10 Best Hay Feeder for Goats and sheep – 2022 Reviews

Best Hay Feeder for Goats and sheep

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Choosing Best Hay Feeder for Goats and sheep is easy after this guide. Wastage and spilling of hay and other feeds from locally made faulty feeders have become a headache for farmers. To minimize the losses of hay can be achieved by using the best hay feeders.

It is a comprehensive guide on best hay feeders for goats and sheep. All best goat feeders and sheep feeders are reviewed and explained well in this guide.

Why this guide?

After facing the same difficulty for many years I came across many companies that build hay feeders that work great for me. I am going to show you all the best available hay feeders products in the markets.

The best thing about this guide is that you will get reviews of goat and sheep feeders at the same place. Feeders from steel mesh to hay net are all added in the list.

Let’s get started.

How to Choose Best Hay Feeders for Goats and Sheep

Choosing the right hay feeder for your goats or sheep is not an easy task especially if you have no guidance about hay feeders. There are many factors to consider while choosing a hay feeder as:

Number of goats/sheep

The very first thing to consider before buying a hay feeder is the number of goats or the number of sheep in the flock for which you are going to buy the feeder.

A vast variety of feeders comes in the market inflow from single animal feeders to 4-5 animal feeders.

So never make this mistake of choosing the hay feeder without considering the number of animals to feed.


Hay feeders come in a vast variety from steel mesh to net hay bags and wooden feeders.

But the material or type of feeder is dependent on the type of farm. If it is a small farm with a small number of goats and sheep then a small steel body feeder or hay net will be enough.


As the material of the feeder changes, the same way the pricing also varies. Most of the feeders come from 10$ to 400$.

But the pricing does not matter when the quality arrives.

So it does not benefit to buy the low pricing feeder that could last just 1 or 2 months.


The last thing to consider before buying a feeder is the type of feeder. If it will be hanging one or wall-mounted or floor placing.

Choosing the type of feeder is dependent on your choice as the hanging net feeders are valuable for a single animal or young ones to minimize the losses.

While the wall-mounted or floor placing large feeders are good for large animals and more than 4-5 goats or sheep.

Sheep and Goat Hay Feeders

As there is a little difference between the goats and sheep feed and worming. So the feeding techniques or tools are almost the same due to their same feeding habit and height.

The very particular and best goat hay feeders are reviewed in this guide that really works great for me and my fellows.

From steel body to hanging, from mesh feeders to hay net, all are described as such a way to ease you in choosing the right one for your farm.

Best Hay Feeder Reviews

1.   Gaun Sheep & Goat Single Feeder

Gaun sheep and goat feeder is a perfect match for feeding hay and grain. It is a Spanish-made metal box with a 21” height. The metal body ensures the durability and longevity of the product for years.

The strength of the material used improves the durability and resistance of the product to shocks.

The premium feature of this product is the easy feeding through this feeder by wide spacing for heads of sheep and goats. The wide opening of the feeder for heads ensures safety from getting stuck.

The structure is designed as such to hold the hay in a very actual way to prevent the loss of hay from falling on the ground which is ultimately a nice feature and economical.

The base of the feeder has a tray that works for feeding grains and holds the hay straws if any falls off the hangers of the feeder cage.

The placing of this feeder model provides a wide opportunity for hanging on board, panel, or gate. The only thing needed to hang it is the 2 metal hooks.

The height of the feeder is adjustable to the heights of the goats and sheep.

It has the capacity to feed 1-2 goats in one fill and provides easy placing to other places if needed.


  • It is specially designed to do both work for grains and hay for goats and sheep. By buying this feeder you will not need to buy the separate feeders for separate types of foods.
  • It is designed carefully to minimize the loss of food from the feeder on the ground.
  • The metallic structure of this feeder makes it a valuable choice for animals. Its sturdy structure could bear the knocking by animals to more extent than others.
  • By this metallic feeder, there is a lower chance of unhealthy food ingestion by animals as it prevents the falling of food.
  • The shiny feature of this product is the freestanding structure. It can be hanged to the panel, board or fence as you desire.
  • It can be moved to any place without much effort.


