The 5 Best Cattle Prod in 2022

Best Cattle Prod

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Taking livestock out or migrating from one place to another is a big deal as it’s hard to keep them all together. Settling the fights is also not really fun, the rest is a bit easy. Fortunately, we have found one solution for these two problems and we call the solution “livestock prod”. 

The livestock prod is a handheld device that appears like a stick. It is also known as stock prod or a hot stick. The livestock prod is a forgiving accessory that we all livestock keepers must have.

It’s an electric stick that has electrodes on the end. The livestock keepers use these prods to give animals a bearable shock to keep them moving. 

If you are struggling to keep the livestock moving in a certain way, investing in a good quality prod would make the job easy for you. 

Convinced already? Here are some suggestions;

Best Cattle Prod Reviews

1. Wadoy Livestock Prod For Cows

Wadoy is an Amazon seller who has been bringing us the most versatile accessories for quite some time. Furnace screen sets, refrigerator vents, RV door window cover, bumper plug end cap, RV vent fans, RV camper wheel chocks, pool skimmer accessories kit, pool filter media balls, and livestock prods are the Wadoy’s hot selling items.


This Wadoy’s Livestock Prod is manufactured from superior grade engineering plastic(ABS).

Engineering plastic is a form of plastic that happens to have better thermal and mechanical properties.

It is far more expensive and durable than the commodity plastics; PVC, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, and Polypropylene.

The said forgiving material is known for its rigidity, mechanical strength, and fire and heat resistance. 

Important details

The said Woday’s creation has 24 inches shaft length, 20,000 mAh battery capacity, DC 8V, and 8,000 to 10,000V input and output voltage. 


This Wadoy’s livestock prod is designed and engineered to assist the livestock keepers. It has got a safety switch and a button clip.

The livestock keeper has to use the safety switch and button clip to bring it to a usable form.

What’s more surprising is that there is a gap between the cord and the handle. It is placed to protect the on/off button from being pressed accidentally. 

Excellent electrical conductivity, low current

Low current and excellent electrical conductivity make this Wadoy’s prod livestock farmers’ favorite. It does its job efficiently well without hurting the animals. What else would a livestock farmer demand? 


This Wadoy’s prod is not designed and made for any specific purpose in mind. It is simply versatile enough to be used on pigs, goats, sheep, dogs, and cows. 

However, the only issue the livestock keeper might have with Wadoy’s prod is that the battery needs to be changed frequently.

The battery slot also needs to be checked quite often as the few existing users have claimed that their battery gets misplaced every other day. 


  • Versatile enough to be used to move cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and dogs
  • Happens to have 24 inches shaft length, 20,000 mAh battery capacity, DC 8V, and 8,000 to 10,000V input and output voltage 
  • High-quality bendable PVC rod
  • Durable
  • Engineered from superior grade engineering plastic that is known for it’s rigidity, mechanical strength, and fire and heat resistance
  • Supernatural electrical conductivity, low current
  • Does not injure or harm the animal
  • Coming from a well-trusted seller
  • Comes with a nine-month warranty 
  • This Wadoy’s deal comes with all necessities; stock prodder, handgrip, and an adapter
  • Offers non-slip grip


  • None

2. SHZICMY Hot Shock Rechargeable Electric Livestock Hand Prod

SHZICMY is a least-known Amazon seller that truly deserves our attention. This Amazon seller is offering our necessities at affordable rates.

Quality and the price should be our concern, SHZICMY understands that! 


Like most of the livestock prod out there, this SHZICMY’s creation is also engineered from high-quality engineering plastic.

Engineering plastic is admired for its outstanding electrical insulating properties, stiffness, and strength.

Because of the said material’s durability and rigidness, it is used in automotive, building and construction, electronic, consumer appliances, and industrial applications. 

Effective yet gentle

The livestock prod’s job is to keep the animal moving in the desired manner, it shouldn’t hurt the animal at all.

