127+ Bull Names: Famous and Powerful Ideas

Bull Names

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A bull is an adult male cow that has been castrated. A cow is any female that has given birth, and a young bull calf may be called either of these terms at different stages during its life.

Bulls are mature male cows. In the bovine family, a calf is a young one that has not yet reached maturity, and a cow is a fully grown female with at least one offspring who has given birth.Here are some ideas.

BladeChopperRiding solo
Hocus PocusBig BlackNight Hawk
Hell stormGrossoverCharmer
KnightWar FurySky Harbor
Black IceLeopardFrank
JupiterRum DumViper
OutlawSunnyDanny Boy
Honey ManHouse MouseBandit

Famous Bull Names

Here are some bucking bull names from history.These are notable names with brilliant record.

  • Tornado: Tornado was a 1,600-pound bull whose legendary strength and agility made him very docile out of the arena. In six years and 220 outs Tornado threw every single rider who attempted to last eight seconds but he wasn’t particularly nasty or ill tempered.
  • Oscar: Oscar the Bull was a rodeo bull that bucked off 100 riders in his first five years of competition. After 300 attempts, he only had eight successful rides on him and became one of just 12 bulls to be inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame.
  • Red Rock: In the PRCA era, from 1983 to 1987, Red Rock was a bull that bucked riders off. In his entire career, he has never been ridden by anyone, giving him an undefeated record of 309 outs.
  • Bodacious: A 1,900 pound charbray bull named Bodacious was so feared that he seemed to be a son of the devil. His two signature moves were extremely dangerous: firstly, when he exploded out of his chute at impressive speed and secondly when he would throw back his head using it as weapons with its skull and horns.
  • Little Yellow Jacket: Little Yellow Jacket is a unique and respected bull. Not only does he challenge the top riders, but also no rider has ever been injured by him. He goes out of his way to avoid fallen cowboys too.
  • Blueberry Wine: Blueberry Wine was heralded as the best bull to never win a championship. He only gave up nine rides in 93 outs, but while he may not have had the stature of bigger bulls like Bushwacker or Asteroid Field, Blueberry Wine made up for this with speed and effort.
  • Bushwacker: There is no bull like Bushwacker in the world. As a rodeo competitor, he weighs 1,750 pounds and has an unpredictable temperament that makes him both powerful and dangerous. Bushwacker isn’t just big – he’s also smart, which is why many call him the greatest roping competitor of all time.

Powerful Names for Bulls

Here are some powerful and strong ideas

  • Aaron- Aaron means enlightened and light. A number of Jewish boys have been given this name, including Moses’ brother in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Roots – This Greek word’s roots can be translated to mean Defender of men, though the meaning can be further heightened by its roots. Translations and definitions of Alexander include ‘Protector’ and ‘He who discourages men.’
  • Amell – Amell is a powerful word. It means the power of an eagle in German!
  • Maynard – Often mispronounced as May-nerd, Maynard is a German name that means brave and strong. If you refer to someone named Maynard using this pronunciation, you would be ruining an awesome-sounding first name.
  • Andrew – Andrew and Andreas are two variations of the same name. The first variation is a Greek translation, meaning strong and manly. Andrew Feininger was an acclaimed photographer in his time whose works still survive today as part of history. If you’re looking for something shorter but just as great, try using “Andre”.
  • Griffin – The Griffin is known for having the body of a lion with an eagle’s head and wings. It has been said that Griffins have symbolic meanings such as strength, courage, protection or power over evil in addition to simply being strong lords.
  • Ethan – Ethan is a name of Welsh origins that has ties to England, and also the royal ring. Tom Cruise’s character from Mission Impossible had this name that made it popular.
  • Denzel – Denzel is a Cornish name meaning ‘powerful’. The actor Denzel Washington was named after the doctor who delivered him.
  • Ezekiel – The name Ezekiel has a powerful meaning. You can shorten it to Zeke, but the full version of this Biblical name is much more interesting and popular right now along with other names like Ezra and Asher.
  • Quillon – Quillon is a Latin name that looks beautiful when written, but its pronunciation isn’t very appealing.
  • Arsenio – “Arsenio” is a word from the Spanish language meaning “strength”. Comedian, actor, and talk show host, Arsenio Hall is one of the world’s most influential individuals. Thanks to his legacy as an entertainer, his name is now being adopted around the world.
  • Angus – The name Angus is becoming increasingly popular among American parents as it sounds hip and has a unique meaning. The Greek origin of the word comes from ‘one strength’ which seems to be an appealing quality for many people today who want their children’s names to stand out from others in class or on sports teams.
  • Imre – For Hungarians, Imre is a very common name. But it’s not so well-known in other parts of the world. The meaning of Imre is ‘strength’ which may be why its popularity has remained strong among Hungarian families for centuries through many generations and across different time periods (e.g., medieval times).
  • Rinaldo – In the US, Rinaldo has been popular in every decade since 1930. It means ‘counsel power’ and is an Italian version of Reginald.
  • Ryker – The trendy Danish name Ryker is increasing in popularity due to its unique ‘Ry’ beginning, which creates a two-syllable rhythm.
  • Martin- One of the most influential and powerful men in world history, Martin Luther King Jr. has a name that can’t be beat–literally! The word “warlike” is found within his namesake’s definition: it means to have qualities appropriate for fighting or warring; ready for battle or violence.

Funny Bull Names

Adding fun in any name makes it cool touch , here are some ideas

  • A team
  • War cry
  • House mouse
  • Space boy
  • Nailed
  • Canadian Mist
  • Short Pop
  • Good whiskey
  • Nailed
  • Lost Highway
  • G way
  • Two socks
  • Bottom up
  • Red bone
  • Peep Show
  • Pontoc
  • Counting Cards
  • Clifford

Tips to Name your bull

Cows have thinner bones and smaller feet compared to bulls, which are more muscular. They have a large bony head, which has protective ridges over their eyes for fighting for dominance in the herd. Additionally, bulls have shorter hair compared to male cattle, but they retain curlier manes on their necks and heads if they win battles against other bulls. 

Bulls need powerful names so naming cows and bulls is different.

  • Make sure to pick strong name
  • Translate strong word from other language
  • Choose short name with meanings behind
  • Try some fighting bull names from history

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