9 Best Pig Waterer Reviews & Guide (2022)

Best Pig Waterer

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Searching for a pig waterer to withstand the pig abuse? We have got you covered. Since we have been discussing pigs a lot lately and our recent post on best pig feeders has gathered a lot of appreciation, so we decided to review the best pig waterer as well.

Freshwater is needed for better growth, metabolic function, promote milk production, remove wastes, transportation of nutrients, and regulation of their body temperature. Pig waterers hold water and supply only when it is needed.

These water pots are necessary to supply fresh water. The pig waterers also make the livestock keeper’s job unbelievably easy.

Pigs need a lot of water, the waterers need to be refilled every single day. It’s not that hard to refill the water pot if you are raising one or two pets but in pig farming refilling hundreds of water pots every day is not an easy task at all.

Investing in a pig-friendly automatic waterer can not only save your time but would never cut short the freshwater supply for pigs.

Knowing the importance of a pig waterer, we are here with the best selling options. Besides reviewing the most promising options available online we would also be enlightening our readers with a pig waterer buyer’s guide.

Best Pig Waterer Reviews

Best Overall: Yosoo Professional Automatic Water 

Easy to Mount: Rabbitnipples Large Stainless Steel Waterer

Affordable: Little Giant Piglet One Gallon Baby Pig Waterer

1. Yosoo Professional Automatic Water Dispenser For Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, And Goats

This Yosoo professional automatic water dispenser is manufactured to serve cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats. The anti-corrosion wear-resistant plastic makes it highly suitable for the job.

This easy-to-handle, store, and hang waterer gives you relief by taking the entire watering job on its shoulder. To serve the needs, the waterer is just needed to be connected to the water pipe.

It supplies water whenever the hog’s nose touches the top switch. Stainless steel netting filter and UV additive plastic makes it a must-have.

Distinguishing Feature

Netting filter, UV additive plastic, automatic refilling

Best For

Pigs, sheep, and goats


  • Can be returned or refunded in three months
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle, store, and hang
  • Automatic
  • Keep supplying fresh water
  • Can be used for Hogs, sheep, and goats, etc


  • It does not suit the well-grown pigs need

2. Rabbitnipples Large Stainless Steel Waterer For Hogs And Other Farm Animals

The Rabbitnipples stainless steel waterer is specifically designed to take in the hog abuse. This easy-to-mount waterer can be hanged to the pig fence with the help of mounting screws. 

The one big advantage of investing in Rabbitnipple waterer is that it allows the pig keeper to adjust (minimize or maximize) the water flow according to the requirements. Stainless steel makes it more durable and pig-friendly.

This Rabbitnipple’s waterers can be the best choice as it’s smooth and has no sharp edges. The enclosed water system keeps the water fresh for a longer time. Ideal for pigs of all sizes.

Distinguishing feature

Smooth edges, adjustable water flow

Best For

Piglets and mature pigs


  • Easy to mount
  • Durable
  • Specifically made for pigs
  • Has no sharp edges
  • Enclosed water system


  • Does not include mounting screws

3. Little Giant Piglet One Gallon Baby Pig Waterer

Little Giant has been serving the livestock keepers with all sorts of feeding and watering equipment. The Little Giant’s livestock equipment is admired for its affordable prices, durability, easy handling, and thoughtful designs.

This one-gallon waterer is enough to serve one or two piglets easily. One water gallon waterer is enough to fulfil the two or three days of water needs. The simplest design allows for easy cleaning and refilling.

Food-grade polyethylene plastic makes it the best and safer choice for piglets. The ultra-versatile design allows it to be mounted or kept on the ground. It can be easily shifted from one pigpen to another.

Distinguishing Feature


Best For

Though it holds on a gallon of water (that is enough to meet the needs of a fully grown pig) but the small water pot makes it useful to piglets only.


  • Easy to mount
  • Food-grade polyethylene plastic
  • Serves up to 2 days
  • Can be refilled easily
  • Affordable 
  • No connection with the garden hose is needed


  • It has to be refilled every other day
  • It’s not as durable as stainless steel waterers
  • Can only be used for piglets

4. Dahey Ceramic Automatic Water Feeder For Pig

Dahey’s automatic water feeder is designed and manufactured to serve the water needs conveniently. Ceramic construction makes it one hundred percent safe for mini pets, especially guinea pigs.

It can be refilled by placing the waterer hole in the water horizontally. Leakproof finishing allows it to be placed at any convenient place. This ceramic waterer is heavy enough to take in the pig abuse without losing it’s place.

