7 Best Pig Feeder (Reviews) in 2022

Best Pig Feeder

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Looking for a new pig feeder? Tired of needing to find pig feeders every other day? It’s just not your problem. Several hundred thousand pig keepers are often seen struggling to find the right feeder for their hog.

The pig feeders are mostly demanded to train pigs to eat in discipline and sometimes with a reason to let them eat as per their will. Pig feeders are also bought to reduce the feed waste.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the pig keepers do not usually find many options to choose from.

Despite having fewer options, It’s still hard to select one feeder out of those available options for a lot of reasons. 

My pig was developing a bad habit of putting his mouth in every dish, container he could possibly find. To train him to eat from his pot I was hell-bent on finding him a right feeding pot last week.

In between finding the right feeding pot I got to learn a lot about pig feeders. So, I decided to summarize it all in one article. The hog feeders that I had to choose from are;

Best Pig Feeder Reviews

  • Brower Hog Feeder
  • Behlen Country Four Feet Feed Trough
  • Little Giant Piglet Feeder 
  • Bower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder
  • Ware Manufacturing 5-Inch Sifer Pet Feeder With Lid
  • Bower Galvanized Steel Animal Feeder
  • Little Giant Heavy Duty Mountable Plastic Fence Feeder 

1. Brower Hog Feeder

The Brower is serving the livestock keepers with versatile feeding and watering equipment for almost a decade.

The quality, durability, and user-friendly construction make it a leading feeding and watering equipment brand. 

The 16-gauge sturdily built feeder is manufactured to withstand extreme weather and Pig abuse. Four openings and a seven-bushel feed capacity can feed up to 20 large hogs.

The adjustable feed slide allows the cover to shut automatically when the feed is full. Moreover, there are multiple other feeding and watering options for locally grown poultry; beef cattle, sheep, dairy, swine, and eggs.


  • Offers several multiple feeding and watering option
  • Enough for feeding 20 hogs
  • Large, free acting, automatic closure
  • Suitable for well-grown hogs
  • Sturdily build
  • Withstands extreme weather and hog abuse
  • Four feed openings


  • Got a few negative reviews 
  • Comes unassembled

2. Behlen Country Four Feet Feed Trough

Behlen country store was established in 1936 to provide value-added customer satisfaction with their versatile products.

This thoughtfully designed trough not only makes the refilling less tiring but gives the livestock easy access to feed.

The multi-purpose four inches tall steel feed trough is designed to be used for both feeding and watering purposes.

The versatile design allows it to be used for various other livestock options as well. It can hold 8-½ gallons of feed and 5 gallons of water.

The Behlen feeding trough is heavy and tough enough to take in the hog abuse without losing it’s place. Can be used to feed goats, deers, pigs, and sheep, for chickens, it’s too tall.


  • Heavy enough to hold it’s place
  • Can be used as a waterer
  • Easy cleaning and refilling
  • Equally suitable for mini or well-grown pigs


  • Needs a repaint after a few months of use
  • Got no cover
  • Can catch rust

3. Little Giant Piglet Feeder

Little Giant Piglet Feeder is made to serve the small needs. The open feeding trough makes it a handy pot for refilling and cleaning.

The little giant piglet feeder is highly suitable for those who are looking to get a valuable pig feeder at an affordable price.

The adjustable feed flow gives the pig keeper full control.

The only drawback a lot of pig keepers found is “missing cover”. The feed can get damp or moisten due to weather conditions.


  • 3 feed portions
  • Adjustable flow
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Can be used for chickens, rabbits, and pigeons, etc.


  • Suitable for baby pigs only
  • Got no cover

4. Bower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder

Bower 11H single door supplement hog feeder is in Amazon’s choice because of it’s positive reviews, supernatural sales, and user-friendly design.

This large pig feeder is enough to feed four fully grown pigs.

