Can Sheep Eat Apples? 3 Ways to Feed

Can Sheep Eat Apples

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The benefits of eating apples are not hidden from anyone. It is a packed piece of delicious food nutrients that favors the body’s functioning and health of any living being. 

Here comes the question of which animals can digest them and gets a maximum gain from the nutrients packed in it. If so, then which benefits they gain from the apple fruit. 

Similarly, the most asked question like can sheep eat apples? Can sheep get drunk on apples? are answered in this guide in a  quite informal way. 

Let’s get started.

Can Sheep Eat Apples?

Yes, sheep can eat apples and are beneficial for them as for other animals, But there are many considerations before feeding apples to the sheep otherwise you will get them sick? The flesh portion of the apples that are packed with digestible food is quite beneficial for sheep.

Make sure to remove the seeds from the apples before feeding that could be poisonous for the sheep.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Feeding Apples to Sheep

Follow these precautionary steps to get the positive effects of feeding apples to sheep:

  • Wash the apples thoroughly
  • Cut the apples in small pieces with knife so the sheep could easily get in mouth and chew them
  • Make the pieces so small that sheep could easily move them to stomach instead of choking on them
  • While cutting the apples in small pieces, make sure to scoop out the stem and seeds from the apples as they are poisonous for sheep and many other animals

Now comes the question of how this nutritious packed fruit benefits living.

can sheep eat apples and carrots

Health benefits of Feedin Apples

Apples are the health perks that strengthen and improve the body systems and support the body’s health both inside and outside. Being a rich nutrient source, it is advised to add apples to the diet plan.

They are a rich source of fibers and potassium that improves the digestion processes and bowel movement. These fibers help in skin-related functions and improve stomach functioning.

Additionally, the potassium present in the apples has a unique role in the proper regulation of body processes by balancing the fluids and nerve signals.

It does impact the nerve signals in the body that monitor and control the muscle contractions in the body, especially the muscles concerned with the heartbeats and breathing.

Potassium in apples helps in managing the blood pressure and balancing the water retention ability of the body. Furthermore, it protects the body from renal calculi (Kidney stones) and strokes.

Nutritious Value of Apples For Sheep

Apple consists of various types of vitamins and minerals that are part of various body functions. It is a rich source of vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K.

All of these individual vitamins have their unique role in body processes:

  • Vitamin A improves the eyes and strengthens the immunity to fight against diseases and infections.
  • Vitamin B1 regulates the carbohydrates that play a role in providing energy.Feed grapes to sheep as an alternative feed.
  • Vitamin B2 improves the use of oxygen acquired by the lungs.
  • Vitamin B6 impacts hemoglobin production in the body.
  • Vitamin C helps in cell growth and repairing in case of damages. It also impacts the skin functions positively.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps in eliminating toxic free radicals.
  • Vitamin K impacts the blood clotting.

All of these vitamins in an apple do have many minerals like iron that improve the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells.

All of the livings consume these useful nutrients in a unique way. Similarly, sheep have various benefits on feeding with apples. 


How Do Sheep Benefit from Eating Apples?

As it is clearly defined above, sheep love to eat apples so you can start feeding them apples by cutting them into small pieces.

Sheep are resistant to new foods so to feed a new thing, you need to mix the food in your daily diet plan.

Apples are nutritious rich food sources for sheep and animals that balance the pH levels in the stomachs of sheep and ruminants.

The balanced nutrition of apples is very good for the health of sheep and other animals. 

They provide a good source of nutrients to keep the sheep and animals healthy.

The skin on the apple fruits is an important source of roughage that helps in the consumption of food in the digestive system.

It’s a supplementary food item that can be added in the existing diet plan to meet the nutrients demand of the body that never replaces a fully balanced meal.

Cares to Take While Feeding Apples to Sheep

Now it is clear how feeding apples to sheep is beneficial for their health. But, still, there are many caring steps to follow as:

  • To minimize the choking hazard by big chunks of whole apple fruit by cutting the fruit into many small pieces. Make sure to make thin slices of fruit before feeding to sheep so help the animal to get slices from the feeder.
  • Apple seeds consist of poisonous matter i.e. cyanide. These seeds are much harmful to sheep so scoop them out prior offering apples to sheep to avoid the toxicity.
  • Wash the apples thoroughly with clean water to remove any dirt that could lead to sickening the sheep.
  • Soak apples in warm water before offering them to sheep for at least an hour to remove any paint or stickers and pests remaining on the skin.

Do Apples Have a Complete Diet for Sheep?

It is a known fact that apples are a rich nutrient source but it does not mean that they are a complete diet for animals like sheep. However, they are treated as supplementary food in the existing diet.

Being nutritious food, they have all the important nutrients but it does not mean that they can solely fulfill the body needs of the sheep body. Actually, they do support the body functions but they cannot execute all the inner biological functions.

Apples are feed to sheep along with a healthy diet of hay, legumes, silage, grass, haylage, and commercial foods. Put the slices of apples in the hay feeders for sheep. Feeding through the feeders makes them safe from eating toxic food while grazing.

How Much Apples are Enough to Feed a Sheep?

Sheep loves to eat apples, but it does not mean to feed them with a huge load of apples that could cause painful bloating in the sheep. So it is necessary to feed them to a useful limit that is safe for animals.

The correct proportion of apples in the sheep diet is about ten to twenty percent. 

By feeding more than these limits, apples will cause the acidity that leads to the trapping of gastrointestinal gasses in sheep and cause painful blockages and disturbances in sheep’s bowels.

Always follow the diet plan of sheep and add the apples as the supplementary food within safe limits as feeding too many apples creates problems in the gastrointestinal that lead to bouts of diarrhea. 

other Treats for sheep


Apples are safe for sheep and many animals and give many beneficial impacts on the health of sheep. You can feed apples as a whole if smaller in size, but it is better to make the slicer pieces to avoid choking hazards.

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