Mosaic Chicken: Characteristics, Colors, and Facts

mosaic chicken

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I recently visited my friend’s farm with my nephew, he has kept beautiful Mosaic chickens. Ever since then, my nephew has been hell-bent on getting one. I had never seen this breed before or heard of it. Chances are high that you may have not known this chicken breed as well. I was not aware of Mosaic’s history, habitat, feeding, and other habits.

I had kept Rhode Island and Leghorn chicken before, those were beautiful breeds with quality meat. Rhode and Leghorn stayed on the farm for good six months, but an unfortunate event happened that led to their death. They contracted a viral disease and got sick from all these events leading up to them being dead.

That’s why I was reluctant to get a new chicken breed, especially Mosaic which I know nothing about known as heritage chicken breed. However, at my nephew’s insistence, I decided to keep chickens again. I went ahead and borrowed a pair from my friend. I can not forget the expression on my nephew’s face, how his eyes lit upon seeing the Mosaic chickens running in the backyard.

I asked plenty of questions about the breed and how come such a beautiful breed is not popular. This is what astonishes me the most, why it has not gotten people’s attention, it has all the qualities to grab a spot in the popular chicken breeds.

As I collected all the information about the breed, it was mandatory to share it with the readers. As many aspiring owners like me and my nephew are looking to get their hands on any valuable information about the breed. I could not find much about the breed online, therefore, most of the information is gathered through local sources.

Mosaic Chicken

Mosiac is not an ordinary chicken breed where every chicken is identical to the other. Each Mosiac chicken is different than the rest. They exhibit beautiful patterns and different colors. 

Mosaics are developed after selective breeding with a composite of many breeds. This is an absolute farm favorite breed that has not only a colorful pattern but a friendly personality as well. This rare breed is not usually available on most local farms. 

Mosaics are available for sale on many online platforms, most buyers purchase this beautiful breed from Gold Feather Farm. This farm is among the top breeders and traders of this breed.


Mosaics do not have a centuries-old history, like most chicken breeds. It is a fibro breed that is exclusive to the Gold Feather Farms. This breed is developed and evolved after the culmination of years of selective breeding.

They are known to be developed with the influence of Imperfect Cemani chicken, the one famously known as with the white leakage. The breed was then evolved through selective breeding to become what they are now.

Some experts believe that other chicken breeds like Braekel or Campine were also used in the improvement of the breed. It seems true if we consider the patterning of the aforementioned breeds. These breeds have somewhat similar color patterning and pointy little faces as well.


Their unique color and pattern are what captivates the attention. As you see them passing by or playing around on a farm or backyard, you can not keep yourself from admiring their vibrant color and unique pattern. 

A cool thing about this breed is that they exhibit a wide variety of colors and unlimited patterns. They feature different colors from frost white to chocolate with flower mosaic tapestry patterns.

Gold Feather Farm is working on the improvement of the breed to accentuate the features that are the most beautiful and rare. It is always fun to watch them hatch and guess the color of the chicken coming out of the egg.

Characteristics of Mosaic Chicken

Mosaics have more than one distinct characteristics that set them apart from the other breeds their colorful patterns, for one. Every Chicken in this breed has a different color pattern, this trait is quite rare in other bird species as well.

One other distinctive feature is their vibrant, iridescent turquoise earlobes. Their face and comb have a nice mixture of color, the combs and faces are a mix of black, blue, turquoise, and deep red.

Mosaics are medium to large-size fowl that add beauty to the flock with their good looks and unique traits. Their flower mosaic tapestry patterns also add color to the stock.

Egg Production

If one is keeping eggs solely for egg production, he would want to know about their egg-laying ability and have little concern with the looks. Such poultry owners would be happy to know that their feed to egg ratio is very good.

They lay medium cream color eggs. Being excellent medium cream egg layers, on average, the owner can get 7 eggs out of 10 hens every day in winter. That’s not a bad deal, isn’t it?

Most people want to buy hatching eggs as often they can not afford a fully grown chicken. Eggs are cheaper and they can get many at an affordable price. Mosaic hatching eggs can cost more or less $5 to $10.Get an idea of How Much Does it Cost to Raise 100 Chickens?



Mosaics are kid’s favorite chicken because of their friendly personality. They play around all day without a care in the world. The breed easily gets along, making connections everywhere they go. Also, they are great free rangers. 

Mosaics are intelligent creature quite aware of the surrounding. They exhibit great predator awareness and have high self-preservation skills. Once they spot or sense a predator, they outsmart the predator with some life-saving techniques.

Is this breed registered?

It is not officially recognized as a breed to date. It is rather a personal breeding project initiated by some enthusiastic breeders. No foundation or organization is established to register this breed.

Since this breed is not registered, there is no sure way to know about the population. Lack of documentation and official standards have significantly affected the breed. 

If it has been a registered breed, Mosaics would be in better condition now and quite large in number. Thanks to the Gold Feather Farm and other breeders who have been working on the development and preservation of the breed. Authorities should take notice and register this unique breed to give its due credit.


Had it been a registered breed it would have cost more. Beautiful chickens with colorful patterns generally fetch more prices. However, this unregistered breed is sold at an affordable price. A fully grown Mosaic chicken can be bought for around $25 to $40 or more. This is not a fixed price range, prices vary depending on age, health, area, and other factors.

Where To Buy Mosaics? 

Mosaics for sale? Well, this is a rare variety, therefore, hard to find. The breed is only available on few farms. You may have checked the local area and could not find a reliable breeder to buy a pair. 

There are few websites selling several chicken varieties online. Here are a couple of options where you can buy Mosaics. 

  • Gold Feather Farm – This farm is not only credited for developing and improving the breed but also selling it. Most Mosaics sold come from this farm. They also sell Mosaics chicks as well as eggs.
  • Open Gate Poultry – This is another online website involved in selling Mosaics and other chicken breeds. There are not a variety of options but they do sell Mosaics, mostly grown chickens.


As many people like you and me did not know that such a breed exists. Why such a beautiful breed is not popular and managed to not caught the attention of many breeders and chicken enthusiasts.

The sole reason would be that it is not a registered breed. With no documentation backing it up, it is impossible for people to notice. 

In a nutshell, Mosaic is a beautiful chicken breed worthy of adding to the flock. Apart from the good looks, they also have the good egg-laying ability. 


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