Can Geese Eat Apples? (Benefits & Risks)

Can Geese Eat Apples

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Geese are omnivores, therefore, the options are limitless when it comes to serving fruits, vegetables, and snacks.

Apple is the go-to choice for many geese owners as it is not only beneficial but the goose seems to be quite happy munching on this delicious and nutrient-dense fruit.

Can Geese Eat Apples?

Yes, Geese eat apples, Apple is one of the popular fruits that most birds and animals can eat. Being a great source of energy and essential nutrients, it is even important to serve them apples during seasons when the bird has to maintain body heat.

The regulated quantity of apples should be given to the birds, no matter how healthy it is, this fruit can not replace the main diet.

Some geese breeds do not have any difficulty eating the apple whereas other breeds find it hard to chew.

Therefore, the apple must be chopped into smaller pieces to eliminate the choking hazard. Not all parts of the apple are equally beneficial, like seeds which can be life-threatening in extreme cases.

Can Geese Eat Apple Seeds?

Apple seeds and pits can become deadly traps for the goose if eaten in large quantities. Apple seeds have the perfect shape to clog their slender throats, resulting in choking.

Besides choking, the owner needs to be aware of cyanide poisoning. Avoid pieces of apple-containing seeds as they possess Cyanide which can be very poisonous when ingested by the geese.

Cyanide blocks different processes associated with respiration. It could lead to certain symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and death. To avoid unpleasant circumstances, apple seeds should be removed before serving them to the geese.

Apple Peels

Apple skin or peel is safe for geese to eat, these birds can eat without any problem, when thinly cut.

Apple skin promotes digestive health as 66% of the fiber content is found in the peel. Fiber helps with the digestion of different nutrients in the goose’s stomach and promotes gut movement as well.

Nutritional Value of the Apple

The apple is a great source of antioxidants, carbohydrates, sodium, and fiber. On average, a small-sized apple has 83% of the water content.

The vitamins and minerals provided by the apple are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium.

  • Fiber: Apple contains a decent amount of fiber if fed with the skin on. Most pet owners do not peel off the skin and give them as it is in bite-sized pieces. The ample supply of apples promotes the health of the digestive system. However, do not feed bread to geese as an alternative source.
  • Protein: Like humans, protein is equally important for the goose and aids in the repair of muscle and connective tissue. Feeding a balanced diet gives them the required amount of protein needed for different functions. Geese can eat sunflower seeds as an alternative.
  • Salt: The apple has a sufficient amount of salt or sodium which helps against fluid retention, weight loss, fatigue, and impaired growth. Feed Peanuts to geese as an alternative.
  • Vitamin A: Geese should get a good amount of Vitamin A regularly as it benefits in more than one way. It not only helps with the bird’s vision but also prevents different issues with the skin and feathers. Vitamin A enhances geese egg production.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is essential to maintain normal metabolic activities and physiological needs. Female geese need it more when rearing young ones.
  • Magnesium: It is important for the overall health of the bird and promotes the bones, beaks, feathers, nerves, muscle coordination, brain functions, and heart health. It not only helps against fluid imbalances but also ensures a healthy nerve system. It is also capable of reducing blood pressure to make sure that the goose stays active.

Risk of Feeding Apple to the Goose

Though it is safe and nutritious, the quantity that should be fed is highly dependent on two factors- sugar content and seeds.

Apple seeds contain a toxic substance, cyanide, that can be deadly for the goose.

The high sugar content can lead to obesity and laziness. Also, birds get addicted to sweet fruits and constantly ask for more.

The risk of choking is high if the fruit is not cut into smaller pieces.


It is safe to eat when fed in a moderate quantity under strict supervision. An apple a week would be more than enough for the goose to absorb all the nutrients. Remove the seeds before serving them to the adorable feathered birds.

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