Can You Eat Pot Belly Pigs?

Can You Eat Pot Belly Pigs

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Can you eat pot belly pigs? This pig variety is a popular option for people who wants to pet a pig.

They are as loyal as dogs and so fun to be around. Potbellied pigs are affectionate, intelligent creatures that become perfect companions to most people.

So, when it comes to eating them, many pig owners do not know whether their meat is edible or not.

Since they are always a first choice for getting adopted as pets, it is hard to comprehend that people can eat their pork.

Their social and playful nature along with a unique set of behavior makes more people believe that it is more of a showpiece pig not intended for eating.

There are a lot of myths surrounding these potbellied pals believed blindly by most pig farmers.

These pigs are not as commonly farmed as commercial pigs. It is maybe because of the less market demand.

They need special care, unlike other hogs that most farmers can not provide. Coming back to the most asked question about this pig variety, can people eat pot belly pigs? Without taking too much of your time, head over to some answers.

Can You Eat Potbellied Pigs?

Yes, you can eat Potbellied Pigs as they are pigs after all. Some people find them the tastiest of all pigs. Originated from Eastern countries, like China and Vietnam, potbelly pigs are bred differently than regular pigs.

According to research, Potbellied pigs grow to be 16 to 26 inches tall and weigh more or less 200 pounds. 

There is a common misconception or myth that they are not bred or raised for meat, seeing the market trend, would enforce you to believe otherwise.

This pig meat variety is sold in the market, however, not as much as the regular pork. 

Since most people assume that they can only be kept as a pet because of their size and friendly nature, so, it is not feasible or safe to eat them.

It is not the case, they are pigs, so, it is okay to eat them whether you like or dislike the taste of their meat is a whole different thing.

They are smaller than most pork breeds but can be bought for meat. Potbellied pigs are not larger than dogs in size.

Are Potbelly Pigs Good For Meat?

In the United States, Potbellied pigs are kept as pets because they are easy to take care of, breed easily, and are small enough to handle well.

They were previously known as greasy pigs.

This breed is not adept or evolved for producing meat as it is considered more of a companion animal.

They are also known as lard pigs that means their meat has high-fat content and little muscle, resulting in a huge amount of lard and very little meat.

When confined to limited space and fed a proper pig diet, they quickly become fat producing more lard than meat.

Still, some people like it this way, pork with high-fat content and less muscle.

What Does Potbelly Pig Taste Like?

Potbelly pig tastes like pork. The taste can be a little different from the regular pig meat but you will get the flavor of the pork.

To be precise, it has a very sausage-like taste and flavor. It is easier to cook and does not smell while cooking like some meat varieties.

However, it is not a go-to option for most pork lovers as they like the taste of the regular pig meat better.

Pork gotten from potbelly pigs is a little bit fattier than most sausages produced by feeder pigs, however, the flavor is identical.

They do not have gamey or strong pork meat. The potbellied pig meat has gotten a distinct pork flavor.

Try different pork meat cuts like chops, bacon, steaks, ham, prime rib, and rib roast to taste the unique flavor. 

Risks of Eating Potbellied Pig Meat

Pork is not the healthiest meat option out there because of the high-fat content. Eating potbellied pigs is also not very healthy due to several reasons.

However, there is no harm in getting the taste of this distinct pork meat every now and then.

Health-conscious people would certainly not include it in their healthy diet because of the following reasons.

  • Besides the vitamins and essential nutrients, potbellied pig meat is rich in sodium and saturated fats.
  • These two things should be avoided to sustain a healthy diet. Go for the leanest and least-processed varieties of pork if you are on low sodium and a low-fat diet.
  • Try grilling, roasting, baking, or broiling instead of frying to impact its fat content.
  • Consuming undercooked and raw pig meat can lead to a parasitic infection. Cook it thoroughly to avoid an unpleasant situation. 

Why Do People Buy Potbellied Pig?

Potbelly pigs are an unusual food for many pig lovers and they are disappointed that this cute, affectionate creature has found its fate as food.

On the other hand, many people like how it tastes and can not get enough of the distinct flavor. 

Pork lovers like to add it to the main and side dishes, old-fashioned and modern recipes, and salads. The price of Pot Belly Pigs is reasonable.

Besides the distinct flavor, there are some other reasons why people prefer buying potbellied pigs. 

  • Price: The price of pork per pound is increasing with each passing day but the potbellied pig remains affordable. Since it is not the most demanded pork variety, it can be bought for about $15. At some places, you may get the potbellied pork for free, quite shocking, right? On the contrary, feeder pigs cost more or less $90. 
  • Small Space: Potbelly pigs do not grow as large as feeder pigs. They are barely the size of a dog, so, they can live in small and confined spaces. If the farmer does not have a large homestead or ranch, these pigs can live happily in a small area. Potbelly pigs are a good fit for small ranches and homesteads.
  • Budget-Friendly: They are smaller in size, therefore require minimal care. Potbellied pigs can survive happily on garden scraps, vegetable scraps, grains, milk, and many other inexpensive food items.
  • Temperament: They are quite similar to the dogs owing to their friendly nature. They are affectionate and get attached to their owners quite quickly. If they turn rude or aggressive, you can eat them. 

Wrapping It Up

Potbellied pig is a small pig breed often kept as a pet. Since these animals are mostly petted, so, a lot of people think they are not eligible to eat.

It is not true, you can eat potbellied pig meat and cook delicious recipes without worrying whether you should eat them or not.


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