  • It could be a little problem for hanging this feeder to fence as the two metal hooks on the back of the feeders are not well spaced for the fence. But it works great on panels, boards or walls.
  • It is suitable to feed just 1 or 2 goats or sheep. So if you have more than 2 goats to feed then you will need to buy more than 1 or go for another feeder in the list.

2. Creative Co-Op Metal Trough Container

It is the metal trough container-shaped feeder that is famous for its sturdy structure. It is the most suitable feeder for feeding small animals like goats, sheep, and pigs.

The body structure is designed so well shaped that goats and sheep can easily access the food without any hindrance.

The light-weighted feature of the feeder allows the opportunity to easily move to another place. It weighs only 3.78 pounds and is suitable for every type of surface that is flat.

Dimensions of the feeder are much impressive for medium-sized animals. The dimensions are 19.5x7x6 inches.

Dimensions of the structure completely show that it is a smaller one than other feeders so it can be placed outdoors, in small pens and stalls easily.

It is so well designed for medium-sized animals with very low chances of wastage of food from this feeder. It prevents the falling of hay or other feed material on the ground and it is an impressive approach to minimize contamination by feces.

The metallic body prevents damage by animals during their unusual fights and other external factors. This strengthening and study structure ensures the long life of the feeder.

The best thing of this feeder is the wide spacing for the animals so they could feed easily by avoiding shy feeding.


  • The trough design of the feeder adds the neat look to the farm with only 2.4 pounds weight.
  • Easy to move or transport to another place.
  • Ensures the healthier environment for feeding animals by preventing the falling of feed on the ground.
  • It is a well suitable feeder for almost all types of feed i.e. hay, grain, chaffhaye and pellets.
  • The compacted design of the feeder structure makes it a suitable choice for narrow spaces.
  • Large holding capacity of this feeder is its charming feature and it could keep enough feed for 2 goats at a time.


  • Try to keep the feeder in the shady place especially during the rainy season.
  • Vulnerable to weather aging and rust if it remains wet most often.

3. Behlen Country 74023327 8-Feet V Trough Feeder

This V trough-shaped feeder by Behlen Country is the most practical feeder for goats and sheep.

The innovative design of this feeder makes it a valuable choice among other feeders.

The v-shaped structure improves the holding capacity of the feeder and prevents the falling and wastage of food from the feeder.

The presence of two drain holes in both ends of the feeder tray is the premium feature of this product. These holes keep the feet dry by draining the rainwater immediately.

Steel-made structure ended with premium powder-coated paint enhances the life of the feeder.

It weighs about 63 pounds that clarify the use of high-quality material in making. The overall dimensions of the whole structure are also impressive as 96 x 32 x 14 inches.

It is the premium feeder product especially if you want to comfort your animals. The wide spacing of the feeder trough provides enough space for feeding 6 goats or sheep at a time.

The trough of the feeder is just 14 inches above the ground and the presence of the bar above the trough prevents the goats from jumping over the feeder.

The V-shaped legs of the feeder enhance the stability over the ground.

All types of feeds like grain, hay, chaffhaye, and weeds can be fed by this feeder.


  • Use of steel material in making increases the durability of the feeder and adds the resistance to damage by kicks and chewing.
  • Presence of two drain holes in the trough allows the draining of water immediately and saves the food from damaging which otherwise would become inedible.
  • The wide spacing of trough and longer structure of 8 feet provides the space for about feeding 6 goats.
  • Bar present over the trough provides the safety of both feeder and animals by preventing the jumping of goats over it.


  • More suitable for adult animals because the younger ones or kids might not get reach to the trough easily.

