10 Best Electric Fence Tester Reviews (2022)

Best Electric Fence Tester

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Looking for the best electric fence testers? Tired of spending hours troubleshooting, finding faults, and detecting shorts. Well, it’s time to invest in an electric fence line tester that helps find problems quicker and allows you to fix the fence timely.

We have made things easier for you by carefully searching the market for the best electric fence voltage testers. Here we present you a list of fence testers for you to choose a tool worthy of your interest.

Best Electric Fence Tester Reviews

  • Best Overall: Gallagher Fault Finder
  • Auto-brightness control: SmartCheck Electric Fence Tester
  • Backlit display: Speedrite Digital Fault Finder
  • Portable, easy to store: Allosun Digital Electrical Fence Voltage Tester
  • Tests voltage and amperage: Zareba FD1 Fence Doctor Digital Fence Tester

1. Gallagher Fault Finder

Manufactured by a New Zealand company, Gallagher is renowned for its electric fencing accessories. This top-of-the-line voltmeter helps you identify and locate faults in the electric fence line.

3-In-1 Design – Instead of purchasing three different tools, buy this Gallagher’s tester to do the work of voltmeter, current meter, and fault finder. This versatile tool will help you measure voltage, current, and shows the direction of current flow.

Voltage Display – This versatile, pocket-sized current meter shows voltage from 10kV to 12kV in 1,000-volt increments and 100V increments under 10kV.

Battery Life- Equipped with modern micro-computer technology, it includes a 

GLR61 9 V battery. The average lifespan of this electric fence fault finder is 6-12 months. Comes with a replaceable 9V battery.

Ground Rod & Fence Stud – Each device is equipped with a ground rod and fence stud to facilitate users. Ground rod facilitates ground connection whereas a fence stud allows easy, no-fuss contact with the fence.

Auto On/Off – Armed with Auto on/off feature when fence pulse is detected. This advanced digital voltmeter has improved temperature stability, auto-on indication, and low battery condition display.


  • Versatile, portable, and easy to use
  • Do hours of work in just a few minutes
  • LCD display
  • Tough, water-resistant case.
  • Retractable voltage probe
  • Measures voltage, current, and direction of flow.


  • Inadequate or unreliable snap on the ground probe
  • coil cord keeps tangling
  • The feature that displays the direction of current leakage does not always respond.

2. SmartCheck Electric Fence Tester Voltmeter 10,000V

The design of this Electric Fence tester may come off as a little conventional and a bit straightforward. It may seem unsafe but it is hands-down one of the best in the business.

High-Sensitivity Design – Unlike some other electric fence testers in the market, it features an ultra-high sensitivity design for eliminating ground connection. High-quality voltage sensing circuits ensure accurate measurements.

Voltage Range – This smart and sleek voltmeter shows voltage ranging from 0.2kV to 10.0kV. Holds up well with hazardous 25kV spikes. Manufactured in compliance with IEC60335 electric fence safety standards.

Automatic Brightness Control – The 3-digit auto-brightness LCD allows easy visibility day and night. Use it at any time of the day or night with absolute ease. Features a built-in beeper and flashing LED to notify the presence of H.V. pulse.

Authentic H.V. Probe – Hailing from Korea, this electric fence fault finder has an authentic, high-voltage probe that provides shock resistance.

Portability – This pocket-sized digital voltmeter is ergonomically designed for ease of use. This pen-like tester reaches hard-to-reach spots easily. Just put it in your pocket and identify fence faults anywhere.


  • Simple, compact, and user-friendly design
  • No requirement for ground lead
  • Auto-brightness control
  • Automatic power on/off to extend battery life
  • Operating temperature range: 14 to 122°F
  • Sealed with IP67 waterproof protection


  • The glass LCD display may break easily
  • Not a long battery life
  • Not durable, may not work efficiently in the long run 

3. Speedrite Digital Fault Finder

This Electric fence tester works even for individuals whose electrical knowledge is limited to turning the switch on/off. The Speedrite Digital Fault Finder makes it easy to detect any fault along the fence line.

Current Display Voltage – It is quite possible to feel lost when testing the long fence lines. This tool displays the present voltage value and current direction simultaneously. It will notify you which direction to look for to find the problem with an arrow on the screen.

Previous Voltage Readings Comparison – It also displays previous current voltage readings to compare values. Compare current and previous readings to assess how the fence was working previously as compared to now. 

Replaceable 9V Battery – Comes equipped with a 9V replaceable battery. The battery has a low battery warning system that alerts you when it’s running low.

Water-Resistant Case – It has a compact, rugged, tough outer case that provides the optimal water resistance to let you work even on rainy days.

Saves Time – Finding faults along the fence lines can be time-consuming and frustrating. This tool does hours of work in a short time.


