Do Chickens Have Lips?

Do Chickens Have Lips

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Do chickens have lips? After a lot of heated discussions, you may not have agreed on any answer because of the lack of evidence. Whenever this question comes up in a conversation, mainly the answers are yes, no, or maybe.

Mostly, not a lot of people know whether chickens have lips or not. Most people equate beaks to lips but it is not right to do so. Lips and beaks are two different features.

It is quite interesting to learn about the anatomy of chickens as the feathered bird possesses some unique features.

It is understandable that you want to know more about what chickens have or what they do not like nostrils, ears, lips, etc.

Most chicken enthusiasts want to brush up on their knowledge of different parts of chickens.

Here, we are specifically talking about lips, do chickens have lips? Instead of giving people vague answers, we would like you to take a closer look at the subject matter and get a better understanding of whether chickens have this facial feature or not and why.

Do Chickens Have Lips?

Firstly, chickens are a species of birds having almost the same biological makeup. Most mammals have lips like humans whereas the birds do not. Like other birds, chickens also do not have lips.

Chickens, being part of the bird species, have beaks in place of lips that serve them better. Beaks are better suited for chickens to find and eat food.

Chickens have small tongues and no teeth. Beaks and small tongues are primarily used for feeding purposes. 

The next question coming to your mind would be that when lips are so important to mammals then why do not chickens have lips.

How do they live without such an important facial feature? You will understand this thing better if you look at evolution. They are not meant to do things the same way as humans like food consumption. 

Why Chickens Do Not Have Lips?

Now that you know chickens do not have lips, it is important to know why. Lips serve a special purpose but they are not as important for chickens as for human beings.

Chickens have no soft pouty lip area and have hard beaks to find food on hard surfaces.

Mammals and birds are evolved differently and live in different conditions and environments. Therefore, they have different features in accordance with the life they live.

First and foremost, know the real purpose of the lips, only then you will understand better why chickens do not have lips.

This facial feature is well-developed in humans for these four main reasons

  • To suck, so, infants can nurse from their mothers, and it can be observed in most mammals.
  • Lips form a tight seal to prevent food from fleeing the mouth or a sensory barrier to not let anything in that we do not want to eat.
  • Pre-digested food can be passed between mammals. 
  • Used for speech, to form different sounds and speak clearly.

Feeding is the most important function that lips serve. However, birds and chickens do not live or consume food the same way as mammals.

Chicken does not chew and has an entirely different digestive system altogether.

The process of food consumption, the organs they have, and how they work are all different.

Even the food consumed by birds and human beings is not the same. Chickens graze on scraps provided to them from the ‘human foods’.

If evolution had not happened, they would not have access to or consumed the same food as humans.

The prime example is chickens do not nurse, breastfeed, or feed on milk during infancy.

Chickens and birds have different diet types and preferences and the way each species get food is also somewhat different. 

Chickens are opportunistic feeders and use their beaks to find different food, as many of you may have observed.

They are not overly fussy about what are they letting in their system. Chickens do not overeat usually and their digestive system begins to work as they acquire the food.

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How Does a Chicken Eat Without Lips?

They have no difficulty consuming food without lips, instead, they have a better and more useful feature, beaks.

It is better suited for the kind of food they eat in the wild. Beaks are helpful to peck, forage, scratch around, and break up food before consumption. 

The type of food they need to be foraged for, cracked, broken into, or smashed with their beaks as they lack hands and other tools to do so.

They use small tongues to pass down food to the esophagus and then to the crop. It is a holding area observed by a large bulge around the breast. 

Food is then transferred to the stomach from the crop. In the stomach, a strong muscle termed gizzard chew the food with the rough grit as chickens do not have teeth to do so.

Why Are Beaks Better For Chickens Instead of Lips?

Just take a moment and imagine chickens with a pair of lips, how silly they will look. From the evolution perspective, chickens and birds have beaks because it is a better feature for the things they do and the type of food they eat.

It is an essential tool for their survival over the years. It is believed widely that birds used to have teeth and then evolved to have beaks instead which was better suited for their survival. 

Hard beaks enable them to find food, crack nuts, grains, and hard shells which would not have been possible with lips.

It is also used to dig and find worms, insects, and other things. It is not true in the case of chickens, but beaks help birds with the flight.

Chicken Mouth

Chickens have beaks instead of lips for mouths. It is made out of a strong, calcium-rich structure.

Baby chicks use their beaks to chip out of their eggshells. Chickens use their beaks to groom by running them through their feathers. 

Chickens do not have teeth but small triangular-shaped tongues. The tongue fits inside the bottom of the beaks.

The beak’s lower part fits inside the upper part of the beak. There should not be gaps between two parts when breathing as both parts should align.

Chickens have beaks consisting of upper and lower parts. They do not have lips because of evolution as a primary factor.

Birds do not need lips as humans do. The type of food they eat and the stuff they use their beaks for would not be feasible with lips. To put it simply, their survival is not possible with lips. 


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