Do We Eat Bulls Just Like Cows?

Do We Eat Bulls

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Eating Bulls? I saw my friends get into a heated debate over this query. There is a lot of confusion among people about whether we eat meat from a male or female cow. Obviously, the heated debate led nowhere, so, the three of us went on a quest to find some answers.

Things are quite complicated in the cattle world. It turned out, it took us a good day or two to reach a true conclusion. I saw many fellows searching this question on the internet, just like me. So, without further ado, let me share the information I collected regarding the subject.

Do We Eat Bulls? 

We eat beef from cows, now, everybody is quite clear on that. People are often confused as to do we eat bulls, well, here comes the answer, drum roll, please, only the castrated or desexed bulls are slaughtered for meat. Bull vs. Steer is another hot topic, here you can know the difference in reference to this question.

Castrated bulls are called steers, while bulls have their testicles intact. So, it is established that beef comes from both cows and Steers. Bulls with desired traits that a breeder wants for breeding is not castrated, it is not raised or kept for meat purposes. 

Do We Eat Bulls or Just Cows?

The fate of all commercially raised cows, bulls, steers, and heifers are to be eaten, eventually, unless they dropped dead or caught a disease. For beef purposes, cows and steers mostly give their services.

The majority of bulls are castrated to be slaughtered for meat. Only a handful of bulls are needed for breeding purposes. It is also hard to keep a bull as there are always trying to show how masculine they are by wrecking fences and fighting with fellow livestock members.

Why Do We Eat Cows and Not Bulls?

Beef coming from Steers and Heifers tastes good. Bulls are not castrated, so, testosterone ruins the meat flavor.

Male cattle are eaten just as much as female cattle, it is just that bulls do not make the count. As Steers and Heifers have occupied bulls’ place to deliver quality beef. Bulls are castrated at a young age to curb the enthusiasm and testosterone-hyped attitude.

Are Bulls Slaughtered For Meat?

Only a few bulls are required for breeding purposes, most of the bulls are castrated to eliminate handling problems. It is difficult to handle bulls, they may fight each other to death. Castrated bulls or Steers are slaughtered for beef, Steer and Heifer meat makes to the market for sale. Certain butchers are selling bull meat but it is not in demand.

Does Bull Meat Taste Different?

Quality beef comes from Steers (castrated bull) and Heifers (unbred female). Most of the beef available in the market belongs to these two. Bull’s meat is different than Steer and Heifer, in taste and texture. In comparison with Steer meat, it is stringy, tough, lean, dark, and has different chemistry. 

Owing to its good binding properties, it can be made tasty with the help of certain sausages. The preparation and cooking process is quite similar with only a few exceptions. However, no matter what you do, the bull tenderloin will never be as soft and tender as of Steers. 


Does Bull Meat Taste Bad?

People are quite skeptical about bull meat as there is a common consensus among people that it tastes bad. Does it taste bad? It tastes different than the steer beef, so, taste buds of many people are not familiar with the different beef tastes, that is, the reason they often consider it bad.

It is not bad, just different in taste, texture, and color. Beef from the bull is lean with less marbling, whereas the beef flavor has a lot to do with marbling. That’s what makes it slightly different, also the meat of a young and older bull tastes different.  

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Does Bull Make Good Meat?

Yes, they grow and weigh faster, providing the owner with a leaner, longer, more muscular carcass. As they get older, their meat suffers a quality problem. Bulls weigh more than the Steers, so, you will get to cut more steaks than the Steers. With age, the meat gets toughen, darker, bone spurs.  Bulls slaughtered at the young age of 12 to 14 months produce quality beef. 

Does Steak come from cows or bulls?

Who does not love a tasty steak? It is necessary to know where it comes from, lots of people think it’s either from cows or bulls. In reality, the Steers contribute to delivering us steaks along with cows. Bull’s meat is not tasty enough to be provided for steaks. 

Summing up, Steer and Heifer’s meat is used for steaks and other beef recipes, bulls are kept for breeding purposes, therefore, they are not castrated or slaughtered. People of other countries may eat bull meat, depending on the state you are living in, however, it is generally not popular or eaten.


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