3 Best Chicken Coop For Six Chickens in 2022

Best Chicken Coop For Six Chickens

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Is bringing the best chicken coop home residing on your bucket list for a long time? Well, it’s time to check it off. I have just bought one for my chickens and they have never looked so happy and satisfied. If bringing a new chicken coop home is bringing a healthier change to their lifestyle then what’s the harm? 

In this brief post, we have decided to review the three hottest selling chicken coops available online. These chicken coops are just as affordable, durable, comfortable, airy, and roomy as the chicken coops should be. So, let’s not beat about the bush and come to the point;

Best Chicken Coop For Six Chickens Reviews

1. AVV Portable Chicken Coop Tractor With Poultry Care Supplies For 4 to 6 Chickens

The AVV chicken coops are widely recognized for their handy design, portability, affordable prices, and durability.

Having all the desired qualities, the AVV portable chicken coops have become several aviculturists’ favorites.

As these chicken coops are listed as one of the hottest selling items on Amazon, they get stocked and sold immediately.


This AVV 41x31x9 inches; 49.2 pounds chicken coop is made from heavy-duty wood.

It is one of the handiest chicken coops ever listed on Amazon as one quick power washing is enough to bring it back to the healthiest state.

Power washing can cause breaks or splinters but careful handling can minimize the damage.

Wood being organic is still the safest option than plastic and metal.

Predator proof design

Chickens are probably the only domestic birds that get hunted down by a huge number of birds and animals quite easily.

Hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, coyotes, foxes, minks, raccoons, possums, stray dogs, wild cats, bears, and skunks are considered the biggest chicken predators.

This AVV portable chicken coop is designed and structured in a way that the chickens can live fearlessly. Moreover, the Innovative lock system keeps the predators at bay.

Three entry and exit doors

As this AVV chicken coop is designed and engineered for a luxurious lifestyle, the chickens can be accessed with not just one but three lockable entry and exit doors.

All the doors are placed at the right place so the aviculturist can reach the chickens easily.

Other innovative features

Besides the number of entry/exit doors and excellent locking system, this chicken coop is embellished with a fairly large nesting box, convenient handle, jam-proof wheels, resting box, ramp, a slide-out tray, and weather-proof UV roof panel.


  • Comes from a well-trusted brand
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty wood
  • Affordable
  • Comes with poultry care supplies
  • Predator-proof
  • Innovative lock system
  • Three entry and exit doors
  • Handy
  • Can be cleaned with a quick power washing
  • Prevents overheating
  • Equipped with jam-proof wheels, convenient handles, slide-out tray, weather-proof UV roof panel, and a fairly large nesting and resting box
  • Comes with all detailed assembly instructions


  • Prone to breaks and splinters
  • Requires a tiring assembly
  • Not so roomy

2. Ogrmar Large Wooden Outdoor Chicken Coop Nesting Box

Here comes the second most recommended and admired chicken coop available online, the Ogrmar’s large wooden outdoor chicken coop nesting box.

It is just as handy, durable, and eco-friendly as the above-mentioned option.

Other than being handy, durable, and eco-friendly, this chicken coop is breathtakingly versatile.

The versatility allows it to be equally useful for other birds and small to medium-sized pets.


As you can judge from the images and the title, this chicken coop is manufactured from 100% pure heavy-duty partially splint and break-proof wood.

Wood chicken coop may splinter and break but it is super easy to repair and would not suffer from condensation.

Variety of use

This coop is not designed to serve chickens alone, it is just as useful for other small house pets and animals. It is best to be used for rabbits, ducks, roosters, and some domestic birds.

This chicken coop would be as comfortable, safe, and roomy as it might be for chickens.

Lockable and handy

The experienced aviculturists know the importance of keeping the chicken coop clean.

No doubt, wooden chicken coops are a bit harder to clean and maintain but this chicken coop’s simplest structure makes it easily cleanable.

Like all other chicken coops and birdcages, this Ogrmar large wooden outdoor chicken coop nesting box is furnished with durable lockable doors.

The small window at the door keeps the solar collection and air circulation intact.

Waterproof roof

As this chicken coop is designed and engineered keeping the outdoor requirements in mind, a waterproof roof is evidence.

The waterproof roof would keep the chickens, rabbits, and other pets safe from the harsh rainy or snowy weather.

Roomy, have separate resting and nesting space

This Ogrmar’s chicken coop is more roomy and airy than the above-mentioned option.

The separate resting and nesting area is another plus that allows the chickens to live a balanced happy life.


