8 White Geese breeds with Photos

white geese breeds

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My previous research on black and white duck breeds has enhanced my interest in ducks and geese a little more than I had some days ago. I found myself more curious to know more about the ducks and geese, so it was hard to get my hands off my laptop this weekend.

I have always known that there are some white geese breeds in the world but have never really paid any attention to these beautiful birds. White is my favourite colour, and I wouldn’t mind having a pair of all-white geese in my collection of birds at all.

After dedicating hours and hours to this subject, I have gathered valuable information for my audience and my curious self.

Geese are considered the most economical poultry option when an acre of land is lying vacant. Their upkeep cost is generally meagre as they seldom get sick, eat grass, and don’t require any expensive nesting shelter. So, keeping and raising these birds on your farm would be a win-win situation.

Geese are not only found in white colour; they are found in beautiful colours and patterns as well. But white geese have their elegance and style. Some geese breeds are all white, while others have gotten white as their prominent colour. The geese that fall into the “white geese” category are listed below (introducing them geese by their names first; we’ll then get into the details).

White Geese breeds

  • Snow geese
  • Sebastopol geese
  • Embden geese
  • Roman geese
  • American buff geese
  • White Pomeranian geese
  • White Chinese geese
  • Danish landrace geese

1. Snow geese

snow geese

Snow goose, a geese species that is native to North America, is allotted white and black colours. The black colour is found in the wingtips only. They are generally seen roaming around with the flocks of brants, greater white-fronted geese, and the barnacle geese.

The females belonging to this breed are remarkably philopatric( return to the place where they are bred), and they usually get admired for this nature. They like to nest and live in colonies. They find a high ground highly suitable for their small home.

They spend their breeding season( May to August) in their nests, but as the breeding season is over, they love spending the rest of their years migrating between colder and warmer regions.

  • Average height: 64 to 79 centimeters
  • Average weight: 6 lbs
  • Life span: 15 years
  • Prominent feature: Black wingtips, philopatric

2. Sebastopol geese


Sebastopol geese are considered the most attractive and unusual geese breed because of their milky white dramatic appearance. Their heavy, frizzled, and curvy feathers make it hard for them to fly.

In Germany, these beautiful all-white geese are famous with “Lockengans,” ” struppagans,” or “unkempt goose” names because of their well-curled feathers. Because of their gentle and forgiving nature, they are usually kept as an ornament or a pet.

This heritage breed is also kept and raised for meat(even though they only weigh up to 10 pounds) and eggs. Unfortunately, this geese breed is not as hardy and robust as cousins, so they need an excellent shelter to survive winter, and it’s chilly winds.

  • Average height: 110 centimeters
  • Average weight: 10 lbs
  • Lifespan: 25 years
  • Prominent feature: Frizzled, long, and curvy feathers

3. Embden geese

Embden geese

Embden geese are the oldest domestic breed that is named after a town in Germany. Because of the prominent long curved neck, they are often called “schwanengans” or “swan geese.”

This geese breed is mostly kept for meat( because they weigh up to 12kg) and eggs. They are considered good egg layers as they lay up to sixty eggs a year. They grow faster than their fellow geese breeds.

The pure white plumage, orange feet, short tail, and clear blue eyes spice their appearance. They often become a victim of bullying because of their calm and quiet nature. 

  • Average height: 3.3 feet
  • Average weight: 41 lbs
  • Lifespan: 24 years
  • Prominent feature: Long curved neck

4. Roman geese

roman goose

Roman goose is another all-white geese breed that originates from Italy. Roman goose is a moderate egg-layer(thirty to thirty-five eggs a year), mostly raised and kept for rapid maturity and meaty carcass.

They are generally fine-boned and small, weighing only up to 12 lbs. Roman geese are calm, curious, alert, active,  pleasant, and excellent watchdogs. These domestic geese breeds get attached to the people in just a matter of days.