It’s ideal to fulfill the needs of guinea pigs, birds, mice, hamsters, hedgehogs, ferret, and chinchilla, etc. However, most pet keepers find it too small and harder to clean. 

Distinguishing Feature

Ceramic, leak-proof

Best For

Guinea pigs only


  • Leak-proof
  • Easy refilling
  • Convenient
  • Can serve guinea pigs, birds, mice, hamsters, hedgehogs, ferret, and chinchilla


  • Too small
  • Heavy
  • Delicate
  • Harder to clean
  • Can only feed guinea pigs

5. Autofill Automatic Waterer Bucket For Pigs

Autofill Automatic waterer bucket is holding a place on my list because it’s useful, handy, and easier to use. The basic not-so-complex design makes it a must-have.

The best feature of the automatic waterer is that it can hold up to 5 gallons with ease. The Autofill waterer bucket supplies water from the stainless steel nipple. 

Garden hose connection, snap-on lid, carry and mounting handles make it nearly unmatchable for the said needs. Holds enough water to serve fully grown pigs, cattle, horses, goats, and sheep.

Distinguishing Feature

Bucket form, snap-on lid

Best For

Mature pigs


  • Basic, not so complex design
  • Embellished with automatic refill feature
  • Holds up to 5 gallons
  • Delivers 0.47 GPM water
  • Easy to mount and carry


  • Need an additional watering pot to serve the needs

6. Muduoban Stainless Steel Automatic Waterer Bowl For Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, And Pigs

Muduoban stainless steel is designed to supply fresh and clean water free from all impurities. Smooth, well-polished edges make it safer to use.

The impurities purifier does not let the impurities go and cause trouble in that little stomach. The heavy-duty stainless steel remains rust-free throughout the waterer’s life.

Inlet and outlet switch makes it more convenient to use. This stainless steel water trough can be used for horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, and pigs. The versatility of this waterer allows it to be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Distinguishing Feature

Inlet and outlet switch, Impurity purifier

Best For

Pigs of all ages


  • Smooth edges
  • Contains impurity purifier
  • Remains rust-free throughout it’s life
  • Can be used pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, and, dogs


  •  Not specifically made for pigs

7. Little Giant Plastic Heavy Duty Mountable Fence Feeder And Waterer

This Little Giant’s plastic heavy duty mountable pig feeder and waterer is manufactured to serve the feeding needs but its versatile design allows it to be used as a waterer as well. 

The heavy-duty plastic makes it strong enough to take in the pig abuse and stay intact. It can hold 4.5 quarts. This feeder/waterer can be mounted with the pig fence with the help of screws and hooks.

This multi-purpose pig accessory comes in one size but two colors. However, it can only be permanently mounted and does not come equipped with screws.

Distinguishing Feature

Permanent mounting hooks

Best For

Piglets only


  • Comes in two colors
  • Can hold up to 4.5 quarts
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Easy to mount 
  • Easy to refill
  • Multipurpose, can be used as feeder or waterer


  • May require more refilling
  • Does not have a cover
  • May not serve fully grown pigs

8. Rabbitnipple Automatic Farm Grade Stainless Steel Waterer

This waterer is another worth-praising Rabbitnipple invention that can serve horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and dogs equally well. Smooth edges make it highly recommended for stubborn pigs.

This automatic waterer is designed to reduce the livestock keeper’s manual labor. To refill the waterer, it is simply needed to be attached to the garden hose. This Rabbitnipple automatic waterer would begin supplying water as soon as the tap is on.

This waterer is and has been in Amazon’s choice because of it’s supernatural sales and several positive reviews. The heavy-duty stainless steel keeps it new and rust-free for a longer time.

Distinguishing Feature

Automatic refilling

Best For

Pigs of all ages


  • Well-known and well-trusted brand
  • Is in Amazon’s choice
  • Heavy-duty superior grade stainless steel
  • equally useful for dogs, goats, horses, pigs, and sheep


  • Not found yet

9. LuckyFarm Automatic Drinking Trough

LuckyFarm automatic drinking trough is made to serve almost every animal farm animal. It has been in Amazon’s choice as a goat waterer but it’s versatility allows it to be used as a pig waterer as well.

Superior grade plastic does not get affected by daily pig abuse. This user-friendly LuckyFarm waterer is easier to use and install. The size of this LuckyFarm waterer is perfect for pigs, goats, and sheep, etc.

It is made to reduce water waste. It’s easy to extract freshwater with this multi-purpose waterer as Pigs just have to push the pvcto back, the trough would be filled with water.

