The 5 Best Chicken Plucker in 2022

Best Chicken Plucker

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If you are tired of plucking feathers by hand, just employ a chicken plucker for this messy task. Plucking by hand may take half an hour whereas with this machine you will be done in a few seconds. It is an unpleasant, time-consuming job that leaves you in a bigger mess.

In the 21st century, it does not have to be that way, several types of machines exist to pluck chickens and other types of poultry. If you do not know much about it, we will help you find the best chicken plucker.

Best Chicken Plucker Reviews

1. Yardbird 21833 Chicken Plucker

Yardbird takes the effort out of backyard chicken processing and accomplishes it in less time.

It defeathers a bird in about 15-30 seconds which usually takes 30 minutes if you are plucking by hand.

It is like a miracle sent from the heavens to help with the painstaking and messy chore of processing a chicken.

Fast and Efficient Processing – The heavy-duty, powerful 1.5 HP motor delivers a spinning speed of 300 RPM. Features a maintenance-free gear offering over 35-foot pounds of plucking torque.

The powerful, electric corded design can de-feather chickens, ducks, geese, hens, waterfowl, and other birds in 15-30 seconds.

A spacious 20” diameter drum can process two 8-pound chickens at a time.

Safe Defeathering – Designed with 110 soft rubber fingers to remove feathers, dirt, and grime without damaging the skin.

Integrated drum-sensing safety switch and GFCI ensure the safety of the operator during the process.

Irrigation Ring – The in-built hands-free irrigation ring has a connector for the garden hose.

It efficiently flushes plucked feathers and debris out the discharge chute.

Debris Collection – It is an effective, fast, efficient chicken plucker that does all the work while keeping you free. It has a user-friendly, hands-free debris collection.

For feather collection, simply put a 5-gallon under the chute.

Easy To Clean – The drum is removable to be washed with a hose before storing it again.


  • Solid, Sturdy rubber wheels with ball bearings
  • Easy to transport
  • Motor and gear system encased in a waterproof housing
  • Removable, food-grade, stainless steel 20″ drum


  • The on/off switch is awkwardly placed and a bit hidden from sight.
  • Have smaller wheels
  • No handle to pull

2. VEVOR Chicken Poultry Plucker 2200W 240R/min

This chicken plucking machine ensures that the chicken makes it from the coop to the table in no time at all. It takes the hassle out of the tiring chicken de-feathering process.

Besides the chicken, it plucks poultry including turkeys, ducks, and geese. This powerful, efficient feather plucking machine is manufactured by Vevor.

Maximum Efficiency – It is designed with a powerful motor that offers spinning speed up to 240 RPMs.

The tub’s diameter is 23.5″ giving it the capacity to process 4 to 6 chickens or 12 quails in one go.

However, it is recommended to process one chicken at a time to not damage the bird’s skin.

It takes less time than most of its counterparts in de-feathering a chicken.

Efficient Feather Removal – This Poultry plucker is a performer in terms of efficient feather removal. The tub-style design is lined with durable, yellow-colored 106 rubber fingers for optimal performance.

These rubber fingers naturally and gently remove the dirt, grime, and feathers from the bird.

Discharge Exit – The machine is equipped with a large discharge outlet to remove plumage from the drum.

This large exit does not just ensure quick feathering but also guarantees no clogging for higher efficiency.

Construction – It will last many years as the machine is constructed with strong 304 stainless steel.

It is designed with durable wheels to transport and store when not in use.

Comes with a waterproof on/off switch to prevent any damage if it gets splashed

Use – This upgraded appliance is suitable for a wide range of birds. It can be used to pluck Chickens, Bantam Chickens, Duck, Geese, Turkey, Guinea Fowl, Quail, and other similar-sized birds.


  • Easy to move, comes with 4 wheels and 2 handles.
  • Can accommodate 4 to 6 chickens at a time.
  • An in-built water pipe can be connected directly with a hose.
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Takes about 10-30 seconds to process a bird
  • Constructed from chlorine and saltwater resistant material


  • Can not pluck waterfowl efficiently because of downier feathers.
  • Too large and expensive for home use
  • May not de-feather large Turkeys efficiently

3. Chicken Plucker Medium Killing Cone Swedish Knife

The Home processing kit is different than the traditional drum and tub-style pluckers.

If you do not want to spend money on expensive large machines then this chicken plucker kit with a 10-inch Swedish knife and a medium killing cone is the ideal solution. It is perfect for home plucking needs.

Drill Powered Plucker – This tool is drill powered, the plucker is attached to any regular drill to operate it.

After scalding the chicken, hold the bird up against the spinning rubber fingers to pluck the feathers. It is quite easier than plucking by hand.

Rubber Fingers – Unlike the drum, it does not have 100 rubber fingers to do the job only six fingers that use spin-motion to remove the feathers.

It takes more or less 90 seconds to pluck a chicken without over-bruising the meat.

Killing Cone – The kit has a Heavy Duty Killing Restraining Cone which is used for chicken cleaning, throat-cutting, and feather plucking.

Crafted from 26 gauge steel measuring 9 inches on the top opening and 3.5 inches on the bottom opening.

It is designed for a standard size chicken, get a larger cone for turkeys and large chickens and birds.

Knife – Though this review focuses on the plucker, it is worth mentioning that the knife is of high quality and imported from Sweden.

Manufactured with high-quality carbon steel, it is sharp and facilitates killing. A little helpful tip; use olive oil to avoid rusting.

