Livestock Trailer Rental, Can You Rent a Livestock Trailer?

Livestock Trailer Rental

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It’s not just horses that need to be transported around the city for various causes, sometimes the farm animals do demand the same. The farm animals deserve the same protocol horses get while moving from one place to another. 

Livestock can be moved in stock or horse trailers as well but Livestock Trailers are a bit more safer and convenient for the said purpose. In this post, we would be giving a general idea of Livestock rental and the platforms that are offering Livestock Trailers on a rental basis. Starting with rental figures;

How Much Does the Livestock Rental Cost? 

As the needs are different, Livestock Trailers can be hired on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It’s super hard to give accurate rental figures as the rental charge is never fixed. On average, the rental charge can be expected somewhere between 

Half-day $70 to $90

Daily $100 to $130

Weekly $610 to $655

Monthly $1000 to $1970

Indeed, the rental charge is not everyone’s reach but it’s still not as expensive as buying one. The Livestock farmer can smartly minimize the rental charge by ordering the equipment on time, returning on time, and cleaning it thoroughly. If the company gets the Trailer back neat and clean the refundable cleaning fee would be returned. 

The figures may or may not match with the company you are hiring as the rental charge get affected by the location, kind of Livestock Trailer, size of Livestock Trailer, model, and duration of the rental agreement. 

Location: If the Livestock Trailer is demanded at a remote location, the rental charge would be slightly higher than usual. 

Kind of Livestock Trailer: The Livestock Trailers can be regular or luxurious, the luxurious ones would be rented out at higher prices. 

Size: The size of the Livestock Trailer can also influence the rental charge, the Livestock Trailer that is made to entertain one or two farm animals would be cheaper than the one that can carry the whole herd. 

Model: The Livestock Trailer model would also greatly impact the rental charge. The newest the model, the greater the rental charge. 

Duration of the rental agreement: It’s petty obvious the rental charge of the Livestock Trailer hired for a week would be higher than the one about to be returned in a day or so. 


Where Can You Get Livestock Trailers?

Receiving a Livestock Trailer on a rental basis is not as hard as it seems, the Livestock Farmers can get Livestock Trailer daily, weekly, monthly basis from the 

  • Professional dealers
  • Local dealers/Livestock Trailer manufacturers 

Professional Dealers 

If receiving quality service is your concern or experience has got you alarmed, contacting a professional dealer would be the solution. Their terms and conditions would be clear, there would be no hidden charges and no delays. Though there are hundreds of professional dealers operating out there, the best of them are listed below 

  • Kwipped 
  • U HAUL Trailer Rental 
  • Kennards 
  • Flaman Rentals 


Kwipped is one of the most trusted places to get livestock on rent. Their tag line says “Rent or Finance Livestock Trailers”. This company offers car trailers, drop deck tilt trailers, cold storage trailers, enclosed trailers, dump trailers, restroom trailers, shower trailers, utility trailers, laundry trailers, heavy equipment trailers, gas/liquid trailers, horse trailers, flatbed trailers, and luxurious livestock trailers.

The Kwipped deals in all popular Livestock Trailer brands; CM, Titan, Elite, and Calico. The Livestock farmers can order any small, medium, or large trailer of their choice at an affordable rental charge.

To get the Livestock Trailer of your dream, request quotes, compare options, sign the e-contract, and there, you are liable to have the equipment. 

The Livestock Trailers, here on Kwipped, can be hired on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. The best part of the Kwipped deal is that the company has listed it’s terms and conditions clearly.

To seal the deal, both supplier and the interested party have to agree to carry the rental deal forward, have to sign the electronic document available on the Kwipped website, and state start and end date all necessary details. 

The interested party has to pay the first day, week, or monthly rental, security deposit, shipping charges, one-time upfront fee, applicable livestock sales, use, property tax, and assessment and Governmental charges to get the Livestock Trailer of your dreams delivered to your location. 

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U Haul Trailer Rental

U Haul is another famous name in the Livestock Trailer world. It was established in 1945 to serve do-it-yourself movers. This family-owned business was founded by Sam Shoen and his wife Anna Mary Carty Shoen. 

