Can Geese eat Popcorn? (Benefits & Risks)

Can Geese eat Popcorn

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It is a fun pastime to feed geese, seeing them munching on treats makes you want to give more. Geese are omnivores, so they eat just about anything. It requires some consideration before feeding a snack to the goose.

We all like popcorn and want to feed our beloved feathered pets the same. However, before serving popcorn, it is the responsibility of the owner to research whether it’s safe and the nutritional value of this snack. 

In this short guide, we will tell you all the burning questions related to feeding geese with the popcorn.

Can Geese Eat Popcorn?

Geese can eat popcorn but it will not contribute much to improving their health. There is little to no benefit geese can get from eating popcorn and may develop many potential ill health effects when fed regularly with this food item. 

When there are endless healthy treats, popcorn can be easily avoided. Feed geese with a healthier option instead that provides ample nutrients.

It is wise not to feed popcorn and other similar food items that have very little nutritional content. 

Bread, crackers, popcorn, and other high-carbohydrate foods can be like junk food for the goose.

These treats do not just lack nutrients but fill them up, so geese lose appetite for the regular feed or nutritious snacks. 

Is It Safe To Feed Goose With Popcorn?

There should not be any problem if the goose manages to eat a few popcorns here and there. Popcorn is made with butter, oil, salt, sugar, and other additives that make this delicious treat unsafe for the goose.

Geese or birds, in general, should not be fed with processed and seasoned food items. Besides lacking essential nutritional ingredients, they just offer empty calories. 

Popcorn is hard to swallow for the goose and can be quite addicting. Many geese owners have observed that if this snack is fed constantly, the goose will neglect foraging and refuse to eat any other food items. 

The diet of the goose rich in popcorn can lead to unfavorable circumstances such as malnutrition, growth problem, negative impact on egg production, and deficiency of vital nutrients. 

Can Geese Eat Popcorn Kernel? 

Though both have one and the same nutritional value, it is okay for the goose to eat popcorn kernels once in a while. It is not recommended to give them such a snack, quite lacking in nutrition.

Kernels can be quite tough and hard to digest, there is a possibility that the owner will end up with a choking goose. 

Baby Geese Should Not Eat Popcorn Either

It would be foolish to feed baby geese with popcorn. At an early age, geese should be served nutrient-rich feed that contributes to the growth. Giving them insufficient nutrients at such a crucial stage can lead to many disorders.

Baby geese need fruits and leafy vegetables with better nutrient profiles to thrive and grow. Less than 10% of the diet should be reserved for healthy vegetation, the remaining portion is for the regular starter feed.

Risks of Feeding Popcorn to Geese

Different varieties of popcorn are available in the market cooked with sugar, salt, oil, butter, or other additives. This snack contains nothing much but empty calories.

  • Weight Gain – The excessive intake of popcorn leads to weight gain and obesity because the goose is not getting any valuable nutrients but only calories. Learn Can Geese Eat Peanuts?
  • Laziness – If the bird is consuming too many popcorns prepared with sugar, it results in heavy and lazy geese. Increased sugar intake can lead to different heart problems.
  • Thin Eggshells – Consuming a large number of salted popcorns regularly can lead to geese laying thin-shelled eggs or worse, egg binding.
  • Choking – Geese do not have teeth to chew food, therefore, it is not easy for them to digest popcorn and may result in choking and constipation. Learn about sunflower seeds for geese.


Geese consuming excessive quantities of this snack will likely have several health issues. If you insist on serving your favorite snack, serve them a few popcorns every week or two.

It is wise to replace popcorn with healthy fruits and veggies that have all the nutrients that a goose would need for growth and development. 

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