Flap Meat vs Skirt Steak: Comparison and Types

Flap Meat vs Skirt Steak

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Even if you go and eat out a lot, we still get to hear about the new meat fancy dishes every other day.

It’s super embarrassing to ask the waiter what the dish is made of or how it tastes, especially when you are out on a date.

Hearing or eating a fancy dish for the first time in one situation but confusing one with another is a whole different case.

Steaks are often successful in confusing the natives, the most frequently confused beef steaks are Flap Meat and the Skirt Steak. 

It would have been fair to get confused if they are just discovered but the Flap and Skirt meat are around for decades.

No matter how many times we read or get to hear the difference.

We forget every single time as these steaks are usually not explained properly or not compared properly. 

Flap Meat

Flap Meat, as believed, is a beef steak fetched from the obliquus internus abdominal muscle of the bottom sirloin.

The processed Flap meat is known as Flap steak, the meat lovers often confuse it with the hanger steak or the skirt steak.

Flap steak (the meat collected from the obliquus internus abdominal muscle of the bottom sirloin) is heavenly flavorful, fibrous, thin, and super chewy.

The Flap meat is marinated, grilled, broiled, pan, or stir-fried at a dry high heat. and cut thinly across the grain.


The dry heat-cooked Flap Meat is then cut thinly across the grains and served in a fancy way.

As per the experts, grilling is the best and the fastest way to enhance the flap meat’s flavor. 

The Flap Meat or Flap Steak is eaten and presented in many ways; as a ground for hamburgers, sausage meat, and steak tips in some parts of the world. 

Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is another piece of meat that is collected from cattle.

The processed piece of meat that we call Skirt Steak is fetched from the cattle’s plate. 

The said steak is the best all-purpose beef cut that can easily be grilled, roasted, or broiled to perfection.

No matter how the Skirt Steak is cooked, it never loses its intense beef flavor. The uncooked Skirt Steak is easy to judge.

The cooked one is hard to figure out and it often gets confused with flank Steak and Flap Meat. 

The Skirt Steak is trimmed as it contains a tough membrane that must be removed before cooking.

The trimmed Skirt Steak is seasoned and marinated for at least thirty minutes. It is cooked in many ways; however, meat lovers find grilled and pan-seared Skirt Steak more flavorful. 


So far we can say, Skirt Steak and the Flap Meat or steak are both a product of beef.

The Flap Meat or Steak is fetched from the obliquus internus abdominal muscle of the bottom sirloin whereas the Skirt Steak is collected from the cattle’s plate. 

That’s not all, there are some other differences as well that must not be neglected.

It’s super hard for a naive to judge an uncooked piece of meat and say whether it’s Flap Meat or Skirt Steak.

To bring the right piece of raw meat home, you either have to take the butcher’s assistance or develop a better understanding. 

However, judging the grilled or roasted Flap Meat and Skirt Steak is easier.

The texture and flavor of well-cooked Flap Meat and Skirt Steak are somewhat similar, which makes it hard to distinguish Flap Meat from Skirt Steak.

Compare Flap Meat and Skirt Steak

Despite having a similar texture and flavor, Flap Meat and Skirt Steak can be judged and compared easily. Here’s how;


If you can judge the book by its color or appearance, comparing or judging the Flap Meat and the Skirt Steak is not that hard.

The true Flap Steak is usually thin, relatively lean, and coarse-grained. 

The Skirt Steak, as it is fetched from a short plate or diaphragm area, is thin, long-cut, and has visible grains. 


Both Flap Meat and Skirt Steak are prepared and made edible in many ways.

The Flap Steak you would find at the fancy restaurants is usually grilled.

Whereas the Skirt steak can be grilled, roasted, or broiled.

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Whether the Flap Meat is grilled or cooked in any other way, it retains its rich, beefy flavor.

The other option that is known as Skirt Steak has also got beefy flavor but it’s a little intense.

To be more specific, it is a bit more intense than flank steak or Flap meat. It is however not that overwhelming. 

So, it’s hard for a naive to taste one of the options and tell whether it was Flap Meat or Skirt Steak.

To be able to judge and compare whether it is Flap Meat or Skirt Steak or to compare which one has the better taste, you have eaten both one by one at the same time.

The Flap Meat and the Skirt Steak might have the same flavor but it is still distinguishable. 


The well-cooked Flap meat is tender but it’s less tender than the Skirt Steak.

No matter how you cook, the Flap meat or Flap steak remains less tender as compared to the Skirt Steak.


Both Flap and Skirt Steak are not as pricey as Kobe Beef Steak, Charbroiled Kobe Filet, Saltbae Tomahawk, and Wagyu Beef Sirloin, etc.

A well-cooked Flap steak is being offered at $12.99 whereas the Skirt Steak is being sold at $15.69.

So, as you can see the Flap Steak is quite cheaper as compared to the Skirt Steak.

So, we can say that the Flap and Skirt are the product of the different parts of the same animal.

Upon comparing the Flap Meat and Skirt Steak we are successful in fetching out the differences, the summary of it is; 

  • Both Flap Steak and Skirt Steak are collected from the cattle.
  • The Flap Steak is collected from the obliquus internus abdominis muscle of the bottom sirloin. The Skirt Steak is obtained from the animal’s plate. 
  • The Flap Meat is thin, relatively lean, and coarse-grained whereas the Skirt steaks thin, long-cut, and has visible grains. 
  • The Flap Meat is often grilled but the Skirt Steak is preferred grilled, roasted, or broiled.
  • Both products have a beefy flavor, the Flap Meat has a rich beefy flavor and the other option has got it a bit intense. 
  • The Flap Meat feels less tender than the Skirt Steak. 
  • The Flap Steak is cheaper whereas the Skirt Steak is a bit expensive option.
  • To be more specific, the Flap Steak costs around $12.99, the Skirt Steak is $15.69.

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