How Much Does a Goose Cost?

How Much Does a Goose Cost

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How much does a goose cost? Goose price? Geese for sale? We know that you have been surfing the browser with these questions and many similar ones. The reason for you being here is that you want to know Geese purchase price and upkeep cost. You are welcome to stay and learn.

The geese are a popular bird in Europe and are raised for their meat. This meat bird lags in popularity in the US. Many people just like to see this handsome bird running around the backyard as they are so pleasing to the eye. Raising geese is often seen as a business opportunity or a potential hobby.(Source)

Enough of the chit-chat, let’s get to the query that got you here in the first place.

How Much Does a Goose Cost?

An average price for adult geese may be around $40-$90. The price mentioned here is not for show quality birds. The purchase price for different Geese breeds varies. Let’s have a look.

  • American Lavender, Blue – American Lavender, and American blue are two beautiful varieties of American goose. The average price for utility breeder quality, show breeder quality, and show the quality of American Lavender and American Blue is around $55, $85, and $100-$150, respectively.
  • Embden White – The average price for utility breeder quality, show breeder quality and show the quality of this beautiful variety is $60, $95, and $125-$250 respectively.
  • African Buff – One of the sought-after geese breeds, African Buff, is a bit expensive than other breeds, adult breeder quality costs around $75. The show breeder quality and show quality bird is averaged about $100-$125 and $175-$300.
  • Mini Sebastopol – This smaller version of Sebastopol costs about $70 for utility breeder quality. Price may go up for a show goose, for show breeder quality, expect around $90, and show quality mini Sebastopol priced ranging from $125 to $250.
  • Toulouse Grey – This famous French breed of large domestic goose is an absolute favorite of many geese admirers. The Purchase price for utility breeder quality stands at $75. Show breeder quality price ranges between $100-$125, show quality bird cost stands about $175-$300.
  • Oregon Mini Geese – These small, domestic geese breed cost about $60 for utility breeder quality. For show breeder quality birds, pay about $85. Have around $100-$250 for show quality. 

How Much Do Goslings cost?

How much does baby goose cost? People who can not afford an adult goose pair go for the economical option, buying the goslings instead. They are cheaper, not just in terms of the purchase price but also upkeep cost. You can try other birds as well like Cost of swan and ducks is cheaper.

An average price for goslings starts from $7 and goes up to $30 or more depending on the health and bloodline.

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How Much Does Goose Egg Cost?

Goose egg cost? Many farmers prefer buying goose eggs as they are the most affordable option. They can buy a dozen of eggs just at the price of few dollars. What’s more economical than that?

Price differs for goose eggs, some sellers sell a dozen of goose eggs for $6-$8. Many farmers fetch $2 per goose egg. Price varies depending on breed rarity as well. 

Upkeep Cost of Geese

When it comes to buying a pet, you should evaluate upkeep cost more thoroughly than the purchase price. Raising cost surpasses purchase prices within a short time. Many pet owners regret their decision later when they can not afford the expenses. Do not worry, upkeep expense for Geese would not be as high as other big animals.

Feeding Expense

For a free-range geese flock, the feeding cost would not put a dent in the wallet. The yearly feeding cost of an adult goose is about $$22.94. 

The Feed costs to raise goslings to 12 weeks is more or less $12.68.


Geese are happier when there is space to roam around, friends to visit, and a field to graze. Geese like to make a route around closer fields, check out surroundings, and come back together to stay for the night.

A fenced backyard would be ideal to keep them contained and prevent them from trespassing into neighboring properties. A little shed would be necessary to protect them from rough, hot, or cold weather.


Geese rarely get sick or need medical attention, however, if they caught a viral disease or need to be vaccinated, a vet visit would be indispensable. Set aside a budget for annual medical costs. 

Geese are easy to raise, not requiring you to go out of your way to care for them. Raising the cost for geese is also negligible.

Putting it all together, raising geese is a profitable hobby if taken up as a business venture. There are many ways you can cut down purchase prices by buying goslings or geese eggs. Raising geese is rewarding and affordable, and easy to care for.

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