This SHZICMY’s livestock prod is made not to hurt the animal to keep it in the queue.

In simpler words, it is gentle enough not to hurt the animal and effective enough to serve the purpose.


This livestock prod is made to be effective on cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs, etc.

It is super successful inefficient herding, catching, and keeping the animal moving. So, it can be taken as an all-purpose prod.

The upgraded version, non-slip grip

The prod that we have been discussing here is upgraded and better than the previous versions.

The upgraded version is safer, easier to use, and has a longer life.

The non-slip grip makes it more effective in keeping the animal in the queue. 

Highly suitable for training

As it is a multi-purpose prod that works exceptionally well for efficient herding, catching, and keeping the animal in the queue.

Besides these typical uses, it has been effective in training the animals as well. The livestock keepers can use it to train the guard dogs as well.


  • Does not require you to bend forward
  • Effective for efficient herding, catching, and keeping the animal in the queue
  • The upgraded version, safer and effective
  • Does not hurt the animal, effective yet gentle
  • Engineered from superior grade engineering plastic
  • Durable, handy, and affordable
  • Can be used on cattle, dogs, pigs, sheep, and goats
  • Can be used to train guard dogs


  • Least-known seller
  • Does not come with instructions

3. M.Z.A Battery Operated Electric Livestock Prod

This M.Z.A battery-operated electric livestock prod is in Amazon’s choice as the “cattle prod for cows”.

This 1.9 pounds electric prod is specifically designed and manufactured to manage the livestock efficiently. 


This M. Z. A battery-operated electric livestock prod is made from high-grade structurally sturdy ABS engineering plastic.

ABS, a food-grade thermoplastic, offers rigidity, tensile strength, impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance. 

Effective, easier to use and troubleshoot

The M. Z. A electric livestock prod does not require you to go through a manual, it is easier to understand and use.

Just as easy as it is to use, it’s quick to troubleshoot as well.

The high electric conductivity and low current make it supernaturally effective in controlling and maintaining the herd. 

Innovative whistle features

The baby animals can not be contacted as it can harm these poor animals. For these little fellas, there is a whistle/noise feature.

The livestock keeper can use the whistle/noise feature to bring these little fellas back to the herd.

This whistle/noise feature makes this M. Z. A unique. 

It includes

The M. Z. A electric livestock prod package includes one livestock prod only.

The C batteries are not part of the deal even though the booklet in the package describes them as part of the package. 


  • Manufactured from superior grade engineering plastic 
  • Versatile, durable, effective, handy, and affordable 
  • Can be assembled and disassembled easily
  • Easy to use and troubleshoot 
  • Has a whistle/noise feature for the little fellas
  • 41 inches long with a 31.5 inches long rod and 9.5 inches long handle


  • The battery compartment is not waterproof 
  • Got a few negative reviews 
  • Least-known brand
  • Does not come with C batteries 

4. Wadoy Hot Shock Battery-Operated Livestock Prod

Another promising Wadoy accessory that caught our attention is this Wadoy hot shock battery-operated livestock prod.

This detachable Wadoy’s creation has got everything a livestock keeper demands in a Prod.

Though everything about this Wadoy’s livestock prod is unique, here’s what we found worth-sharing;


Livestock prods are usually made from engineering plastic, this Wadoy’s hot-shock battery-operated livestock prod is just no exception.

The ABS plastic gives this livestock prod outstanding electrical insulating properties, stiffness, and strength. 

Effective and easy to use

Like the other above-mentioned Wadoy’s livestock prod, this hot shock battery-operated livestock prod is gentle enough not to harm and effective enough to keep the animal in the queue.

It’s super easy to use; all you have to do is screw the rod to the handle, turn on the power switch, press the prod switch and gently touch the animal’s hind leg muscle with the electrodes to bring it back to the herd. 


This livestock prod is versatile enough to be used to discipline pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats, etc.

It does not harm or cause irritation, the Wadoy’s livestock prod rather improves the work efficiency.