Best Budget Chicken Plucker – Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on large pluckers, this unit will be perfect for your home processing needs.

The three-piece kit is extremely functional and appreciated by many homeowners.

Most people get skeptical while looking at this plucker but it is designed to be simple and easy to use.


  • Inexpensive home processing kit
  • Simple plucking design easier to use for novices
  • Durable construction for long service life
  • Ideal for home butchering
  • 26 gauge killing cone
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Carbon steel knife needs thorough cleaning and rusts easily.
  • Difficult to fit large birds in the cone for processing
  • Not as easy to use as a drum

4. Rite Farm Products 5 in 1 Propane PRO Scalder

Unlike other de-feathering machines on the list, this one runs on propane instead of electricity. It efficiently cuts the time for prepping the bird for cooking.

It is ideal for butchers, backyard chicken owners, small farmers, and homesteaders. If you are looking for a plucker for different types of poultry, you should definitely consider this.

Construction – This high-quality, durable plucker works great when it comes to plucking a bird.

This premium quality stainless steel appliance has an aluminum pot with a pour spout having a 42-quart capacity (40 liters) (10.5 gallons).

Features a Heavy-duty 28,500 BTU propane burner for quickly heating water.

Accessories – It includes a variety of accessories that help with the plucking process.

These accessories include Steam, boil, fry basket with handle, steam rack, 42-quart aluminum pot with pour spout, 28,500 BTU propane burner, fully adjustable propane dial, thermometer, lid, hose, and regulator.

Scalder – It is ideal for scalding chickens and the makers recommend scalding at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Dip birds first to loosen the feather before plucking.

Capacity – The aluminum pot can accommodate 2 adult chickens or 1 turkey at a time. If it is a large-sized bird, just add one in a go.

Widely Used – It will be surprising to know that it can be used to steam vegetables and fry chickens and turkey as well.

This upgraded unit is used in the processing of chickens, quail, game birds, ducks, turkeys, geese, and other such birds.


  • 42-quart capacity to fit two chickens at a time
  • High quality, durable construction for long-lasting use
  • The pot can be used to cook and boil different types of food
  • Includes a wide range of accessories


  • Expensive
  • Wrong instruction manual

5. Kitchener Chicken Plucker De-Feather Remover

If you want a better alternative to Yardbird while saving some money then Kitchener chicken plucker would be it.

This Heavy Duty Commercial Feather Remover is made by a well-known brand making it an absolute favorite of many chicken owners. It is FDA approved making it a safe option for birds and operators.

Design – It comes with a 1HP 120VAC 800W 280 RPM Planetary Gear Transmission Reduction Motor.

Despite the high RPM, it runs surprisingly quiet. Manufactured with heavy-duty 403 brushed stainless steel to make it last many years.

This commercial-grade plucker has two wheels for easy transportation and storage.

Capacity – This powerful, advanced Fowl and Poultry Feather Plucker has a durable and ergonomic structure that can hold 2-4 chickens at a time. It takes 15-30 seconds to de-feather a single bird. Processing time is influenced by the size of the chicken.

Safety – It is FDA-approved and includes safety features for the safety of the operator.

Equipped with an Overcurrent Protector GFCI Connector switch and waterproof IP54 weather-resistant electrical housing for optimal security against electric shocks and other hazards.

Rubber Fingers – The large 20″ drum is lined with 92 soft rubber fingers to remove feathers, dirt, and grime from birds of any size.

Application – This advanced unit is not only designed to pluck chickens but also de-feather geese, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, and any other birds of similar size.


  • Integrated irrigation ring to connect to a garden hose
  • Designed with a feather discharge chute
  • Versatile as it can process different types of birds
  • Equipped with 2 wheels for maneuverability
  • Features a steady tripod for optimal stability
  • waterproof on/off switch
  • Perfect for small-scale commercial operations


  • Vague instruction manual
  • You will have to tilt this machine quite a bit to roll because of smaller wheels

Things To Consider Before Buying a Chicken Plucker

Chicken Plucker is a huge investment and should be done after thorough research otherwise you would be paying later.

Right chicken plucker has timeless benefits, so, keep in mind a few factors to buy a machine as per your requirements.

Types of Pluckers – There are different types of pluckers available for chickens and other types of poultry. Some pluck chickens efficiently whereas fail to work well with Turkeys or other large volume birds. Before buying check processing capacity and the type of poultry it can handle.


Pick a size depending on the workload and the type of poultry to be de-feathered.

If you have to pluck large turkeys, make sure the drum can hold them well to do the job. If it is for standards size chicken and home use, you can opt for drill plucker.


Decide whether you want a portable plucker or a non-portable one. Some particular workstations can not move and have to be installed at a particular place.

Portable pluckers give you more freedom with transportation and storage.


Price affects the buying decision greatly, everyone wants high-quality, upgraded machines at a budget-friendly price.

A small-sized plucker for home use is getable under $50. If you are buying for commercial-scale operations, then you would have to pay more. There are many cost-effective, durable options on our list as well.

Plucking Speed

If you want the chicken to be processed in a short time, check the plucking speed. Some pluckers can process a chicken in 10-15 seconds whereas others take 90 seconds or more to finish the job.


Other factors you should consider include motor power, number of fingers, water inlet, wattage, and discharge exit.

Wrap Up

Though the decision depends on your requirements, these factors will help a lot in making the right decision. If you are still indecisive, many poultry farmers and chicken keepers prefer Yardbird Chicken plucker. For home use, the ideal choice would be Chicken Plucker Killing Cone.

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