Can Male Cows Produce Milk?

Can Male Cows Produce Milk

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Want to know if male cows or bulls can produce milk or not? 

Adult male cows belong to the species Bos Taurus. They are recognized by their thicker bones, larger feet, muscular neck, and large bony head. Adults mature male cows are called bulls and immature ones mostly below 2 years of age are called a steer.

They are physically quite similar to female cows but do bulls produce milk?

No male cows can not produce milk. In fact, no male from any species has the ability to produce milk. Only female cows can be milked. 

Is There Any Male Milking Cow?

No, unfortunately not. There is no milking cow found in the world. Only female mammals can produce milk.

Can Bulls Be Milked?

No, They cannot produce milk. The bull is actually a male cow. An immature male is called a  calf and a mature male who is grown enough to breed is called a bull. 

If they can not be milked. What are they for?

Bulls are mainly used for breeding. Besides, breeding they are kept either for meat or for fighting. People eat bulls in most of the countries as beef.

Dairy male cows are no exception.

Dairy male cows, bulls, and male cows are all the same. These are just different names we normally refer to bulls. So, they cannot produce milk either.

What Happens When Milk a Bull?

Nothing happens actually. You cannot get milk out of those tiny teats no matter what you do and how hard you try. Even though they too have mammary glands( glands responsible for producing milk) but still there is nothing on earth that can help you with that.

The reason why they cannot produce milk

Mammary glands are responsible for the production of milk in humans and animals. To your surprise, this organ is just not a part of the female body it is present in males as well.

When the female mammals hit puberty this organ, by the development of prolactin, makes it possible for female mammals to produce milk. But in the case of male mammals, this organ just does not work this way. It doesn’t grow to the point that it starts producing milk.

They have teats but no udders

Do bulls have udders? No, obviously not. As the males lack a mammary system, they have teats but no udders, and their teats do not grow bigger as they age.

And it is scientifically impossible. But who knows the future.

Scientists have been actively working on this project but they have still not come up with the solution yet.

For some male domestic animals (goats and cats etc), it is possible but rare to produce milk. Learn How Much Does a Bull Cost?

However, in this case, no experiment is successful yet. Maybe in the future with some advancement, it will become possible. But for now, it is not.

The reason why it is scientifically impossible.

Dayak fruit bats are male yet they produce milk. And the biology behind this feature in the Dayak fruit bat is still yet to be found.

Science has failed to answer this question that what action or thing induces this impossible feature in males. Maybe in the future when we will be able to find an answer to this question we will be able to make it possible for male cows or bulls to produce milk.

Why has science never tried hard to develop this function in males mammals?

Prolactin is responsible for the production of milk in females. The artificial way of boosting the production of prolactin in male mammals can affect their breeding ability.

This put a full stop to the idea of boosting the production of prolactin in bulls and other male cows. It may also bring forward other issues like losing strength, muscle mass, and blood count.

Suckling does not help in the case of bulls and other male mammals

Suckling helps in stimulating the production of prolactin and then milk in cows, goats, and other female mammals. But this just does not help male mammals as they are not made to function this way.


Can mature 3 to 4-year-old bull produce milk? 

No, neither mature nor younger ones produce milk. But they can breed.

How old male cow is considered mature?

Male mature cows are called bulls. Males above the age of 2 is considered mature in most cases.

Why is impossible for male cows or bulls to produce milk?

The insufficient production of prolactin makes it impossible for male mammals to produce milk.

Can bulls die if we try to induce this milking process?

No, they would not die. In fact, Nothing is going to happen except mild annoyance. And there is no way you can induce this process.

Why do bulls don’t have udders?

Bulls are male mammals and male mammals lack the mammary system. That’s why bulls do not have udders.

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