  • Can be used to keep chickens, rabbits, ducks, and some other small house pets
  • Made to keep the air circulation and solar collection intact
  • Assembled with a waterproof roof
  • Have separate resting and nesting boxes
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • Made to keep chicken safe and healthy
  • Heavy-duty partially splint and break-proof
  • Easy to repair, clean, and maintain
  • Made to suit the outdoor environment
  • Comfortable, safe, and roomy


  • Wooden, can get splints
  • Requires power washing

3. PawHut Galvanized Metal Walk-in Chicken Coop Cage With Cover

If having a super roomy and airy chicken coop is your concern then this PawHut galvanized metal walk-in chicken coop cage with cover is the right option.

This PawHut chicken coop is not just roomy and airy but breathtakingly more durable than any other option on this list.

The only issue that bothers potential customers the most is that it does not have any resting or nesting area.

It can, however, be turned into a luxurious little home for chickens by ordering the PawHut bed, stairs, grooming equipment, and other accessories.


The title already suggests that this forgiving PawHut galvanized metal walk-in chicken coop is made from 100% pure metal but the pros of using a metal coop still need to be elaborated a little.

The metal chicken coops are more chicken-friendly as they provide a steady source of ventilation and natural light effortlessly.

More and more aviculturists are turning their metal shed to metal chicken coops as they are more forgiving than all other kinds of chicken coop available out there.

Cost-effective and handy

Unlike the other overly complex wooden chicken coops, this metal walk-in chicken coop is super simple, cheap, and handy.

As this PawHut galvanized metal walk-in chicken coop has no overly complex nest or rest box(which chickens rarely use for nesting and resting) it is super easy to assemble, clean, maintain, and shift.

It has more room and has no unnecessary detailing which makes it the handiest and cost-effective chicken coop solution ever listed on Amazon.

Variety of use

This PawHut galvanized metal walk-in chicken coop cage with cover is not made for the chickens specifically, it can be equipped and turned into any small pet’s luxurious home.

The company suggests this PawHut galvanized metal walk-in coop cage with cover to be perfect for chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other small animals or birds to live a balanced life.

Water and UV resistant cover, perfect wire spacing

Since this PawHut galvanized metal walk-in chicken coop is designed for outdoor spaces, it comes equipped with water and UV resistant roof cover.

So the harsh weather conditions do not harm the poor little birds. The wire spacing is neither too wide nor too narrow, it does not provide gaps to the paws to stick in.


More roomy, airy, handy, and cost-effective
Easy to assemble, clean, maintain and shift
Water and UV resistant roof
Perfect wire spacing
Have enough room for the nesting and resting box to adjust
Provide a steady source of ventilation and natural light
Protects from harsh weather conditions
Can be used to raise and keep chickens, ducks, rabbits, and other small-sized pets


  • Has no nesting and resting boxes
  • Way too big for 6 six chicken

How To Find the Right Chicken Coop for Your Chickens?

It must be noted here that chicken coop shopping is not as simple as it sounds or seems. There is a lot you need to look for if you are planning to raise healthy chickens. While placing the order, you need to double-check the

  • Style
  • Material
  • Length and width
  • Interior design
  • Budget


To your surprise, the chicken coops are available in a variety of styles; dutch, A-frame, tractor, lean-to, quaker, and combination.

Now you have to decide which of the above-mentioned styles suit your requirements more.

The dutch chicken coop is a miniature barn, A-frame is a simple straight chicken coop, the tractor is a cage with tires, quaker is inspired by century-old barn style, and a combination is more like a hen house with an attached chicken run. It’s now up to you, find your favorite style and move ahead.


Once the style issue is sorted, you have to check what the chicken coop is made of. Is it metal, plastic, or wooden?

The metal and plastic chicken coops are more in demand as they are much handier and more durable than the wooden ones.

The wooden chicken coops can also be super durable but they are a bit harder to clean and maintain.

Length and width

It’s super hard to live in captivity already, consider bringing the chicken coop home that is roomy and airy.

As per the experts, around a 90 square feet space is enough for the six chickens to live a balanced life. So, try keeping that in mind while checking the measurements.

Interior design

Interior design is just as important as anything else. If you want your chickens to be more organized, bring a chicken coop that has multiple lockable doors, windows, a ramp, a resting, and a nesting box. Since you are choosing complexity over simplicity, make sure the chicken coop is still easy to clean and maintain.


Lastly, you should never overlook your budget. Chicken coops are generally expensive but there would be some overly priced options as well. Do not make a hasty decision, try harder to find a chicken coop that is durable, airy, roomy, and affordable.

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