4. Priefert Hay and Grain Feeder

Priefert’s grain and hay feeder is an ideal choice for feeding the grains with hay to the animals. The structure of this feeder is shaped in such a way as to feed one horse or 1-2 goats or sheep at the same time.

It is a sturdy structured feeder having the welded metal rack on the top for hay and bottom tub or tray for grain and chaffhaye.

Construction of this feeder uses the 16 gauge galvanized steel in the making of insides and 18 gauge galvanized steel metal for the sides of the feeder. It clearly shows that it is made to withstand the kicks by goats and weathering.

The presence of the bolt-on brackets on the backside of the feeder allows the space for hanging and on panels and lumber rails to the adjusted height as required.

It weighs 49 pounds due to the use of high-quality grade steel in making that is finished with the powdered coating with UV inhibitors to add durability and resistance to rust and scratches.


  • The perfect solution for feeding grain and hay
  • Lowers the wastage of hay on the ground
  • Withstands the physical abuse to some extent
  • Easy to hang on panel and lumber
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Can be used in stalks, barns and pens


  • Can feed only 1-2 goats or sheep

5. Hay and Grain Feeder Boxed

It is a grain and hay mixed feeder that is an ideal choice if you are sickened by filling the feeders again and again. It is a metal boxed feeder that has separate portions for keeping hay and grains.

Having this feeder at your farm gives you plenty of relieving time from filling the hay and grain feeder again. It is best for feeding 1-2 adult goats and sheep at a time.

Besides feeding adult animals, it can also be used for kids or lambs.

The whole feeders are structured as 30 x 16 x 22 inches that clearly shows that it is completely made for medium-sized animals like sheep and goats.

It is just 18 pounds in weight so it is much easier to hang it on a board or a bar.

Silver powdered coated finishing ensures the durability and strength of the body and makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.

The top panel of the feeder is solid that minimizes the loss of hay. The presence of a tray at the bottom catches the falling hay straws and mixes them with grain and chaff have.

The best thing about this feeder is that the bottom tray is removable so the cleaning of the tray is much easier.


  • Provides the hay and grain to the animal at same time
  • The feeder structure is well designed, providing enough space for goats and sheep
  • The material used in making ensures the durability and life of the feeder
  • Low wastage of feed due to the presence of a tray at the bottom
  • The removable lower tray allows easy cleaning
  • Portable feeder


  • Needs to tighten the back screws while hanging otherwise it will fall off ground by kick of goat

6. Behlen Country 74023337 4-Feet V Trough Feeder

If you are looking for a V-shaped feeder then this feeder by Behlen Country is the premium choice for you.

It is also in the trough shape but it is a little bit smaller than the above-reviewed one.

It is 4 feet long in a structure that is well suitable for placing in small farms and narrow spaces. The overall dimensions of the feeder are 48 x 32 x 14 inches, which is suitable for adult animals.

It weighs only 39.2 pounds and the steel body makes it a money-granted product for feeding sheep and goats.

The presence of a bar over the trough provides the safety of animals by avoiding the animals from jumping.

It is good enough for feeding grains, chaffhaye, hay, and weeds to goats and sheep.

Drain holes present on the ends of the trough provide the space for draining water to the ground in case of washing or rain.


  • Steel made body adds the strength and durability
  • Graphite grey powder-coated finishing provides safety form corrosion and weathering
  • Drain holes save the food from wasting and damaging.
  • Bar over the trough prevents the animals from falling during jumping over it
  • Suitable feeder for 2-3 goats and sheep


  • Not suitable for kids animals of goats and sheep as they might get difficulty in reaching the trough

7. Shires Haynet 2″ Mesh Holes 1024

It is an ideal product for feeding hay to goats and sheep. The 2-inches  mesh holes of the net provide space for feeding hay to goats.

It is an especially designed product for hay feeding and it is a natural process of this feeder that it provides slow feeding.

The premium feature of this mesh feeder is that there is almost no wastage of hay by this feeder.

The mesh bag has dimensions of 9.8 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches that gives enough space for holding the six flakes of hay.

