Can You Ride A Goat? Large Riding Breed

Can You Ride A Goat

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Ever wondered if your toddler can enjoy riding a goat? Because llamas are a bit dangerous and they may need weeks to come to terms. Nodding yes? It’s quite natural to think of goats as they are gentle and need not be tamed to be friendly towards humans.

For all those curious fellas out there, goats should not be ridden for not one but several legitimate reasons. Goats are not made for riding, they are bought and raised mainly for milk and meat.

Who Can Ride a Goat?

Goats are not primarily made for riding but if you have to use this poor little fella for the said purpose, only kids below the age of two years should be allowed to ride. The rider above the age of said years should not attempt to ride as goats may not be able to handle the weight and the size of the rider.

Even the largest goats breeds should not be ridden

Saanen and Boer are categorized as the largest and the strongest goat breeds. Despite being large and strongest, these two goat breeds should also not be ridden.

If the rider wants to ride a small animal, shetland pony and llamas are fine options.

Why Should Goats Never Be Ridden?

As mentioned above, goats should never be ridden for a variety of reasons but mainly because of their small size, poor weight lifting capacity, and exceptionally weak muscles.

Shetland pony, llamas, and alpacas(not desirable for riding but can be ridden) are regarded as the smallest riding animals.

The said animals are medium-sized, if still being medium-sized they can not be ridden by fully grown adults or teenagers.

How can goats be used for riding? They can not even be considered medium-sized. So, their small sizes come in the way whenever we attempt to ride a goat.

Poor weight lifting capacity is another reason why goats can not serve us this way.

As this farm animal is small and has weaker muscles and bones, it’s hard for them to walk with a weight on their back.

As per the experts, a mature healthy goat can only lift around 10 to 20% of the total body weight, even an ounce above that would cause trouble for the poor animal.

Goats are not hardy enough to carry a burden at the back like donkeys, horses, and other riding animals.

Their muscles are quite weak, so putting a burden over the back might not be a good idea.

Moreover, goats are the least pampered animals, they are often noticed surviving the hardest living conditions.

Poor nutrition leads to poor health and bone development, so it gets hard for most goats to carry the burden on their backs.

If you have to ride a goat anyway, how much weight can it carry?

It’s human nature we get attracted to things that we are asked not to try.

Riding a goat is a terrible idea but if still, one wants to go for it and does not want the goat to get hurt either, make sure the rider is not more than 10-20% of the goat’s body weight.

The larger goat breeds are much stronger and tougher, they can carry around 25-30% of their body weight.

It’s important to mention here that not every goat’s weight carrying is the same, so ask an expert if that specific goat can give the rider a playful ride or not.

Riding a goat is not a common practice

We all know llamas can be ridden, we still often feel hesitant to ride this poor creature.

Riding a goat is breathtakingly uncommon as we all know and understand that this farm animal is not made to serve this way.

Our recommendation?

Even if it sounds offensive, it is cruel to burden an animal beyond it’s capacity.

When horses, camels, mules, elephants, and llamas are available for riding, it’s beyond cruel to choose to ride a goat instead. If riding a small-sized animal is your concern, we would suggest you tame and ride a shetland pony or llamas.

Even if exceptionally healthy goats can carry 20-30% of their body weight, it’s still cruel as this poor animal is not made for riding.

Frequent Asked Questions

Can domestic goats be tamed for riding?

No, domestic goats can be tamed but they can not be used for riding at all. The goats can give rides because they have weaker muscles, poor weight lifting capacity, and are breathtakingly small for the said purpose.

Can toddlers ride a goat?

Toddlers that weigh below 20% of the goat’s body weight can ride a goat but it’s not recommended. Llamas and alpacas should be ridden instead as goats are just not made for riding.

Why can’t toddlers ride a goat?

Toddlers can not ride goats because their weight carrying capacity is unbelievably poor and have weaker muscles.

Size can be an issue for kids above that age but for toddlers the height and the width of the goat’s back are perfect.

Do goats hate being ridden?

Goats are hardly used for riding, they are not used to being given rides either. So, yes it can be said that the said animal hates being ridden.

They would not have minded giving a ride to a toddler if they were used to carry weight on carrying weight on their back.

How much weight a goat can carry?

The regular domestic goats can carry around 10-20% of their body weight whereas, the exceptionally large goat breeds like saneen or Boer may have the capacity to carry 20 to 30% of their body weight.


The appropriate answer to the question “can you ride a goat?” is no, goats can not be ridden they can only be kept for milk and meat.

The said animal should not be ridden because it’s small-sized, have weaker muscles, and has poor weight lifting capacity. If you have to ride a small-sized animal, the llama is the finest option. Llamas are hard to be tamed but they would be fun to ride.


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