4 Best Goat Dehorner Reviews (2022)

Best Goat Dehorner

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Understood the importance of disbudding? That’s great. Now that you have got to know why disbudding is important you should not delay it any further.

Delaying and disbudding the mature goats is utter cruelty because it gets severely painful for the poor little animal. As it is recommended to nip the evil in the bud, you have to start looking for a dehorner right away.

We understand how hard and overwhelming it is to select one from the available option especially when you barely know the equipment. So, we have decided to help our regular readers in finding a dehorner for their goats.  But first, let’s keep our readers on priority who are solely reading this article to increase their knowledge. 

The other popular dehorning methods are; caustic paste disbudding, knife disbudding, hot-iron dehorning, hand saw dehorning, gouger dehorning, spoon disbudding, and obstetrical dehorning. 

You need to know that there would hardly be a dehorner that will not resemble the regular designers, the said equipment usually has the same design.

Best Goat Dehorner Reviews

1. OdontoMed2011 Steel Veterinary Calf Dehorner

This 17″ OdontoMed2011 dehorner is engineered to make the dehorning process easier for the goats and the person performing it. The simplest design allows it to be used by unskilled persons as well.

This 17″ long dehorner can effectively and painlessly dehorn both calves and goats. Superior grade stainless steel prevents rust and ensures longevity. The sharp half curved blades lock the horns in and leave only when the goats or calves are disbudded properly.

Long working handles ensure users’ safety as dehorning can make the goats go insane. Poly-coated grips do not just aid in painless and tireless holding, it also prevents slippage to great extent. Designed for smooth operations.


  • Superior grade stainless steel
  • Does not require any professional handling
  • Can be used on calves and goats
  • 100% effective
  • Non-slip
  • Durable
  • Affordable 
  • Curved blades


  • Not a specific goat dehorner
  • Got no reviews

2. G.S Online 17″ Long Barnes Style Stainless Steel Veterinary Dehorner

This G.S Online proud invention is manufactured to serve livestock keepers across the globe. This least-known disbudding equipment is made from superior-grade stainless steel, which promises durability. 

The basic design makes it handy and super effective in the purpose this dehorner is engineered for. Curved blades do not just keep the horns in place but also make the entire disbudding process less quick and less painful.

The non-slip rubber handles prevent sweat and slippage as there is no room for sweat and readjustment in the whole disbudding process. However, like most of the dehorner listed on Amazon, it has also got no negative or positive reviews. So, it’s hard to see it from the existing owner’s point of view.


  • Curved blades
  • Basic, easy to use design
  • Durable
  • Prevents readjustments and sweat
  • Ensures quick disbudding process
  • Affordable 
  • Made to cater to the goat owner’s disbudding needs


  • Got no reviews 

3. Neogen Barnes Dehorner

Neogen Barnes dehorner is specifically designed to offer satisfactory disbudding results. The heavy-duty stainless steel does not bend or get eaten by rust.

This 13″ long dehorner is easy to use and convenient to store. The dehorner can be used and packed again to keep it effective and useful for a long time. This five-star dehorner comes with a limited warranty. 

Poly-coated grips over maximum comfortable, non-slip grip, thus eliminating readjustments. The sharp blades make the disbudding process quick, less stressful, and painful for the poor little goats. The versatility of this dehorner allows it to be used on other animals as well.


  • Do not bend
  • Works great
  • Offers spectacular results
  • Highly rust resistant
  • Makes the dehorning process quick, painless, and less tiring


  • A little less long

4. Laja Imports Metal Dehorner

Laja Imports, a Miami-based brand, has been serving us with the best equipment for ages. The innovative products and affordable prices have got them recognized as the brand livestock keepers can count on. 

Sharp curved blades make the dehorning process quick and less painful. The curved blades first lock the horns in as the user presses the handle, the blades pass through the horns making the goats hornless, disbudded, or dehorned. 

Poly-coated grips do not just prevent blisters but also offer maximum comfort and support the user’s hand needs to disbud the horns. As per the manufacturer, this Laja Imports metal dehorning can be used for goats, sheep, and calves. 


  • Well known brand
  • Quickly and painlessly disbud the horns
  • Can serve the sheep and calves as well
  • Affordable 
  • Standard length 
  • Non-slip grips


  • None

These were the few options that caught our attention at the first sight. Dehorners usually have the same design so it’s useless to add six or seven more similar products just to overwhelm the readers. Usually, the goat dehorners do not require you to act wise, compare, and extract the right one out but still, you have to double-check the few details right before placing the order. 

How do you find the right dehorner for your goats?


The first that should be bothering you is “material”. Most dehorners are made from stainless steel as it’s sharp and can cut off the horns quite effectively than any other such material out there. You would hardly come across any other material but there is no harm in double-checking the material, right? 


Once the material mystery is sorted, you need to pay attention to the grips. As horns do not get disbudded by slight pressure and you can also not afford slippage. If, unfortunately, in between pressing the handles your hand slips the disbudding result would not be even. If you do not want your goats to go through the horrifying process again, make sure the handles are rubber-coated.


Material, grips, and blades play an important role in the effectiveness of a dehorner. Now that you are satisfied with the material and the grips, give blades a thorough checkup. The sharper the blades the easier and quick the disbudding process would be. Curved blades are usually recommended for this purpose. 


Now you need to check if the dehorner you have chosen is fairly priced or not? Few products on Amazon are overpriced but the beauty of shopping on Amazon is, you can find similar products listed under another brand name at low prices as well. So, do not settle especially when you are searching for dehorner online. Keep researching and until you are satisfied with the price it is being offered at. 

My recommendation? 

As our few previous posts with the “My recommendation” heading got so much appreciation so we decided to pick one or two this time as well. Out of these few options, we have found Laja Imports Metal and G.S Online 17″ Long Barnes Style Stainless Steel Veterinary Dehorner quite reliable for the job.  
Lastly, I would like to suggest here that do not go for anyone’s words, be the judge, and order what suits your needs. What if the product being suggested does not work for you? So, we encourage you not to make a hasty decision. Good luck and happy shopping!


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