Are No Crow Collars Cruel?

Are No Crow Collars Cruel

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Is the 3 am rooster crow the issue? I bet your neighbors might have suggested to you the famous “no crow collars”. Nothing on earth besides No Crow Collar can stop a rooster from crowing in the middle of the night or at the odd times of the day. So, even a God-fearing chicken farmer would begin considering No Crow Collars to prevent roosters from crowing.

If you have been considering or advised to get No Crow Collars for your rooster, it good to take a step back and search if they are cruel or not. In this brief post, we would be discussing if the No Crow Collars are cruel or not? So, let’s not beat about to bush;

Are No Crow Collars cruel?

The short answer is No Crow Collars are not Cruel. Well, it has got mixed views. Most of us find it cruel and whereas a minority believes that it’s ” totally” not inhumane at all. Whether we find No Crow Collars cruel or not, we would reveal it in the end.

Just so you can judge whether it’s cruel or not, allow us to introduce No Crow Collars first.

What is “No Crow Collar”?

No noise rooster collars, anti-hook noise-free neckbands, anti-crow rooster collars are the same. In fact, no noise rooster collars, anti hook noise-free neckbands, and anti-crow rooster collars are all the commonly used names of ” No Crow Collars”.

No Crow Collars are velcro collars that get wrapped around the rooster’s neck like a bow tie. Once it is wrapped perfectly, the rooster can not crow at all, or even if does manage to crow, it would barely be noticeable. 

It’s still pretty hard to judge whether the No Crow Collars are cruel or not. It appears like a bow tie and fits snugly around the neck, does it hurt? Or how does it stop the rooster from crowing? The answers to these two questions might help you judge whether it’s cruel or not. 

How Does the No Crow Collar Stop a Rooster From Crowing?

It must be informed here that No Crow Collars does not just completely abandon the rooster from regular breathing or crowing, the rooster still breathes like they usually do and crows but it sounds like a whisper. 

To produce a loud crow, the roosters fill out their air sacs and lungs with air, when the air is expelled back, an annoying sound can be heard which we call “crow”.

All crows are not exactly the same loud, if the crow manages to inhale more air it would be loudest, if it gets to inhale a moderate amount of air, the crow would be a bit quieter and bearable. Coming to the point, how does the No Crow Collars work?

No Crow Collars fit snugly around the neck, it restricts the amount of air they take in and the force they produce. As their lungs and air sacs have not enough air to expel back, if they couldn’t fill and expel enough air, how would the crow be louder?

Does it hurt?

Well, we can not step in the rooster shoe and judge how it feels to have something constantly holding the neck tightly. The manufacturers claim that the No Crow Collars do not hurt and it appears so as well.

The roosters wearing a No Crow Collar act the same as others with no bow tie-shaped crow restricting things around the neck.

But what options do they have other than making peace with it? Let’s say the No Crow Collar does not hurt at all, would it not be irritating as well?

The summary of the last two heads is, the No Crow Collars brings down the sound of a rooster’s crow by restricting the amount of air rooster inhale and expel. The Now Crow Collars do not hurt but they can be irritating for the roosters and disturbing for you to see. Want to know the cost of the rooster’s collar?

So now, are No Crow Collars cruel in our view?

Yes, even if they do not hurt at all and roosters get used to it. No Crow Collars are still cruel as they argue with a natural habit. If crowing is an issue in your area, you should either not keep them or arrange another place to let them live their life as they should be living.

What do Chicken Farmers Think About It?

As we have mentioned above, some chicken farmers do not find it inhumane whereas others call it straight-up cruelty. The group of chicken farmers who support the idea of No Crow Collar advocates it by saying ” It saves roosters from getting caught and butchered”.

As now you have got our view and the chicken farmers’, allow us to enlighten you with an eye-opening least known fact;

Crowing can not be stopped with No Crow Collars but it can be discouraged!

Yes, whatever you have read in bold is 100% true. Roosters crow all the time and No Crow Collars are the only way to stop your rooster from crowing.

Crowing can not be stopped naturally or without harming the poor bird but it can be discouraged by confining him to a low ventilated box, pet carrier, or cage that does not allow him to stretch his neck. Roosters usually crow whenever they stretch their neck, if the place they are living in is too low who would they stretch or crow?

Caging roosters to a low ventilated box, or pet carrier all time is also cruel, but putting them in the ventilated box or pet carrier when you can not tolerate frequent crowing would be still a much better idea than No Crow Collars.


Why do roosters crow so much?

Roosters crow all the time for a variety of reasons; sometimes to protect or alert the flock, as a result of a good neck stretch, and most of the time to inform about the new day. Fighting roosters are very famous for crowing.

How can you stop your rooster from crowing?

Well, it’s in blood for the roosters to crow. It can be stopped either by wrapping a No Crow Collar around the rooster’s neck or by caging them in a low ventilated box or pet carrier that prevents them from neck stretching.

How do No Crow Collars work?

The No Crow Collars do not let the rooster fill the lungs and air secs with much air, when the small amount of air is expelled, the crow sound pretty much like a whisper. 

Are No Crow Collars cruel? 

Well, they would be cruel if you are wrapping them around the neck even though crowing is no issue for you and the neighborhood. It would not be cruel if it saves them from being caught and butchered. 


No Crow Collar is a creative human invention that is believed to be cruel. The No Crow Collars are velcro Collars that get wrapped around the rooster’s neck and prevent them from growing. It works by sending less air to the lungs and air secs, when the rooster expels back, the crows sound like a whisper. It has mixed views.

Some chicken farmers find it cruel whereas others do not call it inhumane at all. In our view, if crowing is not an issue, wrapping them around the neck for no legitimate reason is cruel. If it is being installed to save a rooster from being caught or butchered, it is not cruel. Saving a life is not inhumane at all, even if it demands you to be cruel.

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