Distinguishing Feature

Automatic refilling

Best For

Well grown pigs


  • Reduces water wastes
  • Multi-Purpose water trough
  • Durable and affordable 


  • Made for goats and sheep specifically 

These were the options that have caught our attention for some reasons there would be some other promising options as well but it’s not fair to suggest anything doubtful. So, the list ends here. 

It’s important to mention here that do not get carried away by the heavily edited photos and customer-targeted product description. Even trash can be glamorized and sold for several dollars these days so it’s important to look more deeply to find the best possible option for your farm. The below-mentioned buyer’s guide would not only help you in being the judge but also assist you in selecting the right option.

How to Find the Right Pig Waterer

To get the right water pot for your pigs, you need to ask yourself the following questions and if the answers you get from the information given online match our answers, be sure that you have found the right option.

Is the material durable?

Pigs are messy and aggressive, they are abusing their feeders and waterers all the time. So, plastic or any other less durable material would not be able to serve the job for more than a few months. The pig feeders and waterers should be of stainless steel, as they hardly get affected by weather conditions and pig abuse.

How much water can it hold?

Once the material is acceptable, how much water it can hold should be bothering you. If you are planning to get a waterer for a fully mature pig make sure it can supply at least one gallon of water and for piglets half-gallon of water is enough to meet one day’s demand.

What is it made for?

Once you have got satisfactory answers to the above-mentioned questions, make sure the waterer you are planning to invest in is specifically made for the pigs. Some multi-purpose waterer can also be good for the job but what the specific pig waterer would do, is going to be unmatchable.

How can it be installed?

Installing is as important as material or any other thing mentioned on the list. Feeders and waterers must be installed to reduce the feed and water waste. The waterer should be easier to install and it should hold its place well. 

How does it get refilled?

We all know pigs eat and drink a lot because of this habit they usually gain weight quite easily. Feeders and waterers need to be refilled every day so you should be concerned about how the waterer would be refilled? Whether it’s easier to refill or not? If by chance, it makes you go an extra mile to be refilled, keep searching taking it as a red flag

Whether it’s affordable or not

It’s important to stay on budget to keep things running smoothly. Some online options are unnecessarily expensive so do not pay extra. When Amazon is bombarded with options, what’s the point of investing in the expensive ones only?


How much water pigs need?

Piglets need 0.5, mature pigs 1.5, gestating females 4, whereas the lactating swine require at least 6 gallons of water every day to keep the functions running smoothly.

What are the best brands for pig basic accessories?

Little Giant and Rabbitnipples are the two most popular brands for pig accessories. 

Why do pigs drink a lot of water?

Pigs eat and drink a lot. They are naturally attracted to the water because it manages metabolic function, adjusts the body temperature, promotes milk production, removes metabolic wastes, transports nutrients, and contributes to growth and reproduction.

Do pigs need a lot of water?

Let alone water, they need both feed and water in huge quantities to live a balanced life. A fully mature pig needs at least 1.5 gallons whereas pigs are fine with 0.5 gallons of water every day.

What do pigs drink water from?

Pigs drink water from the waterer’s nipple most of the time but that doesn’t mean they do not know how to drink water from the bowl. They can choose to drink either from the nipple directly or from the bowl.

Can pigs drink water from the trough?

The trough is not the right choice for pigs. Pigs don’t take it as a waterer maybe because they are used to drinking water from the nipple or bowl. 

Why do pigs need fresh water?

It’s no surprise, they need fresh water for the same reason we do. Clean and fresh water would accelerate their growth.

What are the major signs of dehydration in pigs?

There can be several signs of dehydration. Mainly less urination, dry nose, sunken eyes, rough hair coat, diarrhea are taken as the major signs of dehydration. Moreover, thin and bony pigs are also a victim of dehydration.

How long can pigs go without water?

Pigs can not go longer than 24 hours without water and feed. If they can still not find water salt poisoning takes over them and they can not survive salt poisoning for a long time.


Pig waterers are needed to supply clean and fresh water as per the requirements. There are several pig feeders and waterers available online but not all are equally good for the job. The pig waterer must be durable, hold enough water, and easy to mount. It’s hard to tell which waterer would be good for your pigs as the requirements are different.

Be the judge and find what suits your needs more. You can invest in some most trusted brands to get the right product. Little Giant and Rabbitnipples are the two most popular brands that have been serving the pig keeper for years. I hope you find this guide helpful. Good luck and happy shopping!

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