Best Chicken Killing Cone Reviews & Guide 2022

Best Chicken Killing Cone

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Searching for the best chicken killing cone? We have got your back! The livestock keepers are mostly noticed debating and searching for humane ways of killing chickens. Chickens are mostly killed by decapitation(using chicken killing cone), cervical dislocation, gun, or CO2 chamber.

All these butchering ways are quick and less painful, the livestock keepers can learn and use any of the above-mentioned methods to kill the chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. Butchering chicken with chicken killing cones, restraining cones, or poultry cones is one the most commonly used ways of making chicken dinner.

The livestock keepers use butchering cones for a variety of reasons but the major ones are;

  • It allows the chicken to bleed more easily
  • It doesn’t let the chicken run around with the neck bleeding heavily
  • It induces a sense of relaxation, disorientation, and euphoria
  • These cones are a cost-effective solution to a complex chicken killing equipment
  • These restraining cones allow you to dislocate the neck easily

Now that you know how forgiving these restraining cones are, let’s see which brands are offering help online in the shape of chicken killing cones;

Best Chicken Killing Cone Reviews

1. Yardbird Medium Stainless Steel Restraining Processing Kill Cone For Poultry Chicken Fowl Birds

This heavy-duty genuine stainless steel chicken killing cone is designed and manufactured to give lasting experience to livestock farmers. This Yardbird stainless steel cone is specifically designed to make the slaughtering procedure easier and less-tiring.

19.7″ length, 9.6″ top, and 3.0″ bottom opening, the measurements are just perfect for the medium-sized chicken to fit in. Moreover, the predrilled holes make them super handy and easier to mount. 

It’s important to mention here that the chicken-killing cones should also be easier to clean to get the bacteria-free chicken for dinner. The best thing about this chicken cone is that it does not just hold the chicken while slaughtering but also allows easy cleaning. 

However, a few buyers have found it unfit for fully-grown chickens, and seems at the back does need to be cleaned thoroughly as well. Despite these two issues, these chicken-killing cones are worth the money.


  • Inexpensive
  • Manufactured from genuine stainless steel
  • Measurements are mentioned
  • Easier to clean
  • Pre Drilled holes allow easy mounting
  • Durable


  • Unfit for fully grown chicken or broilers
  • The back seems to restrict cleaning

2. Power Plucker Killing Restraining Cone

This 26 gauge galvanized steel power plucker killing restraining cone is manufactured to make the butchering simple, quick, and easy. The simpler design allows quick drying and cleaning.

This medium-sized killing cone is ideal for small to medium-sized chickens. For broilers, turkeys, and healthy chickens, it is recommended to get one size up. 

The medium-sized cone is 16″ in length, 9″ top, and 3.5″ bottom opening. Whereas, the large-sized Power Plucker 23″ long, 11″, and 4″ wide from top and bottom opening. The large size can be ordered to slaughter broilers and fully mature chickens. 

The power plucker killing restraining cone is engineered for the livestock keepers that are looking to get the most economical option to their farms. Moreover, it requires less space and doesn’t demand any special skill to be mounted.

The noticeable issue with this chicken cone is that its edges are super sharp, it can give your hands deadly cuts. It’s a little expensive for this basic design.  


  • Requires less space
  • Can be mounted easily
  • Economical
  • Basic, not-so-fancy design
  • Ready to use
  • Lifetime Warranty 


  • Edges are super Sharpe
  • Expensive for this basic design 

3. Little Giant Poultry Steel Restraining Cone

If you are an experienced livestock keeper, we are pretty sure that you have heard of this popular brand called “Little Giant”. Little Giant has been serving the livestock keeper for years. 

This Little Giant’s poultry steel restraining cone is probably the best chicken killing equipment listed on Amazon. The thoughtful design captures the broilers and other meat chickens well while butchering, making it less painful for this poor creature.

The superior-grade heavy-gauge galvanized steel makes it super indestructible, rust, and dent resistant. This killing cone can be used for 10lbs layers, broilers, roasters, and young turkeys. 

The hemmed-edges do not just give this Little Giant’s invention the finest look but also make it a great piece of equipment for frequent careless butchering. 


  • Well-known brand
  • Thoughtfully designed
  • Well-hemmed edges
  • Heavy-duty steel


  • None

4. Stromberg Poultry Processing Killing Restraining Cone

The Stromberg poultry processing killing restraining cones comes in three different sizes to fit the livestock keepers need. In our opinion, the Stromberg is the second most promising butchering item listed on Amazon (Little Giant’s butchering cone is first).

This 18-20 gauge steel is used to bless the livestock keepers with the best butchering equipment. However, it got no reviews. 

The large cone that is 18″ long and 10″ wide is suitable for geese and small turkeys, the medium cone 12″ and 9″ wide whereas, small cones 10″ long and 7″ wide designed for ducks and chickens. As per the company’s recommendation, large cones are perfect broilers.


  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Detailed instructions are included 
  • Allows easy slaughtering
  • Can be used for geese, turkeys, and ducks as well


  • This product got no reviews

These were the few best chicken-killing cones listed on Amazon. Unfortunately, there aren’t any more options so, if you are shopping for chicken killing cones online you have got no choice but to select from the above-mentioned options.

It’s better to shop for chicken cones from local stores or get them built by a professional. Now that you have got the best possible options to choose from let’s discuss what you need to look for;

How to Find the Right Chicken Killing Cone?

To bring the best option home, you have to make a rational decision. While placing the order, here’s what you need to look for;


The first thing you need to bother about is material. Mostly chicken killing cones are made from stainless steel, the chicken killing cone you need for your farm should also be of stainless steel. There can be plastic cones as well but plastic is not that durable to be hanged outside. Since the ready-made chicken killing cones are expensive, make sure you are investing in the best one. 


