How Much Does A Farmer Make? (2022)

How Much Does A Farmer Make

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Ever wondered how much the farmers in your neighborhood make? Been there and done that. As there are millions of ways to earn profit from farming, it’s quite fair to wonder how much does a farmer earns? Farming is a reputable profession, some of us often wonder how much a farmer earns as they are thinking of adopting it as a profession.

Besides these, there are several other reasons to be curious. Since no question deserves to remain unanswered, we have decided to reveal the mystery here.

Before we begin, we would like to confess that the information mentioned below is entirely based on thorough research and observation, it may not be as accurate as it should be, however, the figures are accurate enough to give a clear picture.

How Much Does a Farmer Make Annually?

Frankly, it’s super hard to tell how much a farmer makes as the income would never be the same each year and not all farmers would be earning the same fixed amount of money every year.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey conducted in May 2011, the average experienced farmer earned $33.66 per hour so for that year the farmers that earned $33.66 hourly made $70,010 annually.

More or less, the experienced farmers have been still earning the same. The inexperienced might have been making a little less.

The farmers with three to five years of experience in our circle have confessed to earning around $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

Farmers can earn from uncountable ways, it’s one of the reasons why experienced farmers make more whereas, farmers with less or no experience keep living from hand to mouth for years.

How Much Does the Farmer Make Monthly?

It’s super easy to calculate how much a farmer would be earning money if you know the yearly figures.

Let’s not make you bring a calculator and do some maths, the experienced farmer if he is earning $33.66 an hour, the monthly income would be $5834. 166 whereas, the inexperienced farmers would be living from hand to mouth earning somewhere between $2500 to $4000.

To be honest, $5834 is not an impressive figure to have a luxurious lifestyle.

If becoming a farmer is your passion and you want a luxurious lifestyle, you might have to go through thick and thin for so many years to achieve that.

However, farmers are usually living in rural areas, their monthly and yearly expenses are far lower than the city folks.

They are easily managing the food, utilities, and basic farm supplies in that amount of money.

How Much Do the Employed Farmers Make Annually?

The employed farmers do not make as much as the farmers who have their farms do, however, the legends are an exception.

The farmers that have at least twenty to thirty years’ experience usually get entertained with free accommodation and a handsome salary package.

As per the rough idea, the farmers employed on full-time jobs at well-reputed farms earn around $26.39 to $30.33 per hour.

So their monthly and annual income would be somewhere around $4,222.4 to $4,852.8 and $50,668.8 to $58,233.6.

The average farmer job available on Indeed is paying around $14.34 to $26.39 an hour.

So by considering these hourly rates we get $2,294.4 to $4,222.4 monthly and $27,532.8 to $50,668.8 annually.

Besides the basic pay, these employees are usually entertained with free housing, disability insurance, employee discount, paid time off, and several other facilities.

So, by counting the basic salary and all the facilities as an income some of the employed farmers would be far more than the farmers with their farms.

Again, the farmers that are employed to a farm job are not earning the same amount of money, some would earn equal to the effort they put in and whereas the others would be receiving less. Employed farmer’s earnings depend on a few factors.

The factors that influence the employed farmer’s income are;

  • Working hours
  • Nature of job
  • Size and monthly farm’s profit
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Age

Working Hours; Just like every other employee out there, the salary of a farmer depends on the number of hours he works on a farm.

If the farmer is a part-timer he would be receiving less, to earn better he must be willing to work extra hours.

The farmers that are working on full-time jobs; eight hours a day er would be receiving more.

Nature of job

The nature of the job greatly impacts the number of salaries farmers receive.

If the nature of the job is tough, the farmer would be receiving more and if it’s not that strength-requiring, he might receive less.

Size and farm’s monthly profit

The farmers working at bigger farms have more impressive salaries than the farmers earning livelihood working at small farms located in a small town.

What impacts the farmer’s salary the most is “farm’s profit” if the farm is not earning enough profit how would the owner be paying handsome salaries.


Experience matters the most when it comes to salaries. The more experienced farmers the more they are paid. This is so because experienced people perform better.


The farmers are not required to be highly qualified, yet the better qualified get paid more. If the farmer is less qualified, he has to have the experience to get paid better.