  • Easy readout even in strong daylight
  • Backlit display
  • Features Audible current indicator and convenient belt clip
  • Insulated outer case
  • Compare current and previous readings


  • Does not work well with multiple shorts in the fence
  • Difficult to use the short round probe
  • Not suitable for chicken wire fence

4. Allosun Digital Electrical Fence Voltage Tester Electric Fence Fault Finder

Allosun is a world-famous brand known for making high-quality, affordable animal management accessories. This fence tester measures pulse voltage using Smart Power technology.

Voltage Measurement Range – This voltage tester measures voltage from 0.3kv to 9.9kv; or simply put, 300V to 9000V. 

Power Source – Allosun electric fence tester needs a 9V or 6F22 battery to function. However, batteries are not included in the package, you have to buy them from a local store or online.

Smart Power Technology – Manufacturers have created a power-saving design with Smart Power Technology. It will only turn on when the pulse is detected and turn off again after 4 seconds of no pulse detection.

Wire Length – Comes with a long wire. Wire length is 57 inches (+/-3%). The long wire makes it easier to reach different spots and locations.

LCD Display – Large, LCD display lets you read the accurate values in all lighting conditions, even in the dark or strong daylight. 


  • Lightweight only weighs 8 ounces with the battery
  • Portable, easy to store
  • Robust, durable case
  • Comes with 1- year warranty and lifelong maintenance 
  • Equipped with a carrying case


  • Unable to measure Peak “Pulse” Voltages correctly
  • The battery runs down even when not in use

5. Zareba FD1 Fence Doctor Digital Fence Tester and Fault Finder

If you are a horse or livestock fencer and want to keep the animals in a safe fenced environment, make sure you have a Fence tester on hand. Try this Amazon’s Choice for Fence Doctor, Zareba digital fault finder.

Digital Accuracy – It measures voltage accurately ranging from 200 to 9,900 volts. It measures the current-voltage in any metal wire or poly wire/rope.

Function – As the name suggests, it’s a diagnostic tool that detects the current and short voltage of the fence. If you have trouble finding shorts or fault, it will point the user towards the right direction with an on-screen arrow.

Display – It will help you restore the circuit’s full functionality by displaying accurate, easy-to-read values on the large LCD display.

Portability – Weighing just about 7 ounces, this small-sized tester will fit inside a pocket or a small carrying case for easy transportation.

Build – Sturdy construction ensures that the tester lasts many unfortunate events. The durable outer case is water and shock resistant, use it even when it’s raining.


  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Saves time
  • Notify the direction of short voltage
  • Tests voltage and amperage 


  • Poor packaging 
  • Pricey

6. Farmily Multi Light Electric Fence Voltage Tester

Had it not been for the title, you may have considered it some other tool because of the traditional designs. However, the old-fashioned build should not, in any way, make you doubt its functionality. It works similar to other fence testers.

Voltage Range – It measures voltage drop between 1000 to 6000 volts along the electric fence. Several LED Lights are calibrated to glow upon fault detection.

Measure Voltage Inconsistencies – It will let you know if the animal escaped from the fence by measuring voltage inconsistencies and shorts along the electric fence lines.

Wire Length – The product package includes a long wire that measures about 50 inches making the whole process convenient by testing harder-to-reach spots.

Multi-Purpose – Measure voltage and test all types of fences for horses, sheep, chickens, and cattle. Test fences at different locations to see if it’s functioning properly or needs troubleshooting.

Lightweight – Weighing around 3.2 ounces, the lightweight build makes it convenient to carry it anywhere you go or simply put, remote fence testing.


  • Affordable 
  • Indicate connection or impedance problems with different numbers of lights
  • Worth the price
  • Work on all kinds of fences


  • Dim detecting lights
  • Complaints of wire breaking away from the ground probe
  • Not waterproof 
  • Does not list the voltage values

7. Hotline Electric Fence Line Tester

Electric Fence Line Tester from Hotline is a multi-purpose tool that works perfectly for livestock fences. Purchased by hundreds of fencers, this fence tester has 4+ positive ratings. Detects problems in a matter of minutes to save you hours of frustration.

Measurement Range – It measures or indicates voltage values up to 10kv in 1kv increments.

Voltage Meter – Instead of a large LED screen, it comes with a handy voltage meter. Bright LED lights start flashing when a pulse is detected.

Portable – This voltage tester weighs as little as 1.62 ounces. Lightweight design makes it easy for the user to carry it on the go. No ground lead is needed as well.

All Types of Fences – Its functionality is not limited to a few fence types. Works well on all kinds of fences.

Built to last – Hotline Fence line voltage tester is built with high-quality material for this tool to survive many seasons and unfortunate incidents.


  • Lightweight and easy to test
  • Checks fence line quickly
  • Bright LED lights even visible in daylight
  • No earth stake needed
  • Supplied with batteries 


  • Low-quality packaging
  • No LCD screen display 

8. ALLOSUN GK503B LED Electric Fence Voltage Tester

Another gem from Allosun. This brand offers premium quality testers along with testing hookup clips to monitor fence voltage. Bought and Kept by horse lovers and ranchers to test fence lines frequently to confine their livestock in a safe place.

