Do Cows Have Fur?

Do Cows Have Fur

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Do you believe that fur is a thick growth of hair that covers the entire animal’s body? Well, if you do so, you have been taught well. The hairs that offer good coverage to the animal’s body and happen to grow only to a certain point are known as fur.

We usually refer to the hair covering the animal’s body as fur but frankly, not all animals have fur, some have hair as well. Quite surprising but true!

We all know the exceptionally furry animals well, some animals often leave us confused whether they have fur or hair? Cows are one of those animals. In this brief post, we decided to settle the debate whether this poor farm animal has fur or hair? So, allow us to reveal the truth:

Do Cows Have Fur?

No, cows have hair. The few animal admirers call the hair on the cow’s body ”fur” but as the hairs on the cow’s body do not fulfill the criteria to be taken as fur, so it would be more appropriate to take them as “hair” instead. The animals that have fur are rabbits, raccoons, skunks, foxes, seals, coyotes, chinchillas, and possums.

As the hairs on the animal’s body are taken as fur not hair, why do we not refer to the hairs on the cow’s body as fur?

The thick dense hairy coat is normally taken as fur whereas, the opposite case is preferred not to call “fur”. Because of the lack of awareness, the majority of the small-scale farmers believe that the cows have fur, not hairs.

They are usually seen justifying their belief that it’s humans who have hair, animals are blessed with fur.

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The world is debating whether cows have fur or hair, frankly, hair and fur are the same things

Hair and fur are just the two different terms we use for the same thing.

The animals have more hair than humans on the body, for this reason, it is referred to as fur whereas, humans can be hairy too but still, the hair on their body would not cover the whole body. Having noticeably less hair than animals makes human hairs called “hairs”.

For the record, Fur is not any different from hair at all.

In the books, the hair on cows’ bodies are taken as “hair” whereas we recklessly prefer calling fur
The hair appearing on the mammals’ bodies is usually referred to as hair.

As we have been taught that the dense hair covering on the animal’s body is not hair but fur, taking that very seriously we think cows have fur.

In the books, the leathery hide appearing on the mammals like horses, pigs, and cattle is taken as hair.

We call the hair on animal body fur because they only grow to a certain point

The hair that grows to a certain point is usually taken by us as fur whereas the hair that keeps on growing is called “hair”. So, we normally take the hair on cows’ bodies as fur because they do not keep on growing, they just stop growing after reaching a certain point. As the hair on a cow’s body does not need a trim, it’s quite legitimate to think of them as fur.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fur and hair the same?

Yes, Fur and hair are the two different terms we use for the same thing. The only difference is that the hair we refer to as Fur only grows to a certain point whereas the hair that is referred to as hair just keeps on growing.

What do cows have? Hair or fur?

For the record, cows have hair, not fur, even though they only grow to a certain point like furs do and appear more fur-like. Cows, pigs, and horses are regarded as mammals, the hair on the mammal’s body is taken as hair. So, we prefer taking the leathery hide on the cow’s body has hair, not fur.

What is the use of hair or fur for animals?

For all animals, the fur or hair has more or less the same use. The fur or hair is needed for thermoregulation, sensory purposes, waterproofing, camouflaging, and protection.

Which animals have hairs?

Most of the animals have fur, quite a few domestic animals like dogs, cats, foxes, gerbils, horses, cattle, and pigs have hair. Animals like marten, seal, skunk, raccoons, otter, lynx, wolf, ocelot, and leopard are known to have fur.

In brief, cows have hair even though they do not grow after a certain point and offer exceptional coverage. Let alone cows, some other mammals like horses and pigs are also blessed with hair. Fur and hair are the two different terms we use for the same thing, the only difference is that fur does not grow further after reaching a certain point whereas, hair keeps on growing. Fur or hair are needed by the animals for thermoregulation, protection, camouflaging, and sensory purposes.

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