5 Best Ear Tags For Cattle Reviews (2022)

Best Ear Tags For Cattle

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Understood the importance of tagging your cattle? Allow us to inform you it’s still not that late.

This cheap little useful accessory makes the livestock keeper’s life easy in many ways. If you are having a hard time keeping track of your livestock bloodlines, remembering their birth, and vaccination dates, it’s time to get your cattle tagged.

As you can judge, today’s subject of discussion is “cattle Ear Tags”. We would be helping our fellow livestock keepers in finding the best Ear Tags for the farms. But before we start listing down our favorites, let’s briefly discuss what Ear tags are;

There are several types of Ear Tags revolving and being sold in the market, most of the tags need a tag what are they made for. This made the Ear Tag hunt a bit tiring. So to save you from this overwhelming situation, here are our absolute favorite Ear Tags.

Best Ear Tags For Cattle Reviews

1. Easy 100 Numbered Plastic Livestock Ear Tags With One Pilers Applicator 

This least-known brand has been manufacturing and serving Livestock keepers with quality Ear Tags for years. These five-star Ear Tags are laser printed, handy, durable, and super affordable. 

Material; These superior-grade Ear Tags are made from high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). The said material is not just skin-friendly but also supremely resistant to transparency, electricity, grease, oil, and abrasion. 

Colors and quantity; Just as the Ear Tags should be, these Easy Numbered Ear Tags come in all bright eye-catching colors. To be more specific, These Ear Tags are made in bright yellow, blue, green, orange, and red colors. The Applicators are of red colors. As far as the quantity is concerned, these Ear Tags come in 100, 500, and a maximum of 1000 sets. 

Size; These Ear Tags are standard size, 1.92″L x 1.67C”W. The ideal size does not just offer better visibility but makes it equally suitable for pigs, sheep, and goats, etc. 

Complementary tag pliers; The best part of this Ear Tag deal is “complementary tag pliers”. The tag pliers are designed to make the entire ear tagging process less stressful. 

Use; Ear Tags can be used for several purposes, these specific Easy Ear Tags are made to help Livestock keepers maintaining track of bloodlines, birth dates, Vaccination, and all important information. 


  • Designed for easy and less painful ear tagging
  • Comes with complimentary tag Pliers
  • Standard size
  • Available in bright red, yellow, blue, and orange colors
  • Can be bought to keep a track of bloodlines, birth dates, Vaccination, and other important information 
  • Equally useful for pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle 
  • Available in 100, 500, and 1000 sets
  • Offer better visibility 
  • Laser printed 
  • Automatic lock


  • Got no reviews 

2. U & T Large Plastic Livestock Identification Ear Tags 

U & T is a famous brand that Livestock keepers swear by. It has been manufacturing, continuously upgrading its products, and offering unmatched customer service to the livestock keepers. These U & T Identification Ear Tags are one of their innovations. 

Material; These Ear Tags are made from the most demanded material for such purposes; plastic. Plastic does not just make these Ear Tags lightweight, flexible, and durable, it makes the Ear Tags safer for cattle as well. Several livestock keepers recommend plastic Ear Tags as they do not usually rip the ears off. 

Laser printing; The Ear Tags are Laser printed to perfection. Laser printing is far more durable and visible than the other methods. The fade-resistant laser printing makes the Ear Tags perfect for identification purposes. 

Versatile; Though these Ear Tags are made for cattle the versatile design and the ideal size make them equally suitable for pigs, sheep, goats, etc as well. 

Colors and quantity; These U & T Ear Tags are not made in many colors but the available colors are bright and eye-catching. All Yellow, green, and orange Ear Tags are embellished with black laser printed figures. Like limited colors, these Ear Tags are available in two sets; 100 and 200 sets only. 

Excellent after-sale service; The U & T Ear Tags manufacturers offer unmatchable after-sale customer service. The unsatisfied customers can directly contact the company, seek help, and even request a replacement. 


  • Fade-resistant laser printed
  • Prevents tears to a great extent 
  • Offer better visibility 
  • Comes in yellow, green, and orange colors
  • Available in 100 and 200 Ear Tags sets
  • Can be used for pigs, sheep, and goat’s identification as well
  • Lightweight, flexible, and durable 
  • The company offers excellent after-sale support 
  • The defective Ear Tags can be replaced 


  • Got no reviews 

3. GoldPaddy Animal Ear Tags, Pliers, And Spare Pins

GoldPaddy is considered one of the best positively reviewed Amazon sellers from livestock necessities to camping accessories, GoldPaddy has the best deals for all. The prime shipping option and the affordable prices make GoldPaddy a worth-trying Amazon seller. 

Material and Colors; These versatile Goldpaddy Multi-purpose Animal Ear Tags are engineered using high-grade plastic that is super flexible, durable, and skin-friendly. Plastic Ear Tags are a little less durable but they prevent tearing and skin infections. These GoldPaddy Ear Tags and pliers come in only one color, that’s green. 

Anti-fade printing; The Ear Tags are useful as long as the printed number is sound and intact. The GoldPaddy Ear Tags are laser printed that do not fade away or get affected by external factors. 

Automatic lock, all-in-one deal; The automatic lock is an innovative feature that makes the GoldPaddy Ear Tags superior to the rest. This GoldPaddy Ear Tags offer is an all-in-one deal as it includes Ear Tags, pilers, and spare pins. It’s just a complete deal. 

