How Many Bags of Feed For 100 Broilers?

How Many Bags of Feed For 100 Broilers

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How many bags of feed for 100 broilers? People interested in Broiler farming want to know about Broiler feeding habits before stepping into the territory. Many poultry farmers with small investments like to start small, raising around 50 to 500 broilers, 100 being the ideal number, for starters.

Broilers are known for their muscle mass which led people to believe that they may require a high-quality, nutrient-rich diet.

Broiler, just like any other bird and animal, needs a diet full of nutrients, however, there is no need to change the diet, they can be fed on the same diet from day-old to market age with a little change in the protein content. Broilers enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle, they do not ask you to go out of the way to feed them some special treat. Just have a bag of feed in store, the rest does not matter.

Broilers are immensely popular for being quick and easy to raise, the demand for Broiler farming is at an all-time high. Bred for fast growth and finish, Broilers convert feed into muscle weight. Chickens multiply in numbers rapidly, so do bags of feed, waterers, and other necessities. Let’s see how many bags of feeds are required for 100 broilers?

How Many Bags Of Feed For 100 Broilers?

Broilers need two kinds of diets; Starter and Finisher diet with different protein content. On average, a broiler would eat around 4.25 kg from one day old to 8 weeks. If you calculate this amount for 100 broilers, multiply per KG amount with 100 broilers, it equals 425 KG or 17 bags of feed. However, expect the feed bags to be anywhere between 20-25 bags.

The two different broiler diets include

  • Broiler Starter Diet – This diet 23-24% protein and 3190 kcal/kg energy, it is usually fed in the first 3-4 weeks. 
  • Broiler Finisher Diet – This diet includes 20-21% protein and 3300 kcal/kg energy, it is consumed by the broilers after 3-4 weeks of birth till they reach market age.

Broiler Starter Mash For 100 Broilers

The Pre-Starter diet is rich in protein and antibiotics, therefore, an absolute favorite of many Poultry farmers. It is often dubbed as a grower diet that commensurates additional growth response.

Broilers are given mash usually, however, that does not mean they can not eat crumbles and pellets. On average, a broiler eats 1.25 kg of starter mash in earlier weeks. According to Research, Starter mash is given to the broilers for the first 4 weeks. 100 broilers would consume 125 kg (1.25*100) of starter mash.

Broiler Finisher Mash

Poultry owners need to keep changing the diet for feed conversation or muscle weight. When 8 weeks old, broilers reach the market weight, after that it starts to go downhill. With the increase in feed, they begin to lose weight. That’s the reason, most farmers tend to sell them when they are 8 weeks old.

Between the age of 4-10 weeks, farmers switch the starter diet to the finisher diet. On average, a broiler consumes around 3.75-4.75 kg of finisher diet. If we calculate finisher mash for 100 broilers from the above-given data, it would be between 375 kg to 475 kg. The average feed conversion for broiler is around 2:1, i.e 1 kg weight gain per 2 kg of feed.

How Many Pounds of 20-22% Feed Required For 100 Broilers?

If you think the feed consumption of male and female broiler is the same, we hate to burst your bubble, it’s not. 20-22% feed is given in the first 35 days. Suppose that the flock is 50% male and 50% female, here’s how many pounds of 20-20% feed is required for 100 broilers.(Source)

(50 males * 7.039 lbs) + (50 females * 6.358) the answer would be approximately 669.85.

This data is taken from the typical broiler body weight and feed requirement chart. Read our complete Guide on How Much Does it Cost to Raise 100 Chickens?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do broilers take to mature?

Broilers are ready to be sold when they weigh 1.5 KG or reach the age of 35-42 days. However, most poultry farmers prefer to sell them when they are 8-10 weeks old, that’s when they reach the market weight.

How many kg of feed will a broiler eat in 8 weeks?

In the 8th week, a broiler consumes up to 1.691 kg. If we talk about cumulative feed consumption till the 8th week, it would be around 8.070 for a single broiler.

How long can broilers survive without feed?

Surprisingly, broilers can stay several weeks without food. However, they can not survive many days without water availability. 

In a nutshell, Broiler feed is rich in nutrients and ingredients that make broiler grow bigger and heavier. From a day old till maturity, 100 broilers may consume around 425 kg which equals around 17-25 bags.


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