8 Black Pig Breeds with Photos

black pig breeds

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Domestic pigs often called swine, hog, or pig, are omnivores and primarily raised for meat as well as for leather. Being omnivores, they consume both animals and plants, but their diet can alter from wild ones. 

Pig’s meat is also known as pork, hams, or bacon, and it collectively accounts for 38% of the worldwide meat production. Their bristle hairs are commonly used in making brushes. 

Likewise other biotics and antibiotics, pigs do have a limited number of breeds that are distinguished in terms of body shapes, sizes, and colors. Classification of pigs on body colors is the most commonly used to discriminate against animals. 

The body size and weight largely depend on the breed of pig. Most of the breeds are raised commercially for meat and milk production that is used in many commercial products. But some breeds like Asian pot-bellied pig and Kune Kunes are also kept as pets.

Adult male pigs are known as Boars or hogs while the females are called sows. Young pigs or swine are called piglets or pigs. A group of pigs is called a passel, sounder, or team.

Let’s get started with the black pig breeds in detail but take a look at the classification of other pig breeds on colors.

Classification of pig breeds by colors

  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Ginger
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Sandy
  • Tan
  • White

Black pig breeds

Here are some common breeds of pig that exist in black body color. Most of them are truly famous breeds and well known to everyone but some are rare. 

All of these black pig breeds in the list belong to different breeds but they are classified in the same category in terms of body color. 

1. Large Black Pig

large black pig

Large Black Pig is the only British pig that is truly black in color. It is considered as the large pig among the other domestic pigs. 

It originated from the United Kingdom but particularly native to Devon, Essex, and Cornwall. 

Large Black Pig actually resulted from the amalgamation of two separate breeds of pigs that belongs to two different geographical regions, Essex, Kent, and Suffolk in the east and Devon, Cornwall in the South-west of England.

Other names

Large Black Pig is also called with other names as Cornwall Black, Devon, and Large Black hog.

Body shape

These pigs have deep elongated bodies with long noses, tails, and ears. Their ears are such large that they obscures their vision. 

The body is purely black in color and covered with long black hairs that help to protect them from sunny climates and sunburn.


The male Large Black pig weighs between 320 to 360 kg while the female sows’ weight varies from 270 to 320 kg.

Child Birth

The female sows give birth to 8-10 piglets. It is a famous breed known for having litters of up to 13 piglets. 

Excellent foragers

These pigs are excellent foragers along with good foraging ability for extensive farming systems. Instead of extensive foraging, they are not good for intensive pig farming systems.

Distinguished feature

Large Black Pig is perfectly named due to its large body and black color. It is a true black breed of pigs having a whole body of black color. 

It is the only British pig that is entirely black in color.

They are very hardy animals and have good behavior with others.

Breed NameLarge Black
Other NameLarge Black hog, Cornwall Black or Devon
Special behaviorVery hardy, good behavior, docile temperament, fertile, larger litters, excellent foragers
Breed SizeLarge
Boars Weight320-360 kg
Sows Weight270-320 kg
OriginUnited Kingdom

2. Berkshire Pig

Berkshire Pig

Berkshire Pig is a rare breed of domestic pigs. It was named Berkshire as it originated from Berkshire county of United Kingdom.

As per a report in 2008, only 300 breeding sows of Berkshire Pigs are known to exist. But herds of Berkshire pigs are maintained by Rare Breeds Survival Trust in England at Aldenham Country Park, Hertfordshire.

They are also bred in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan under the trademark name of Kagoshima Kurobuta. 

Body shape

Berkshire pigs are a black colored body with white points on the nose, feet, and tail. They are relatively short legs and prick ears. 

Their face is disk-shaped with a large jaw and an inverted nose. The short snout on the face is short-sized with an upturned nose.


The average body weight of Berkshire pigs is almost 270 kg. The boars are a little more in weight than sows.


Mature pigs are medium to large-sized animals. The latest breed of Berkshire is entirely black in color while the original stock is sandy-brown.

Best for meat production

Berkshire Pigs are considered well suited for quality meat production and extensive pig farming.

Being a fast grower, it takes around 180-195 days to fully grown stage with a weight of around 113 kgs. 