It assists like no other thing while migrating the livestock from one place to another. 

Detachable, money-back guarantee

The livestock prod, if not detachable, would get hard to carry and store. Wadoy understands that and the detachable pole and handle are the proof of that.

The livestock keeper can detach the pole and handle and store it in a bag or something until the next time.

The best part of this Woday’s deal is that the seller offers a money-back guarantee, if the buyer is unsatisfied he can contact or request a refund. 


  • Manufactured using superior grade engineering plastic that is known for outstanding electrical insulating properties, stiffness, and strength
  • Does not harm, injure, or cause irritation 
  • Easy to attach, use, detach, and store
  • Can be used roughly
  • Offers slip-resistant grip 
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee 


  • Got no reviews to judge

5. WUPYI Rechargeable Hot Shock Electric Livestock Prod

This 65 cm long rechargeable hot shock electric livestock prod is the last one on our list. It is solely being recommended for it’s versatility.

This rechargeable hot shock electric livestock prod is just as forgiving, durable, affordable, and handy as any other WUPYI accessory. Let’s see how is it so;


This WUPYI’s rechargeable hot shock electric livestock prod is engineered from superior grade PVC plastic.

It nearly has the same mechanical strength, heat chemical, and impact resistance.

Moreover, the superior grade PVC is also known and admired for its strength, lightweight, hardness, durability, and high tensile strength. 

High voltage, low current shock

This WUPYI’s rechargeable hot shock electric livestock prod is made to discipline livestock with high voltage, low current shock.

The shock is not deadly enough to kill or injure the human or animal but it’s strong enough to cause bearable pain. 

Detachable handle, large battery capacity

Most of the livestock prods have detachable handles just so it gets easier to store.

This WUPYI rechargeable hot shock electric livestock prod belongs to the categories of those detachable prods.

The livestock keeper can detach and store it and assemble it back in the time of need. Large battery capacity is another plus that brought this PVC electric prod to our list.

Fast charging and long service life, don’t we demand that from a battery-operated device? 

Non-slip handle, wrist strap

What might this electric prod have and some electric prod does not have is the wrist strap. The non-slip handle and the wrist strap together give the livestock keeper a superior grip over the prod. 


  • Rechargeable, fast charger, and large battery capacity
  • Detachable handles 
  • Offers high voltage low current shock 
  • Does not cause injury but a little bearable pain 
  • Does not kill human or animal in contact 
  • Manufactured from superior grade PVC plastic that is known for it’s strength, lightweight, hardness, durability, and high tensile strength
  • Got a wrist strap for better grip


  • Manufactured from a PVC plastic that is not as strong and sturdy as engineering plastic

How to Find the Right Electric Livestock Prod?

Finding the right livestock prod is important as at the end of the day we are receiving it in exchange for our hard-earned money. Buying the simplest electric device like an electric livestock prod can get trickier if we you do not know what to look for. Since we are here to help, here is what you need to pay attention to. 

  • Material 
  • Length
  • Color
  • Battery capacity, input and output voltage 


The material should be catching your undivided attention first. You must know that all livestock prods would be made from plastic, some from high-quality engineering plastic whereas the cheaper ones are from inferior quality plastic.

If you are looking for a long-term solution, look for engineering plastic. If finding a short-term solution is your concern, PVC or other inferior grade plastics would be the answer. 


Buying perfect-sized livestock is super important and bending forward to reach the animal every single time would be tiring. So, determine your need first. 


Color does not ”really” matter however if you do get attracted toward pretty things, you can look for a specific colored livestock prod as well. There would be many options but there is no harm in looking for one. 

Battery capacity, input and output voltage

Battery capacity, input, and output voltage can also be checked. All livestock prods would be listed with such information, scroll down, and double-check the battery capacity, input, and output voltage before placing an order.

The livestock prods are manufactured in a range of voltages and currents these days. The high current shock hurt, burn, or scar the animal for life. So, to bring the right prod home pay attention to the details. 

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