Can Goats Eat Chicken Feed?

Can Goats Eat Chicken Feed

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Goats and chickens are often raised together even though this idea has been discouraged several hundred times.

Goats are herbivores, they can not pose harm to the chickens. So, we can say that there must be some other reason why raising goats and chickens together is considered a bad idea.

Well, chickens and goats should not be raised together for two major reasons; the microscopic parasite issue and to prevent goats from eating chicken feed.

The microscopic parasite is a legitimate issue, do goats “really” should not be eating chicken feed?

Can Goats Eat Chicken Feed?

No, goats can not eat chicken feed at all. More specifically, the chicken feed can neither be served as a meal nor a treat.

It’s just not healthy for goats to eat even though it contains several nutrients the said farm animals need to survive.

Do Goats Love to Eat Chicken Feed?

Yes, goats find chicken feed delicious. It’s not just goats who find chicken feed breathtakingly delicious, rats, mice, wild birds, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and even insects come to the chicken coop just to munch the chicken feed.

It is so delicious that goats can not help but appreciate it. That’s the reason why it’s hard to keep goats from eating chicken feed. So, to avoid the mess the livestock keeper tries not to raise them together. Or even if the chickens and goats are raised on the same property, they try to bound them to their limits.

Why Can’t Goats Eat Chicken Feed?

Goats can not derive nutrients and energy from chicken feed because it is a nutritionally unbalanced formula.

The mice, rats, wild birds, squirrels, chipmunks do not get issues because they hardly get to eat enough chicken feed to have issues.

Goats can eat anything in a noticeable quantity so it will cause harm. The chicken feed contains all the important nutrients goats need to survive.

However, the calcium/phosphorus ratio is what needs to be blamed for causing the most harm. 

Cause ruminal acidosis or laminitis-founder

The chicken feed contains more protein than demand. Goats can not digest high protein foods, they end up developing serious illnesses; ruminal acidosis and laminitis-founder.

Cause bloating or diarrhea

Ruminal acidosis and laminitis-founder are the two more serious issues. Because of the imbalanced nutrition, eating once can give goats bloating or diarrhea. 

Eating once, twice, or even thrice might not cause any incurable health issues. However, if the goats keep eating this protein-rich chicken feed frequently, it can cause death.

Meet the requirements of the omnivores

Goats are herbivores and chickens are omnivores, their feed can not be the same.

The chicken feed is made to meet the requirements of the omnivores, not herbivores. So even if the chicken feed contains all the required nutrients, it can never benefit herbivores.

Chicken feed contains a lot of grains

Goats are categorized as herbivores, they mainly derive their nutrients and energy from grasses and grains.

Grasses can be fed free of choice but the case of the grain is a bit different. Goats can eat grains but in moderation once or twice a week. 

Chicken’s feed contains a lot of grains since chickens are supposed to derive nutrients and energy from grains.

Goats can not digest grains in a noticeable quantity, they can cause bloating, diarrhea, enterotoxemia, and digestive issues. That’s another reason why feeding chicken feed is not a fine idea. 


Can farm animals eat chicken feed?

Chicken feed can be served as a treat to the omnivores but it can not be fed to herbivores. However, it is best to feed chickens as it is made to meet their requirements.

What happens when a goat eat chicken feed?

Goats should not eat chicken feed. It contains a lot of grains and an inappropriate calcium/phosphorus ratio so chicken feed can cause bloating, diarrhea, and even death.

How do I refrain my goats from eating chicken feed?

The best way to refrain goats from eating chicken feed is to not keep them together. However, if you want to raise them together, have separate housing and place chicken feed where it’s hard for the goats to access.

Is chicken feed toxic to goats?

Yes, it is kind of unhealthy as the chicken feed is made for the omnivores(that’s chickens) not herbivores(that’s goats). The chicken feed can cause bloating, diarrhea, and death. So, if we try judging the position from this point of view, chicken feed is toxic.


Goats can not eat chicken feed. If they do the goats would either get diarrhea, bloating, or several other digestive issues. The chicken feed should not be fed because it contains a lot of grains, has an unsuitable calcium/phosphorus ratio, and above all, it is not specifically made for goats.

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