Distinguished feature

Berkshire pig is prized for flavor, tenderness, pink-hued, juiciness, and heavily marbled meat. Their meat is rich in fat and suitable for high-temperature cooking.

Breed NameBerkshire
Special FeaturesIntelligent, well suited for extensive pig farming system, known for their quality meat production, grow relatively faster
Breed SizeMedium to large
Boars WeightUp to 270 kg
Sows WeightAround 270 kg
ColorEntirely black with white points on the feet, nose, and tail
Country/Place of OriginUnited Kingdom

3. Hampshire Pig

Hampshire Pig

Hampshire Pigs is another breed of domestic pigs having the origin from the United Kingdom. They are easily distinguished from other similar pigs by their erect ears and black body color. 

It is also known as the oldest American Pig breed.

According to the American national Swine Registry, it is the fourth most recorded pig breed of the United States.

Hampshire breed is believed to derived from English breeds that were found in Scotland and northern England. It was brought to America from Hampshire, England during 1827 and 1839.

Other names

Hampshire pigs are also known as Hampshire Hogs.

Body shape

Hampshire pigs are medium-sized pigs and having erect ears on a black body. The black-colored body has a whitish band around the middle of the body, covering the front legs.

These pigs have relatively long legs and noses and well known for meat production.


A mature male Hampshire pig weighs around 300 kg while female sows weigh about 250 kg.

Marvelous features

Hampshire pigs are a fast-growing breed of pigs and well known for well-muscled. 

They exhibit great quality carcass and perfect breed for meat production. 

Breed NameHampshire
Other NameHampshire Hog
Special FeaturesRapid growers, well-muscled, good carcass quality, sows are excellent mothers, good temperament
Breed SizeMedium
Boars WeightAround 300 kg
Sows WeightAround 250 kg
ColorBlack and white
Country/Place of OriginUnited Kingdom

4. Wessex Saddleback Pig

Wessex Saddleback Pig

The Wessex Saddleback Pig is a domestic pig breed having the origin in the West Country of England. It was originated especially in Wiltshire and New Frest area of Hamshire.

This breed is also known as Wessex pig and the latest breed of these pigs originated in 1967 by a combination of two breeds from southern England. 

Essex and Wessex are the two breeds.

Body shape

Wessex Saddleback pigs have a tall body and they are rangy animals. Their body color is black with a white band near the forepart of the trunk that extends from one forefoot over the shoulder.

Other names

Wessex Saddleback pigs are also called Wessex pigs.


Being an excellent breed in terms of eating, they are traditionally used as “baconers” and raised for bacon and hams.

Marvelous features

It is a hardy breed and well-known breed for its ability to thrive out of doors. They are easily manageable on pastures.

They have excellent maternal qualities. That’s why it is widely used in commercial crossbreeding, especially with Large White.

Breed NameWessex Saddleback
Other NameWessex
Special FeaturesVery hardy, good for raising on pasture, excellent foragers, have good maternal qualities, used in commercial crossbreeding systems
Breed SizeMedium
ColorMainly black with a white band about the forepart of the trunk
Country/Place of OriginEngland

5. Ossabaw Island Pig


Ossabaw Islan pig is a critical breed of domestic pigs and their population is now limited to the feral pigs on Ossabow Island, Georgia, United States.

They are also known as Ossabaw Island and are descended from pigs released on the island in the 16th century by Spanish explorers.

These pigs were the only source of food for the Spanish explorers on the coast of the Americas in the 16th century.

Body shape

They are relatively small in size and found in a wide range of colors. But the black colored pigs with spots on their bodies are the most common breed.

They have long snouts, a heavy coat of bristles, and upright ears. The average height of a mature Ossabaw pig is less than 51 cm.


The average body weight of Ossabaw Island boars and sows is almost the same and it is around 90 kg.


Its meat is dark in color with a unique texture. The great thing is that it is prized for resembling the jamón ibérico of the black Iberian pig.

Marvelous features

Ossabaw Island pig is pretty hardy and an active animal. It is a well-known forager and an excellent breed for extensive pig farming.

This pig has intelligent and friendly behavior and well adapted to local climates and high salt diets.