Lightweight, safe, and easy to work with; The superior-grade plastic does not put an extra burden on the cattle ear and prevents all sorts of skin infections. The handy design makes the clipping in the Ear Tag process less stressful and painful for the poor animal. 


  • Lightweight, flexible, durable, handy, and affordable 
  • Made to prevent skin infections 
  • Comes with all necessities and two spare pins
  • Easy to clip in
  • Anti-fade laser printed figures
  • 100% safe
  • Less likely to tear ears away
  • Prime shopping available 


  • Available in only one color
  • Few buyers have claimed that the needles are two small

4. WMYCONGCONG 100 Cattle Ear Tags And An Applicator 

WMYCONGCONG, a well-trusted Amazon seller, specializes in the automotive, business, science industry, pet supplies, and tools. Their products are handy, unique, and easier to operate. 

Material and Color; These WMYCONGGONG Ear Tags are manufactured from superior plastic that is highly safe, resistant to fading, wrinkles, and wear and tear. The superior-grade plastic prevents slipping and makes the piercing last longer. It comes in only one color; bright green. 

Length, height, and weight; Length, height, and color plays can improve or bring down visibility. The Ear Tags are made for Identification, so should be long and wide enough to be visible from far away. These Ear Tags are of standard size, their length and width measurements are 60mm/2.36in and 75mm/2.95in. Besides being perfectly sized, the WMYCONGGONG Ear Tags do not feel heavy on the ears as each Ear Tag is just 659g/23.25oz. 

Use; The versatility of these WMYCONGGONG Ear Tags allows them to be used for several purposes including breeding population, meat quarantine, epidemic prevention, and epidemic control, etc. 


  • Can be used for several purposes including breeding population, meat quarantine, epidemic prevention, and epidemic control, etc
  • Comes in attractive bright green color
  • 60mm/2.36in long and 75mm/2.95in wide
  • Prevents slipping and skin infections 
  • Made to last
  • Anti-fade laser printing 
  • Versatile 
  • Comes with applicator


  • Got few negative reviews 

5. Fuxinghao 100 Livestock Ear Tags for Cattle, Goats, And Pigs

These Fuxinghao cattle Ear Tags are the most demanded cattle must have on Amazon. These Fuxinghao Ear Tags are specifically made to provide a unique identity to the cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep. 

Material; Like most cattle Ear Tags recommended here, these Fuxinghao Ear Tags are made from superior grade TPU. The heavy-duty TPU makes these Ear Tags skin-friendly, lightweight, and super handy.

Innovative features; These Fuxinghao Ear Tags are specifically made to serve uniquely. The copper stud head, bold enlarged laser figure marking, and automatic lock make it a must-have. 

Size, quantity, and color; This necessity comes in a set of 100 cattle Ear Tags. The Fuxinghao Ear Tags are manufactured and being offered in bright orange color. The Ear Tags are of standard size. 

Use; These Fuxinghao Ear Tags can be used for any purpose including the identification of sex, and birth date, etc. 


  • Provide a unique identity to the cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep
  • Copper stud head, 
  • Bold enlarged laser figure marking
  •  Automatic lock
  • Available in bright orange color


  • Not listed with satisfactory information; product description 

How can you find the right Ear Tag for your cattle?

It’s not that hard to find the right option if one knows what to look for. As this article is solely being written to make the hunt easy, here is what you need to pay attention to;

  • Material
  • Length, width, and weight
  • Color
  • Design
  • Budget


Make sure the Ear Tag you choose to bring to your farms is made from TPU or plastic. The said materials are super skin-friendly, they have not caused infections yet. Ear tagging can never be permanent, but TPU and plastic promise that it would stay longer on.

Length, width, and weight

Length, width, and weight need to be double-checked while ordering the Ear Tags. The Ear Tag should neither be too small or too large that it starts causing the issue instead. Moreover, the Ear Tags should also not put an extra burden on the poor animal’s ear, so go for the lightest ones.


Ear Tags come in bright colors usually yellow, orange, red, green, or blue colors. If you are going to judge the animal by Ear Tag color, make sure you pick the unique color. 


The Ear Tags come in a variety of designs; flag and button etc. Like color, designs can also help the livestock keeper in distinguishing a cattle from the herd. If you are planning to let the Ear Tag design speak, choose the right one.


Lastly, you need to check at how much price the 100, 200, 500, or 1000 Ear Tags are being offered for. The non-electronic Ear Tags are usually not expensive, you would be required to pay somewhere between $12 to $15. So, if the Ear Tags set is expensive, keep the research going, you would find the best option soon.


Do Ear Tags hurt cattle?

Yes, they do hurt the cattle. The cattle experience the same sensation humans feel when they are getting their ears pierced. Punching a hole and inserting a copper stud can never be painless.

Do all cattle need to be tagged?

It’s not mandatory to get the cattle’s ear pierced, the Livestock farmer can choose to go with it or ignore it. The Ear Tags are optional, they just help in managing the cattle better.

Where should you place the Tag in?

You should place the Tag where it is clearly visible. The one-third part of the ear is usually selected as it gives better visibility. In fact, it does not just give better visibility but make the piercing less painful as well. Puncturing a hole above or below would simply be inviting the trouble.

We hope you find this article helpful. Good luck and happy shopping!

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