The best thing is that it only weighs 0.75 pounds so it can be easily hung to any hook. It works the same for all animals like goats, horses, sheep, alpacas, and donkeys.

Its height is adjustable so it can be hanged to the desired height, dependent on the animal height.

It can be hung in barns, fences, trees, stalls, and any other place. The net material is kept sturdy to avoid being torn by the teeth of animals.

This net feeder promotes the better digestion of feed by providing easy pulling of hay through the net.


  • Provides better digestion food by slow feeding
  • Money-saving product
  • Reduces the wastage of hay
  • Height is adjustable for any animal
  • Net is sturdy and easy to fill
  • Feed lasts for longer by keeping safe from damaging
  • Versatile product for placing


  • Only use for feeding hay. Not for other feeds like grains, chaffhaye etc.

8. Shires Deluxe Net

This net hay feeder is an ideal choice for persons who are in search of just a hay feeder. The sturdy net material adds strengthening to the feeder and keeps it safe from chewing goats.

A large ring is present on the base of the net that allows it to keep the opening wide to 2 inches even when the hay quantity lowers inside the net.

Feeding hay through the net prolongs digestion and improves the efficiency as it takes time for the goat to consume hay through 2-inch holes.

The solid hanging rope and the ring on the bottom keep the net well shaped to give easy feeding to animals.

It is a portable feeder product that can be changed to any adjustable height as the animal height. The wastage of feed is much lower in this feeder as it only provides that quantity to the animal that it consumes.

The capacity of this net feeder is much impressive as it can feed the goats and sheep for hours in a single filling.


  • Suitable for horses, goats, sheep and alpacas
  • Ring on bottom of net prevents unravelling of net
  • Slows down the digestion that is good for health
  • Keep the animals safe from respiratory and digestive diseases by not letting eat the hay fallen on ground


  • Used only for hay, not for grains and chaffhaye

9. Rugged Ranch

It is a heavy-duty feeder by Rugged Ranch, made of galvanized steel and an ideal feeder product for all livestock animals.

The structural design of the feeder allows the space for putting forage and grain at the same time. The presence of a grain tray under the forage mesh net minimizes the wastage of hay by avoiding falling on the ground.

As it is a dual-mode feeder, so it saves a lot of money. Otherwise, you have to buy separate feeders for hay and grains.

The feeder is 24.5 inches in width and 26 inches in length, which clearly shows that it is a good space for feeding two animals.

The feeder has two components, one is the upper one that is for forage like hay and the lower one is the tray for grains and chaffhaye.

It is a freestanding feeder that only weighs about 67 pounds. It is easy to hang any wood, chipboard, stall walls, pipe coral with the help of two U brackets on the back.

The edges/corners are embedded inward in the round form to ensure the safety of animals.


  • It allows the mixed feeding of hay and grains at the same time
  • Tray on the bottom captures if any hay fall of the grill
  • Galvanized steel structure ensures the durability of feeder
  • Round edges for animal safety
  • Easy to hang
  • Perfect feeder for two goats or sheep


  • Doesn’t have drain holes

10. Intrepid International Hay Rack-Wall Mounted

It is a wall-mounted hay feeder that is heavy-duty structured. The rack of this feeder is made of half-inch steel rods that are evenly placed in such a way to hold the hay.

It is a USA-made feeder that is an ideal feeder choice for herbivores like goats, sheep, horses, and alpacas.

The presence of two hooks on the back of the structure provides the space for mounting the feeder on the wall. The edges of the feeder are rounded which ensures the safety of animals.

The whole structure is wide, with dimensions of 33 x 27 x 12 inches, to hold half bay of hay at a time.

It just weighs 13 pounds so it minimizes the risk of falling off the feeder of the wall by a heavyweight. The powder coating on the steel rods enhances the life and durability of the feeder.

It is well resistant to rust, corrosion, and weather aging.