Breed NameOssabaw Island
Other NameOssabaw Island Hog
Special FeaturesWell adapted to native climates, relatively active, pretty hardy, excellent foragers
Breed SizeSmall
Boars WeightUnder 90 kg
Sows WeightUnder 90 kg
ColorAppears in a wide range of colors
Country/Place of OriginUnited States

6. Fengjing Pig

Fengjing Pig

Fengjing pig is a famous breed among domestic pigs and it is originated from Shanghai, China. It is commonly found in the districts of Songjiang, Wujiang, and Jinshan. 

This breed is named Fengjing after Fengjing town of Shanghai. It is a type of Taihu pig that occurs in narrow regions around the Lake Tai region.

It is a well-known breed for its tasty meat, disease resistance, and large litters.

Body shape

Fengjing pigs are small-sized animals having the black colored body with large floppy ears. These pigs can easily be distinguished by their wrinkled face and wrinkled bodies.

The average body height of Fengjing pigs is about 69 cm and boars are larger than sows.


The mature Fengjing sows weigh around 70 kg while the boar’s weight more than sows.


The meat quality of Fengjing pigs is good and succulent in taste but they grow slightly slowly.

Marvelous features

It is a hardy animal but has high breeding rates. The Fengjing sows are capable to produce two litters per year with almost 12 piglets in the first parity that lately exceed 17 piglets in the third parity.

The larger litter size of 20 piglets is also observed in this breed sometimes.

Breed NameFengjing
Special FeaturesHardy, high breeding rates, sows are able to produce large litters, grow relatively slowly, the great taste of meat
Breed SizeSmall
Boars WeightMore than 70 kg
Sows WeightAround 70 kg
Country/Place of OriginChina

7. Meishan Pig


Meishan pig is a domestic pig breed, having origin in China. It was named Meishan for the Chinese prefecture of Meishan and it is the subgroup of Taihu pig.

The Meishan pig is actually native to Southern China and well known for large litters of 15-16 piglets. 

This breed was imported to the United States in the late 1980s by the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

This breed did not get much popularity in farms due to its fat abundance and slower growth rate. But it is known as one of the most prolific breeds in the world due to the early maturity of both sows and boars.

Body shape

Meishan pig has a small to the medium-sized body with black color and large drooping ears. It is also known for its wrinkled face and skin.

The mature Meishan pig has a height of around 57.8 cm.


The average body weight of a mature Meishan pigs is almost 61.6 kg.

Most prolific breed of pig in the world

Meishan pig is well known as the most prolific breed of pig in the world. It has puberty at the age of 2.5 to 3 months. It possesses larger litters having 15-16 piglets.

Marvelous features

Instead of a slow growth rate and high fat, it has great taste and popular breed for pork.

The Meishan pig animals are hardy and much resistant to diseases. 

Breed NameMeishan
Special FeaturesHighly prolific, sows can produce 15-16 piglets per litter, slow-growing, early maturing, fat, great taste
Breed SizeSmall to medium
Boars WeightAround 61.6 kg
Sows WeightAround 61.6 kg
ColorMainly black
Country/Place of OriginChina

8. Oxford Sandy and Black Pig


Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is a domestic pig breed having the origin in Oxfordshire, England. It was named Sandy and Black pig due to its sandy brown color with black patches.

This breed is also named Oxford Forest Pig and Plum Pudding. It is an old breed and native to Britain.

Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is one of the oldest pig breeds and related to old Berkshire and Tamworth pig breeds.

Body shape

Oxford Sandy and Black pig is a medium to the large-sized animal. The body color has a sandy brown color with black patches. It has a white blaze, feet, and tassel. 

They have fine shoulders and good quarters and strong legs and feet that are helpful in giving support to the body.

Their head is moderately strong with lop and semi lop ears.

Excellent foragers

Oxford Sandy and Black pigs are excellent foragers and forage pretty well in the outdoor management system.

Marvelous features

It is a hardy breed and well-suited breed for reared outdoors with many good qualities. It is pretty docile in temperament.

They are less prone to sunburn due to the sandy colored skin.

Breed NameOxford Sandy and Black
Other NameOxford Forest Pig or Plum Pudding
Special FeaturesHardy, very good for raising outdoors, docile temperament, sows have very good mothering abilities
Breed SizeMedium to large
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Coat ColorThe base of sandy brown color with black patches
Country/Place of OriginEngland


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