The chicken killing cones come in three sizes; small, medium, and large. The small size can only be used for not-so-healthy and immature chickens, medium for chickens and ducks, whereas the large size for chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys, etc.

So, identify your issue and order what suits your needs. Read the product description thoroughly and check if the size you are ordering can hold your chicken or not.

Length and width

The length and width of the chicken killing cone play an important role in a successful chicken killing operation. The chicken cone should at least be 10″ long and 7″ wide to serve the purpose well. Get the proper length and width determined by a professional to save your time, energy, and money.

Structure and edges

Mostly the chicken killing cones are similar to ice-cream cones but some chicken killing cones do come in unique styles. Carefully judge whether the traditional styling suits you or not if it doesn’t you can look for a unique design or get one build for you.

Once the structure and design are sorted, it’s time to pay attention to edges. The edges of the chicken killing cone can be sharp or hemmed, make sure the chicken killing cone you are ordering has hemmed edges. 


Now that you have found the right chicken cone for your farm, you have to judge whether it’s affordable for you or not right before hitting the place an order button. If it’s expensive, you can keep searching, rest assured it’s Amazon will find something as promising as this one at an affordable price.

Even though we have discussed the options in detail, enlightened our readers with the buyer’s guide, this article is still incomplete as the livestock keepers usually prefer using DIY chicken killing cones to make chicken dinner. So, how can an article that is solely written to help readers can go live with the mandatory heading missing?

How to make a Chicken Killing Cone at Home Using No Advanced Equipment?

Most livestock keepers have got issues with ready-made chicken cones, the ready-made chicken cones can be wider or narrower than the requirements. So, that’s why it is often recommended to get it built by a professional. It’s not that hard to make a chicken cone, some DIY methods can assist you in making the professional-grade chicken cones at home.

The chicken cones being sold online are quite expensive and the DIY ones can be made for under $5.

Because of this huge difference in the cost, most livestock keepers try to get it to build rather than paying $20 to $30 extra for the same equipment. Since we have decided to help you with chicken cones, let’s see how these chicken cones can be made at home.

To make this DIY chicken the things you would be needing are;

  • Zip ties
  • Drills with drill bits 
  • Jigsaw (plastic blade or open hacksaw)
  • A 5-gallon bucket
  • Ruler

Step one

Once you have everything ready, clean the bucket thoroughly. Now begin the mission by cutting the bottom of the bucket jigsaw. Make sure you cut this and all other parts evenly to turn this regular plastic bucket into a nice chicken killing cone.

Step two

Now that the bottom part is completely off, it’s time to make a “V”. Take the ruler and draw out a “V”. Once you are satisfied with the shape, take your jigsaw or knife and cut the v out. 

Step three

It’s time to fold the bucket and seal it as the chicken cones are sealed. So fold the bucket leaving a wider hole at the top and a narrow hole at the bottom. The bottom hole should at least be 3.4″ wide. 

Step four

Now mark the areas at the back where sealing holes should be made. The space between the holes should strictly be ¼”. Make the holes using a drill. 

Step five

Take the zip tie and pass through the holes and tighten it. Take another zip tie, pass it through and tighten it out. The bucket is now ready but it still needs to be mounted.

Step six

Take the drill again and make two holes at the top opposite each other. Adjust the handles into these holes to bring it into a ready-to-use form.

Step seven

Trim or scrape off the edges to make it safer to use. Once you are satisfied that it will not hurt your fingers. Your job is done!

Step eight

Use the newly adjusted handle to hang the bucket to the desired area. When you are done hanging this DIY chicken cone, you can start using it for slaughtering. 

However, if you want to build a finer chicken killing cone, we have got you covered! For this DIY method, you will be needing;

  • Aluminum flashing or galvanized steel metal
  • Drill
  • Hand riveter
  • Clamps
  • Magic marker
  • Framing square
  • ⅛” drill bit

Step one: Cut two pieces of 16″ x 30″ galvanized steel metal or 14″-16″ aluminium flashing by marking 30″ length.

Step two: Place them together and mark the center. Now connect it using a framing square.

Step three: Measure 15″ on the top from the marked center and measure 7″ at the bottom.

Step four: Connect the top mark with the bottom 7″ inches mark using a line.

Step five: Cut the pieces 

Step six: Now roll and clamp the metal and turn it into a cone shape. Drill the holes at the top, middle, and bottom parts. Put a rivet in the holes and lock it up. Make sure the head of the rivet is inside so the bird doesn’t get hurt.

Step seven: Drill two more holes at the top to hang it up. The chicken killing cone is now ready to hang and kill the chicken, geese, duck, or turkey.

Step eight: Hang it up. You can now use it for the required purpose.

This second DIY method would bless you with the most professional-looking chicken killing cone like chicken plucker but you have to be careful with the edges. Since you can not treat the edges yourself, get it treated to eliminate the chances of getting hurt by sharpness or be careful while using this chicken cone. 

The sharp edges are not even an issue for most of the livestock keepers as the cheap commercial-build chicken cones do not usually have hemmed edges. The livestock keepers are already polished to use this chicken killing cone with non-hemmed edges. 

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Chicken killing cones are also commonly referred to as poultry cones, restraining cones, and butchering cones. These cones can be bought or made by following the DIY methods.

The commercial-made cones are expensive whereas the DIY cones can only cost you up to $7. To get the right batching cone you have to be careful with the size. The large-sized cones can help you slaughter chicken, geese, ducks, and turkeys, medium-sized turkeys, and chickens, whereas the small ones can only allow you to kill 4 to 6 lbs chickens.

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