  • Resistant to degradation and rust
  • Round edges give safety from injuries to animals
  • Provides better feed efficiency by minimizing the hay loss
  • Easily mounted on the wall
  • Wide opening allows easy filling
  • Minimizes the risk of infestation and parasitic food intake


  • Product doesn’t include screws so you need to buy screws by yourself separately

Types of Hay Feeders for goats and sheep

There are a lot of feeders in the market. Some are being made for just hay and others are capable of feeding other feed along with hay too. Each of the feeders has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Along with buying a hay feeder, you should also need to buy a mineral feeder for feeding added nutrients to goats and sheep. Types of hay feeders areas:

a. Grain and hay feeders

These are the ideal models of feeder if you have to feed 1-2 goats or sheep with both grans and hay.

The main advantage of this feeder is that there is no spilling of feed by this feeder. As the hay on the top rack drops on the lower tray and does not reach the ground so no loss of food.

So the risk of goats eating the contaminated food from the ground is minimized by these feeders.

The other benefit is that you have two separate racks for hay and grain so you will not need to buy separate racks for each food. But they do not have drain holes.

They are portable ones so they can be easily moved to another place easily but if they are not properly hanged they will fall with the kick of a goat.

b. Hay nets

These are the cheapest hay feeder type. They are versatile alternatives to the trough-type feeders.

It is an ideal choice to improve the digestion of animals as the net feeders provide the slow consumption of food.

They are the best choice for the cold seasons as the animals mostly lived inside during winter so feeding through hay nets is the easiest form for feeding.

Hay net provides food slowly so it is the best choice for goats as they love to chew the food for much time and love to graze for hours so the hay net provides food for hours.

They can be hung anywhere inside or outside and you do not need a lot of space and it keeps providing food to many animals.

The only disadvantage of these net bags is that the naughty animals could stick their legs in the net while jumping over others.

c. Troughs Feeders

Trough feeders are an ideal choice if you have to feed more than 2 goats or sheep. It has the most food holding capacity than any other feeder.

A trough feeder can easily feed 4-6 animals at a time. So if you have a trough feeder and you have to feed the entire family at a time then you just need to fill the trough once and become easy.

Most Trough feeders have a drain hole that makes them a perfect choice for goat and sheep farms because these drain holes don’t let the water stay in the trough otherwise it will cause damping of food.

A trough could not hold the whole round bale of hay but it could hold much more than other feeders.

The presence of a bar over the trough won’t let the animals jump the trough and disturb other animals. This feature is a good step for improving the health and safety of animals and the contamination of food through the dirt of hoofs.

The main advantage of this feeder is that any type of food can be placed in it like hay, grains, chaffhaye, weeds, or forage.


What is the best hay to feed goats?

Alfalfa hay is the most popular feed of goats because it has more proteins, vitamins, and minerals than grass hay. Alfalfa hay is a premium choice for milking goats as it provides protein, energy, and calcium to the body. 

How do you keep goats from wasting hay?

You can keep goats from wasting hay by cutting a hog panel and attaching it to the fencing nails in such a way that the small opening goes down. Then while the goat eats through this from the top widened opening it will stop the wasting of hay.

Can you feed sheep feed to goats?

Yes, the sheep feed can be used for goats too. As the nutrient requirements are almost the same but only for some minerals the goat will need the supplement of copper mineral.

How much hay do you feed a goat?

A goat needs about two to four pounds of hay per day to meet its need. In the case of hay, it can be fed once or twice a day. Goats need the additional hay in the form of roughage for their proper functioning of the rumen.

Final Verdict

All of the available hay feeders for goats and sheep are well-reviewed in this article and the knowledge related to choosing the best hay feeder is also shared after good research.

Choosing any hay feeder is totally dependent on the number of animals to feed so the vast types of feeders are present in our list so you get ease in choosing any type of feeder.

If you find this article helpful and informational, share it with your friends and family members and if you have any queries you can ask in the comment section below.

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