Age does not matter much but sometimes it gets in the way and restricts the owner from paying more.

Both old and people under the age of eighteen get paid less as they do not have the strength to perform heavy farming tasks.

Our readers have got the idea how much money farmers may have been making every year. Frankly, it’s not that impressive but how cares if being a farmer is one’s passion? Let’s move ahead and clear some doubts out.

Farmers are not only the ones who work at their farms, raise and earn from their animals. Farmers can also be the one who does the same for someone else.

Let’s find out how much those farmers make who work from dawn to dusk at someone else’s farm?

How Much Do Farmers Outside the USA Make?

The farmers whether they are operating in the United States of America or any other developed or under-developed country of the world make a reputable livelihood.

It’s hard to list down every country and the farmer’s annual profit in their acceptable currency, there would not be an any better option that they are not earning enough to have a luxurious lifestyle. They are not earning so low that they can not pay for their expenses or run a family.

Why Do Farmers Not Make an Impressive Living?

Frankly, there is nothing that you can not achieve. You have to work a little hard to make an impressive living.

“Farmer” is a broad term, the person who grows and manages crops, buys, manages, and repairs farm equipment, monitors soil, herd, or keeps animals is a farmer.

A farmer can choose to do one or two of the above-mentioned activities, if he chooses the more profitable option like raising animals or growing or managing crops he would make an impressive living.

A farmer would only be earning less when he is not utilizing all ways he can earn money from.

For example, a livestock farmer can earn money in several ways; selling milk, meat, wool, manure, and unproductive animals, etc.

So, if the farmer chooses to sell meat only, how would he make an impressive living? Take another example, if a farmer chooses a low-value crop like maize, black glutinous rice, groundnut, sesame, and soybean, he would have to live from hand to mouth.

On the other hand, growing, managing, and selling Organic Kale, Alfalfa Sprouts, turmeric root, ginger, parsley, rosemary, basil, etc would help a farmer in earning a handsome amount of money. Frankly, to make a handsome amount of money, the farmer has to invest himself mentally and physically into the work.

It takes diligent planning, organization, logistic knowledge, hard work, and a reliable supply chain.


How Can Farmers Improve their Business and Income?

The farms usually began functioning on no profit no loss, it’s not impossible to generate profit from the farms either.

The farmers must know the smart ways to generate profit and be willing to work harder.

The livestock farmers earn from every single source they can use; even if it’s selling, milk, wool, and meat.

There is a famous saying “the more the sweat the more the reward, for the first few years farmers are recommended to take out only enough money to live, reinvest the rest in the farm and be prepared to earn more.

Even though farmers do not earn much, the tax deductions and write-off makes it a profitable profession

The agricultural and farming activities are encouraged by the Government. The farmers enjoy a lot of incentives, tax deductions, and write-offs.

The farmers do not have to share a huge portion of their income with the Government, so for that reason, it is taken as a reputable and profitable business.

Farming is a profitable side business but not a secure option

Some experienced farmers have reported earning $80,000 net profit from farming activities, it’s quite impressive for the farmer to earn.

As the farmers are usually entertained with tax deductions, incentives, and write-offs, it can be taken as a profitable business.

However, if we see it the whole other way, it can be profitable but not a secure option as with age working at the farm gets less feasible, and no matter how hard you work and how much you invest it would reward you with a good livelihood.

The farm would never grow to the point that you can make money to save, invest further, or spend on recreational activities.

Fruit trees and berries farming is the most profitable option

It takes hard work and a cunning mind to generate profit from framing. Farming can be of many types, the most profitable type is fruit or berries farming.

The low supply and high demand make berries an expensive fruit and farming a profitable option. Farmers have credited their bank accounts with millions from berries farming.


Farming can be a passion of many, the lifestyle of most farmers often leads us to think about whether we should adopt our passion to the profession or not.

The farmers, whether they are operating in the United States or any other country of the world, are earning a good livelihood.

On average, the reputable farmers earn around $70,000 a year whereas, the farmers from small-scale farms hardly earn more than $50,000 a year. Whereas, the farmers that are employed in farming jobs get to earn up to $50,000 a year.

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