never be feeding banana peels every day. Let them only have it sometimes. Give them something different every day as a treat. Excessive usage may lead to small digestive problems.

How often Goats should be Feed Bannas?

My experience says that you should only let them have it twice a week. It will keep them active and their tummy healthy.

Do they consider it a treat?

Yes, they do consider both citrus and banana peels a treat if given twice a week (Don’t let them get bored of that). They find their taste delightful.

Can banana peels be mixed with other fruits?

They will be enjoyed by the goat both ways. So yes, you can mix them with other fruits and fruit peels too.

Other Treats Goats can eat

You should include some treats in the good feed. They will add goat cost but beneficial for their health.

There are some other treats you can give to the goat for a balanced diet. Goats love to feed on healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Melons, squash, zucchini, and pumpkins can be fed to a goat. They are vitamin-rich and safe for goats. They work as natural dewormers for goats. These fruits and vegetables should not be fed as a staple diet.


Banana peels are super beneficial for goats and other animals. They just do not supply essential nutrients to the goats but also fill their tummy up. If you are low on budget yet want your goats to live a healthy life you should let them have banana peels as a treat sometimes. Banana peels, a handful of grains, raisins, hay, and pasture are great dietary supplements for your pet and non-grazing goats.

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