Do Female Goats Have Beards? 4 Beard Facts

Do Female Goats Have Beards

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Female goats with beards? or is it just restricted to bucks only. Oftentimes, the beard is associated with male goats only, so it is quite fair to have this question whether female goats have beards or not. 

Goats are stout-bodied ruminants belonging to the genus Capra. Goats boast expressive face, odd eyes, beautiful facial hair, horns, and cloven hooves. The adorable, cuddly goats along with the sheep, were among the first domesticated animals. 

Do female goats have beards?

Do female goats have beards Well, the answer is, many of them do. Beards, just like horns, are not the male goat’s property. Both sexes can have beards. Male goats usually have more prominent beards. 

Though both female and male goats can have tufts of hair under their chin, beards on female goats are not as commonly seen as on male goats. Not all female goats have beards.

Fun Fact: How do you know if a thing is popular? If it features in a film, of course. Goat beards have gotten recognition in films like Goat Wars: Revenge of the Beards and The Lion, the Witch, and the Massive Goat’s Beard.

Can you determine the goat’s gender by the presence of a beard?

The mere existence of beards would not get you any answers. It is unfair to have beards associated with male goats only, trying to determine a goats gender with a beard could not be more wrong. 

It is quite common for male goats to have hair under their chin but female goats can also grow a beard. In all fairness, not all female goats have goatees but there are some breeds where both sexes have beards.

Goat Breeds with beards

Many goat breeds support beards on both male and female goats. Few of these breeds are:

  • Alpine Goat: Alpine is a domesticated breed known for its milking abilities, erect ears, and pronounced beards. Male goats woo their counterparts with their long beards. Female goats of this breed can have beards too but the beard may not be as long and thick as male goats do.
  • Toggenburg Goat: This polled breed of milk goats gets distinction for its high strung temperament, erect ears, and beautiful beards. Bucks of this breed have thick, long, pronounced beards. Female Toggenburg can also grow a beard but their beards are thin and not as prominent as that of the male goat.
  • Rocky Mountain Goat: Mountain goat ( Oreamnos americanus ) as the name suggests, is a sure-footed climber often seen on cliffs and ice. Both male and female goats of Rocky Mountain have beards. Male goats got more striking beards than that of females.

Factors that determine the presence of beards in goats

Many factors come into play that determines the appearance of beards in male and female goats. Few of them have contributed more than the other. Let’s get you familiar with these elements.

  • Genetic Variations: No other factor has determined the presence of a beard more than the genetic influence. Breed mixtures and genetic variations have paved the way for many unique traits, one such is female goats with beards. The dominant genes passed down to offsprings from their parents determines the fate of beard in goats by a large stretch.
  • Sex: It is not very uncommon for bucks to have a beard. The dominant male hormone is considered responsible for the growth of beards and horns. 
  • Age: The beard of goats grows with age. In the prime years, the beard growth rate is at its par. In male and female goats, the beard does not just stop growing, rather it keeps developing throughout their lives.
  • Habitat: You would not see the appearance of a beard on the domesticated goats as much. When it comes to wild and mountain goats, you will see some striking differences. Wild male and female goats tend to have beards and other remarkable features.

Does a goatee style inspired by goat beards?

It would not be wrong to say that it is. The goatee is a small pointed beard like the goat’s beard with hair around the chin and not on the cheeks.

The Goatee was inspired by the God Pan, who was believed to be half-human and half-goat. He had a goatee style beard so it got their name from his goat-like features.

Goat Beards Fun Facts

You will be delighted to know these oddly fascinating fun facts about goat beards.

  • A favorite feature of a male goat is their beard. They love it like nothing else.
  • Male goats impress female goats with their beards.
  • Male goats use their beards as a tool to woo the best lady goat.
  • To sweep female goats off their feet, they constantly lick their beard to keep it looking fresh and appealing.
  • Goats often have their beards coupled with a pair of wattles.
  • Beards are not considered the indicator of a goat’s gender.

Why goats have beards?

Why goats have beards? No one knows for sure as the answer is lost to the mists of times. The ancestor of the domesticated goat is believed to be the Eurasian wild goat, which loved high altitudes and chilly areas. The Eurasian wild goat has a beard that may have determined the presence of beard in goats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do female goats have beards?

Yes, but not all of them. Some female domesticated and wild goats do have tufts of hair under their chin.

What is a goat beard called?

Goatee was the term solely used to describe a goat’s beard till the late 20th century. Now, a human beard style is also named after Goatee.

Do Nigerian Dwarf goats have beards?

Yes, they do. Both sexes of Nigerian Dwarf goats have beards.

Do goats pee on their beards?

The answer might creep you out but goats do pee on their beards. The excited goats urinate on their front legs and beards but this happens usually in the mating seasons. 

What are goat hair used for? 

If you have always fancied Mohair and cashmere, let us tell you, they are made of goat hair. 

Final Verdict

Goat beards are not an indication of male gender. Many goat breed have beards on both sexes. Beards on male goats are more common, pronounced, long, and thick while the beards on female goats are think and smaller in size.

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