The uniform broad back, small compact body,  fine, plump breast, and well-rounded abdomen add more beauty to their well-rounded body. However, they need special care to save the offspring from genetic defects like kinked necks, wry tails, and crooked toes.

  • Average height: 45 inches
  • Average weight: 10 lbs
  • Lifespan: 25 years
  • Prominent feature: Bulky breast, rounded body

5. American buff geese


American buff goose, as its name suggests, originates from the United States of America. This breed was recognized as an ” American buff geese” by the American poultry Association back in 1947.

These medium-sized birds are mostly raised for meat and eggs. The apricot-fawn colour, brown eyes, buff creamy edged feathers, white abdomen, reddish-orange feet, and pale pink nails became the marks of their recognition.

This breed is scarce and is continuously in danger of disappearance. The small and medium-sized American buff geese can fly but flying becomes an impossible thing to do at the age of two. 

  • Average height: 45 inches
  • Average weight: 18 lbs
  • Lifespan: 25 years
  • Prominent feature: Pale pink nails, creamy feathers, apricot-fawn, and white color blend

6. White Pomeranian geese


The heavy, medium-sized Pomeranian geese is another European breed that is native to Northern Germany. They serve their keepers with an excellent white fifteen to thirty-five eggs a year.

The white color is prominent in the adults, but their newborns are mostly yellow with dark grey heads and backs. This breed is quite noisy, and they usually welcome their fellas and humans with annoying noises.

The white Pomeranian breed is exceptionally popular as a “market geese breed” in Europe, Poland, Germany, and the Baltic regions. The geese belonging to this breed has got tons of meat on their breasts.

According to okstate Some white pomeranian geese are social and chatty, while others are extremely rude and aggressive towards humans and other domestic birds.

  • Average height: 40 inches
  • Average weight: 17 lbs
  • Lifespan: 24 years
  • Prominent feature: Social and chatty 

7. White Chinese geese


White Chinese geese are a perfect example of pure all-white geese breeds. They are larger than most of the geese breeds and get recognized by their distinctive basal knob most of the time.

The knob is more prominent in males than females, and this knob becomes a way of sex determination of white Chinese geese.  This breed cannot survive without water, so to keep them, one must keep the water readily available at the farm.

They are considered a good egg layer as they reward their keepers with at least fifty to sixty eggs, and as per some invalid sources, some white Chinese geese are even laying a hundred eggs a year.

  • Average height: 43 inches
  • Average weight: 20 lbs
  • Lifespan: 40 years
  • Prominent feature: Good egg layer, Prominent knob

8. Danish landrace geese


Danish landrace geese are just another goose breed that has got white as a prominent colour. The danish landrace geese breed truly belongs to Danmark.

The goose belonging to this generation usually remains medium-sized throughout their life. Several community members are found at the open-air museums, where they are kept interacting with goose lovers.

They have got blue eyes and orange legs and beaks. This danish landrace goose is an outcome of wild animal breeding and is widely known as slow-growing hardy birds.

  • Average height: 40 inches
  • Average weight: 13 lbs
  • Lifespan: 24 years
  • Prominent feature: Blue eyes, medium size

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the most popular white goose breed?

Snow geese are the most popular well known all-white geese breed. It is not just famous for its white colour but for its philopatric nature and black wingtips.

Which white geese breed can be kept as a pet?

Embden geese can be kept as a pet as they are considered the friendliest geese breed of all time. They have been held at the homes and the farms for a couple of decades.

Do white geese fly?

Most of them can not fly when they are fully matured. The heavy feathers snatch away their ability to fly. Some of the white breeds do fly, but the flying journey stays limited to a few minutes.

Which geese breed is rude and aggressive?

There are several geese breeds that are considered very aggressive, but roman geese, white Pomeranian, and Chinese geese, in white geese species, are considered the rudest and aggressive geese of the geese’ world.

These were the few white goose breeds that are registered and popular for various reasons. I’m saying I have listed all the white geese breeds here but have mentioned here what I could found through thorough research. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did when Researching to get the information I needed.



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