Can Pigs Swim? 7 Facts About Pigs Swimming

Can Pigs Swim

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We all have grown up hearing (someone of us believing as well) that “pigs are mammals that can not swim”. It’s time to get introduced to the truth just so we can tell our grandchildren and the young generation what exactly the reality is.

In this brief post, we would discuss whether this poor creature can swim or not? We would also be revealing some interesting facts relating to the topic.

Can Pigs Swim?

Yes, pigs can swim. In fact, this intelligent, curious, and affectionate little fellas swim “really” well. Several hundred thousand pigs out there swim every day and they kind of love being taken out for swimming.

Do Pigs Enjoy Swimming?

Yes, they do absolutely love swimming. Taking your pet pigs out for swimming would put them in a better mood.

As we all know, swimming helps in cooling down and regulating the body temperature so why would an animal that can swim effortlessly not enjoy it?

How Do Pigs Swim?

Pigs are buoyant, their body can naturally stay afloat in water, all they have to do is to move their legs to swim.

An experiment was conducted on their swimming. For their ability to stay afloat, swimming has become quite easy and fun for this little fella. So, the appropriate and brief answer would be like humans: they just have to doggy paddle to swim in rivers, streams, lakes, and swimming pools.

Now that you know pigs can swim and they do enjoy swimming, it’s time to enlighten our readers with some other interesting yet surprising facts;

The widely believed statement “pigs are mammals that can not swim” is just a myth

As we have mentioned above, pigs can swim and they go swimming quite often to regulate their body temperature and have fun.

“Pigs are mammals that can not swim” is a widely discussed and believed statement, that is not true at all. Pigs can swim and they know the art of swimming by birth.

Pigs do not need to be trained, they naturally know how to swim

Some animals like gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, apes, and dogs need to be trained or at least be introduced to water to be taken out for swimming.

Fortunately, pigs are categorized as the animals who need not be trained and introduced to water as they naturally know how to swim. If you are raising pigs at the farm then no need to worry about hard training.

The said creature is regarded as “excellent swimmers” not for the reason that they swim well but also because they need not be taught.

Pigs have been swimming since the beginning of time for various reasons

Domestic small pigs may get to go out swimming once or twice a week but wild pigs have to swim almost every day.

They jump in the water to escape predators, to find better mating and foraging land.

Other than these three legitimate reasons, wild pigs prefer swimming to regulate their body temperature.

They can swim alone and with humans

Pigs do not need to be taught and they can not even be ridden as well like we ride horses in the water.

As pigs are naturally excellent swimmers, they can be sent alone without any fears.

It’s up to the keeper, if he wants to go along he can go along otherwise the pig would not mind swimming alone as well.

However, if you prefer to accompany your pet pig, he would appreciate this kind gesture.

They swim better in rivers, streams, lakes, and swimming pools

I might not need to remind my readers anymore that pigs are excellent swimmers, as they now already know.

Being naturally good at swimming makes it possible for the pigs to swim in rivers, streams, lakes, and swimming pools.

So, the keeper does not have to find one specific spot for pigs to swim. It can be a river, stream, lake, or swimming pool, make sure the water is fresh.

Pigs love water more, even more than mud

Pigs love mud, they are often seen playing and rolling around in the mud for a variety of other reasons as well.

They play and roll around in the mud to keep themselves from overheating or scraping off parasites; ticks and lice.

No doubt pigs adore mud but the said creature loves water as well. The water just has to be fresh, they would prefer water over mud.

Even the overly pampered pet pigs know how to swim

It’s not the harsh wild environment that has taught this poor creature how to swim, the pigs whether they are domestic, wild, or have been kept as a pet they would naturally know how to swim.

Even the overly pampered pets that have never been to water before would immediately start swimming without any training or introduction.

The wild pigs are better swimmers than the domestic ones

Domestic pigs can swim but they are not as great at swimming as the wild fellas. The reason is, the wild pigs never go out of practice, they have to swim every day to survive.

The domestic ones hardly get a chance to swim which makes their muscles weak for such high-performance activity.

So, for being able to swim better and for a longer duration the wild pigs are regarded as “excellent swimmers”.

Swimming is super beneficial for domestic animals like pigs

Swimming frequently does not keep the animals active; it regulates the body temperature as well.

This rewarding physical activity is more beneficial as pigs do not have sufficient sweat glands, so swimming or a day in mud can only help them in cooling down and regulating the body temperature.

Moreover, it would also help in improving muscle strength and stamina. If swimming, with giving a lasting experience, helps in bringing down the body temperature it’s quite fair to regard it as a rewarding physical activity.

Swimming with pigs is not recommended for humans

The overprotective pet parents may prefer going in the water with their pets, it seems harmless but it’s safe for humans.

The pigs are regarded as the carrier of several deadly diseases, jumping in the water with pigs would improve the chances of contracting these diseases.


Is it true that the wild pigs go swimming?

Yes, it’s true pigs living in the wild do go swimming quite often in summers. They need to swim to escape predators, stay active, and find better mating and foraging land.

Can domestic pigs swim well?

How well they can swim “actually” depends on the lifestyle they have. If they have lived an active life, swimming would not be a hard nut to crack. However, even if the domestic pigs are active and healthy they still would be as good at swimming as the wild ones are.

What do pigs love more, mud or water?

It’s hard to tell what exactly do pigs love more as they enjoy both mud and water. However, the experts have an opinion that this cute little creature adores water more.

How do pigs stay afloat?

Pigs are naturally buoyant, the buoyancy makes it possible for the pigs to stay afloat. To swim, the pigs do not have to worry about staying afloat, they are just required to do the doggy paddle.

Do pigs need to learn to swim?

No, pigs whether they are domestic or wild need not be taught or introduced to water. They know the art of swimming by birth. Get them into the water, they would instantly start swimming.

Why do pigs like fresh clean water?

It is now no secret that pigs like swimming in fresh clean water and there is a legitimate reason for that. Pigs do not have sufficient sweat glands it’s super hard for them to survive the summer heat without any temperature regulating activity. They enjoy jumping in and moving forward in water because it helps in regulating their body temperature.

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