This 11H pig feeder can hold 1.5 bushels. The 20 gauge galvanized steel does not just add more toughness to nature but also allows it to take in abuse.

Adjustable feed gate and saver lip are placed keeping the needs of pigs in mind.

The well-covered top keeps the feed fresh for a longer time. It can be filled or refilled by raising back the top cover. Comes in only one size.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from ultra-durable 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Comes with a cover
  • Sturdy


  • Non-satisfactory installation instructions 

5. Ware Manufacturing 5-Inch Sifer Pet Feeder With Lid

This general-purpose pet feeder has recently gained popularity because of it’s versatile nature. The side hooks keep it in place and ensure easy installation. 

This versatile feeder can be used to feed chicken, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds.

The all-metal design makes it durable enough to last years with you. Have enough room to store at least 5 days’ feed.

The chew-proof metal keeps it new for a longer time. Available in only one color. Absolutely safe and handy for indoor use.


  • Can be used on all mini pets
  • Chew-proof, durable
  • All-metal
  • Doesn’t require refilling up to five days


  • Available in only one color
  • Can be used indoors only
  • Doesn’t include a lid

6. Bower Galvanized Steel Animal Feeder

Bower 18 CF galvanized small animal feeder is manufactured from top-grade steel that makes it nearly unbreakable.

This small feeder can be used to feed 4 pigs for several days as it can hold 25 pounds of feed.

The feed saver flange on the trough does not limit its use.

It can be used to feed chickens, goats, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, etc. It is designed specifically to reduce feed waste.

Balanced weight distribution doesn’t allow it to move an inch from the place it is mounted. However, it doesn’t include a lid. 


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Balanced weight distribution aid in holding the place
  • Designed to reduce food waste
  • Manufactured from top-grade steel


  • Doesn’t include a lid
  • Suits chicken more
  • Good for indoor use

7. Little Giant Heavy Duty Mountable Plastic Fence Feeder 

The Little Giant Heavy Duty Mountable Plastic Fence is not specifically made for pigs but it’s okay for occasional use.

It’s easy to store and mount. The heavy-duty hooks make it useful for the long haul.

This portable feeder is quick to take off and install. The durable heavy-duty plastic doesn’t restrict its use” to indoors only”.

It is 11 inches long, 6.75 inches wide, 6 inches high, enough to feed one pet pig.

It can be used to feed birds, horses, goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, calves, chickens, and baby pigs. It comes in two sizes and colors.


  • Unlike other pig feeders, it comes in sizes and attractive colors
  • Easy to take off and install
  • Heavy-duty aluminum hooks


  • It’s not as durable as steel feeders
  • Can only allow one pig

These were the pig feeder options that caught my attention. Unfortunately, we are unable to bring more options to the limelight as the Little Giant and Bower have not allowed the small feeder manufacturing brands to make it to Amazon. Therefore our recommendation list ends here.

As we all know hogs are messy eaters they don’t know what the word “discipline” means when it comes to eating. So, The pig feeders should be bought after detailed research as not all feeders can stand up to the pig abuse.

 While looking for a pig feeder the first thing you need to be careful with is it should be a “specific” pig feeder. 

The feeders that are specially designed for hogs are tougher and far more durable than the general animal feeders.

Do not ever go get carried away by the catchy advertisement, eye-catching photos, and impressive product description as these are just selling tricks.

Feeders play an important role in maintaining the pig’s health as these cute little fellas eat in a huge quantity, the feeders are bought to retain a balanced diet that helps in maintaining healthy stock, maximizing growth, reproduction, and increasing production.

This reason defines how important it is to choose the right feeder for your pet pig. Now that you got to know the importance of a pig feeder in a pig’s life, want to know how can you judge whether this feeder is right for the job or not?

How to find the right pig feeder – Buyers Guide

Finding a pig feeder can be the toughest or easiest job in the world as there are quite a few companies that are manufacturing and listing their top-grade feeders on amazon, it can be the toughest as it should be able to withstand the hog abuse and offers only the required quantity of feed. While finding the pig feeder you have to look for a few things;


The first thing you need to be aware of before placing a order is “material”.

