Does Cow Tipping Kill Cows? Illegal Status

Does Cow Tipping Kill Cows

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Is cow tipping a real thing? Could you tip a cow if you wanted to? It is not as easy as you expect and can only be done by someone with a lot of muscles. Most people believe in this phenomenon without trying to uncover the truth. It’s a story that has been told and retold over the years with no solid proof.

The story somewhat goes like this, a few drunk students after winning an inter-college game came across a few cattle sleeping on their way home.

They sneaked in on the sleeping cattle and tipped the cow. The next day, they told everyone about the cow tipping incident at school.

In a room full of non-farmers, you will find plenty of believers of cow tipping? Is cow tipping real? Can you flip a cow over? Does cow tipping kill cows?

What is Cow Tipping?

As you can somewhat understand from the aforementioned story, the premise behind cow tipping is that a group of friends sneak in on a sleeping cow and push them until it tips over.

Being drunk is not a mandatory condition for cow tipping.

Does Cow Tipping Kill Cows?

No Cow Tipping does not kill Cows, Assuming cow tipping is possible, there could be some injuries caused by the fall like any other ‘ordinary’ fall. To date, no specific “cow tipping injuries” exist. On the contrary, prospective tippers are likely to get hurt in trying to topple a cow. Therefore, many farm communities have passed laws prohibiting cow tipping to save both parties from any harm.

The cow disturbed by a bunch of morons in attempted tipping would presumably be less hurt, the same can not be said about the tippers.

Most people believe that cows, after being tipped over, can not stand up again.

It is not true the cow would not have any problem standing back up again, whereas the tipper has to prepare himself for the unfortunate consequences.

Cow tipping can not kill a cow, this phenomenon is widely debunked and considered nothing but an urban myth. However, this does not stop people from trying it anyway.

Is it Safe To Go Cow Tipping?

To bust out a few cow tipping safety issues, different laws exist depending on where you live, cow tipping is likely to get you in legal trouble, you will fall foul of trespassing and animal cruelty laws.

Besides legalities, it is dangerous for boozed-up morons to come near the mean or momma cows.

Mostly, cow fields are protected by the electric fence, you will get a good shock in an attempt to climb it. So, it is not safe to go cow tipping, just don’t go down that road.

Why Do People Believe That Cow Tipping Kills Cows?

You may or may not have heard of the myth that when a cow rolls onto its side, it can not roll itself back onto its legs to stand up.

This false notion was encouraged by the phenomenon of Rigor Mortis. It is the stiffening of the body after death.

When a cow dies on a farm or ranch, before the farmer finds out about the unfortunate incident, Rigor Mortis has already set in resulting in legs becoming rigid and sticking up in the air whereas the cow is bloated and lying on its side.

After finding cows dead with their legs up in the air due to the aforementioned phenomenon has led many people to believe that the cows once fallen on their sides can not get back up again on their own.


For The Thousandth Times, Cow Tipping Can Not Kill Cows

It is a ridiculous urban legend lacking any factual basis. This silly trick was first played on city people visiting the countryside which caught people’s attention and turned into the legend of tipping cattle over.

It is no more than a myth that cow tipping kills cows, even if you emerge successful in tipping a cow, still, it can not kill the animal. Here’s everything wrong with this perennial myth

Cows Do Not Sleep Standing Up

Cows sleep laying down so if a person finds them in a standing position, it means that they are wide awake.

It would require a greater force to tip a cow than a human can possibly create.

Part of the myth states that cows sleep standing up, thereby, making it possible for the drunk cowboys to topple the poor animal over without giving it the chance to react.

This is entirely untrue, even when they may seem to be dozing, standing cows are usually awake as their mouth is still chewing slowly.

Cows spend most part of the day laying down and cows sleep on their sides.

It would be bad news for wannabe tippers that they would not stand a chance against the standing cow. Cows, being prey animals, are always high alert, they react quickly when somebody startles them.

Muscular Frame

Descendants of the Wild Buffalo, cows have inherited thick fur or skull and muscular frames built to survive the turmoil of living in unpleasant conditions and herd life.

Do not let the cuddly outward appearance fool you, cows are, in fact, super robust animals with hardy traits.

Falling over on soft grass would not hurt the cow in any way, they may sustain minor injuries, in extremely rare cases.

Can Cow Tipping Hurt Cows?

The answer is no, the giant animal can not be easily flipped over, if it is tipped, there is nothing to worry about as this fall would not cause any serious injuries besides some bruises. Sometimes cow moo and people think that is due to pain.

Can Cows Stand Up After Being Tipped?

Assuming a human being can tip an animal weighing 1400 lbs, on average, they can quickly stand back on their feet whereas the tipper should pray for his life as the angry cow with a pair of horns will come for revenge.


This phenomenon is widely believed and a little more than the urban legend. Cows are not to be played with, it is quite dangerous for the tipper than for the cow. Cow tipping is not a specific offense in most jurisdictions but trespassing and animal cruelty are, so, besides face off with an angry cow, prepare yourself for some legal trouble as well.


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