This company is famous for its affordable rates and easy rental procedure and luxurious trailers. U Haul Trailer Rental is working and serving livestock keepers in multiple cities in the USA. 

Besides renting out trailers, moving trucks, and cargo vans for the one-way move, U Haul also deals in related supplies; moving and storage containers, Boxes and Packing supplies, hitches, and accessories, self-storage units, and reusable plastic moving boxes. 

The U Haul Trailers stand out from the crowd by their white and bright orange color, U Haul logo, and a tagline “Makes moving easier”. The best part of the U Haul deal is that this horse trailer company serves 7 days a week. 

The livestock farmers can use the location finder option given on the website to find the U Haul branch operating near them. However, to get a U Haul trailer on rent, the person must hold a government-issued driver’s license and be above the age of 16. 


Kennards is a family-owned business that deals in Livestock Trailers, stock trailers, vehicles, concrete, generators, plumbing, saws, lighting, landscaping, heat, ventilation, cooling, and several other site equipment. It offers contactless pickup and delivery. 

Kennards can be hired anytime, the company receives orders, deliver expert opinions, answer queries 24/7. Kennards does not disappoint its customers with delays as the Livestock trailers and other equipment can be reserved two or three days early. 

Despite being in the industry for ages, Kennards deals in modern, up-to-date Livestock trailers and equipment. Expert advice is another plus, the confused interested party can seek free expert advice from the Kennards experts at the time of rental contract. 

Kennards majorly operates in Australia and New Zealand. It has five branches in the Australian Capital Territory, fifty-four in New South Wales, three in Northern Territory, thirty-one in Queensland, fifteen in South Australia, thirty-one in Victoria, and twenty-one in Western Australia. In New Zealand, Kennards has fifteen branches in Auckland, two in Bay of Plenty, three in Canterbury, two in Otago, one in Southland, two in Wellington, and one in Waikato. 


Flaman Rentals

Flaman Rentals was established in 1993 and it has been serving continuously ever since. The Falman Rentals earned livestock farmers blind trust by their exceptional customer support, reasonable rates, and quality equipment. 

Flaman Rentals started with a small office near their farm and today almost one hundred Flaman Rental branches are operating in the USA. Besides Livestock Trailers, Flaman Rentals deal in AG equipment, Hay and Livestock equipment, grain cleaning and handling, construction, and storage tools. 

Flaman Rental has made the rental contract, even more, easier than the other options, the rates are given on the website, the customers do not have to wait to get the quote. 

The list of professional Livestock Trailer rental companies does not end here, it’s impossible to discuss all promising options in a limited post. So we decided to name the other best dealers; Next Door Renter, Local Horse Trailer, Creech, and Equine Express, etc. 

Local dealers/Livestock Trailer manufacturers

Local dealers and Livestock manufacturers are another way to get the Livestock Trailer delivered to your location. Receiving Livestock Trailers from local dealers is the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to get the job done. However, you can not expect professional behavior from the said parties, there would no after-sale service, there can be delays and hidden charges. Moreover, the Livestock Trailers may not be as updated as they should be. 

Bonus Tip

The cheapest way to get the job done is “borrowing the Livestock Trailer from a friend”, it would be huge favor but you pay for the fuel charges, be willing to clean, and return on time. But to act smart, you need to have a friend who owns a Livestock Trailer. 


The Livestock Trailers are specifically made to transport farm animals from one place to another. The said trailers are convenient and safer to be hired. The rental charge of the Livestock Trailer is usually get influenced by the location, size, model, kind of Livestock Trailer, and duration of the rental agreement.

On average the Livestock farmer can expect the charge somewhere between Half day $70 to $90, Daily $100 to $130, Weekly $610 to $655, Monthly $1000 to $1970. The Livestock Trailers can be obtained from local dealers or professional companies.

The professional companies that are offering quality Livestock Trailers at affordable prices are; Kwipped, U HAUL Trailer Rental, Kennards, Flaman Rentals, Next Door Renter, Local Horse Trailer, Creech, and Equine Express, etc.

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