Pigs abuse the feeders and waterers a lot so the feeder should be of fine material like steel as it is apparent, sturdy, and durable in all senses.

The plastic feeders may not be able to serve the purpose more than just a couple of months.


The next thing you should be bothering about is whether it has a lid or not? It may appear unimportant to you but having a feeder with a lid can save your pig feed from getting affected by the weather conditions.

Feeders usually come without lids but the feeders with this valuable addition are not rare. 

Gate and Lip

Gate and lip also play a huge role in supplying the feed right away.

The feeder’s gate should be adjustable so that you can minimize or maximize the quantity of feed being released.

The commercial pig feed is expensive, the feeder should have a lip to avoid feed spilling all over the ground.

The lip should be right above the front gate to serve the food and keep the moisture, bugs, rodents away. 


Size is an important factor that should never be ignored when you are selecting the pig feeder.

You need to be aware of whether the feeder is for one or two or three pigs.

The feeder should hold a good amount of feed to feed the pigs for at least two to three days. So, look for the height and width of the feeder to minimize the refilling required.


Like shopping for every essential item, you need to look for the amount of money it is being offered at.

If it suits your budget you can go for it if don’t the market is still crowded with the affordable options.

Moreover, double-check the height as you certainly do not want to lose half of the feed by spillage. Also, pay attention to how it can be installed? Whether it has the hooks or other installing aid or not.

Weight should also not be ignored because it allows the feeder to hold its place.

The majority of the top-grade feeders come in steel color but if you want it to be in a specific color, you can consider looking for that color as well. 

Half knowledge is dangerous, you should know how much feed your pig needs daily to get the right feeder. So, let’s not deprive you off of this valuable information;

Generally, the fully grown pig needs 8.8 to 17.6 lbs of feed every day to live a balanced life. Whereas, the piglets’ daily feed requirements depends on their age and weight.

On average the daily need is;

AgeWeightFeed Requirement
8 to 10 weeks26 to 33 lbs1.6lbs
10 to 12 weeks33 to 44 lbs2.2lbs
12 to 16 weeks44 to 88lbs4.4lbs
16 to 18 weeks88 to 110lbs5.5lbs
18 to 24 weeks110 to 185lbs6.6lbs
24 to 28 weeks185 to 231lbs7.7lbs

It wouldn’t be hard now to judge how much feed your pig feeder should hold. Half of your issue, I’m sure is resolved and you are welcome.


Pig feeders are not designed to hold food scrap or any garbage pigs like to get their hands on. These feeders are specifically made to be filled with corn, soybean meal, or commercial feed only. If you want to feed food scrap you have to invest in some general animal feeders.

My recommendation 

All the above-mentioned options are good for the job but Bower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder and Bower Galvanized Steel Animal Feeder are quite up to the mark for pig feeding. 

These feeders are of perfect size, affordable, and made of steel. Do not solely rely on my recommendation do thorough research, be the judge, and find out what fulfills your need as what suits us may be useless for you.


Pig feeders are demanded to give these cute little messy creature freedom to eat. Feeders are an excellent tool to reduce food waste.

The reliable feeders that are available to be sold on Amazon are; Brower Hog Feeder, Behlen Country Four Feet Feed Trough, Little Giant Piglet Feeder, Bower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder, Ware Manufacturing 5-Inch Sifer Pet Feeder With Lid, Bower Galvanized Steel Animal Feeder, and Little Giant Heavy Duty Mountable Plastic Fence Feeder.

All these options are durable except the plastic one (it isn’t as durable as steel hog feeder but enough to feed up to a year at least).  Bower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder and Bower Galvanized Steel Animal feeder are the most promising options for two to three pig’s feeding requirement. Lastly, I hope you have found this article helpful.

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