Voltage Levels Measurement – This fault finder can measure voltage levels between 0. 6kv to 7kv, in other words, 600 volts to 7000 volts.

Neon Lamp – Features neon lamps numbered with 600V, 1000V, 2000V, 3000V, 4000V, 5000V, 6000V, and 7000V. Neon lamps lit up according to the voltage levels

Construction – Sturdy build makes it last many years. Carefully designed for low impedance and standard duty fence controller.

Wire Length – Testing wire is included in the product package. The wire is approximately 59.8 inches (+/-3%) long, which makes monitoring the fence lines convenient.

Wide Application – It can monitor voltage levels and detects problems of all livestock and other fences.


  • Portable and facile
  • Features neon lamps indicating voltage levels
  • Made of high-quality ABS material
  • Resistant to water and shock
  • Weighs 2 ounces


  • Difficult to see in daylight, suitable for nighttime
  • Does not give a certain voltage level
  • Difficult handling due to the small size

9. Dare Products 460 185604 Electric Fence Tester

This fence tester surely looks different and cheap than the other voltage fence line tester, however, it does not lag in functionality. It may not work as well as high-end testers but it performs well for minimal use.

Easy to Test – This Voltage tester is designed for people with no skill and needs one to test a single electric fence. 

Function – It functions similarly to some other fence line testers.  It helps diagnose and locate faults, partial grounds, and open shorts. Aids in conducting essential spot checks in the field.

Single Light Design – Equipped with a single Light instead of the usual LED lights or LCD screen. The light is protected by the resistor and lit up when the pulse is detected.

Plastic Case – Covered with a high-quality, sturdy plastic case that withstands impacts and shocks without causing any harm to the lamp inside.

Easy to Carry – Small, compact, lightweight, and simple-built make it easy to carry. Just place it in your pocket or a small bag and take it anywhere you want.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect for beginners having limited experience with electric fence testers.
  • Long cord
  • Carry it anywhere conveniently 


  • Dim light, hard to read
  • No LCD screen or beeper
  • Does not provide accurate results

10. Gallagher G503014 Electric Fence Econo Digital Voltmeter

We would like to wrap up our list of best electric fence line testers with this valuable tool from Gallagher. It is Amazon’s Choice for Gallagher fence testers which is pretty self-explanatory about the quality and functionality of the product.

Voltage Levels – This Gallagher fence tester measures voltage levels from 10kV to 12kV in 1,000-volt increments and shows fence voltage in 100V increments under 10kV.

LCD Display – Equipped with an LCD screen that shows the exact voltage measurements. Features Auto turn-on indication and displays low battery warning.

Battery – A GLR61 9 V battery is included in the package. This replaceable battery has a life expectancy of 6-12 months.

Easy to Use – You do not have to be an expert to use this tool, it turns on automatically when a pulse is detected. Use it to monitor both fence and ground voltage up to 12kv.

Ground Rod & Fence Stud – Features ground rod and fence stud for easy ground connection and fence contact.


  • Diagnose shorts and faults in a few minutes
  • Easy to read display
  • Pocket-sized
  • Water-resistant, durable case


  • Lacks amp meter functionality

How to choose right electric Fence Tester

What to look for in an ideal fence tester? A buyer has to make sure everything is in order for his animals’ safety. Here is what you should look for in a fence tester

Fence Tester Types

There are plenty of electric fence testers available in the market, buy the one as per your requirements. If it is just for monitoring the fence working, go for a little key, or a metal thing. However, if you want them to serve a greater purpose, buy the digital testing machines.

Accurate Voltage Values

Measuring accurate voltage values is the primary purpose of a tester, if it fails to deliver, what’s the good in buying such a tester. Look for the one that detects shorts and points toward the direction where there may the fault is.


We would recommend the LCD screen display as this feature provides accurate and exact voltage values. A large, backlit LCD screen allows you to read voltage levels at any time of the day and night.


Every voltmeter has a different way of notifying about the fence functionality. They indicate fence working condition with a tone, the flashing signal lights, or beep.


Most fence testers come with a replaceable battery and a limited lifespan. Select a high-powered battery device to save you the trouble of changing batteries frequently.

Robust Case 

The rugged, tough case must be made of high-quality material to be weather resistant. It has the ability to resist shock as well as water. 


Choose a fence line tester keeping in mind the frequency of use and size of the fence. A pocket-sized tester would be convenient to carry around. However, a tester too small in size would be difficult to handle during the testing.

Lastly, we have presented you a list of some reliable electric fence line testers, now, choose from them as per your requirement. However, we would recommend going for digital testers if you want accurate measurements.

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