How to Check Hydraulic Fluid on a New Holland Tractor?

How to Check Hydraulic Fluid on a New Holland Tractor?

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The New Holland Tractor is a popular brand of tractor. It is one of the most powerful, advanced, and efficient brands of tractors ever created. Due to this fact, New Holland tractors should be properly taken care of to keep the tractor in a good condition. Thus, the need for regular maintenance.

One of the ways to ensure the good performance of a New Holland tractor is by regularly checking and changing the hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid is a medium by which power is disseminated in a piece of hydraulic machinery. So how can you check the hydraulic fluid on a New Holland tractor?

To check the hydraulic fluid in a New Holland tractor, you must make sure the tractor is well parked on a leveled ground, then you remove the lid of the reservoir, remove the dipstick, clean it with a dry piece of clothing, put it back, and then draw it out again to read the level of the liquid. The dipstick should have two points that will aid in determining the level of the hydraulic fluid.

The hydraulic fluid is a very important part of the tractor because it allows you to accomplish a significant proportion of work with less exertion. Because of this, one must ensure that the hydraulic fluid is checked and changed regularly. In the following paragraphs, we will give a step-by-step guide on how to check the hydraulic fluid of a New Holland Tractor, the hydraulic fluid capacity of a New Holland Tractor, and of course, the types of hydraulic fluid that are best for a New Holland Tractor.

How to Check the Hydraulic Fluid on a New Holland Tractor

How to Check Hydraulic Fluid on a New Holland Tractor?

As years go by, technology continues to reach new heights and machines become more sophisticated. Machines and equipment used in farming are not left out.  Machines and equipment used in farming have become more complex as a result of technological advancements. Therefore, to be able to use these machines and equipment effectively in farming, one must familiarize oneself self with these machines. One of the most popular farming equipment is the Tractor. 

New Holland tractors have made outstanding technological advances and are more sophisticated than ever. As the developers of New Holland reach new heights in technological advancements, tractor owners must also play their part by properly maintaining their tractors to prevent damage. By now, you should know that one of the most significant ways of retaining your New Holland tractor is by checking the Hydraulic fluid. But to do this, a couple of things must be considered. 

You must make sure that the hydraulic liquid is already cold and the bucket cylinders and boom are rescinded in order to deter damage and to get a valid reading. You should also take safety measures by wearing proper protective goggles and earplugs to ensure your safety as you operate the tractor. Now to start the process, first, you must park the tractor safely on a leveled surface and then turn off the machine. This ensures that you are safe while you examine the tractor and puts you in a better position of getting a precise reading. 

Moving on, you will have to remove the lid of the hydraulic fluid reservoir, remove the dipstick, clean it using a clean dry cloth, put the dipstick back in, and draw it out again to check the level of the liquid. The dipstick should have two points that will help you determine the level of the hydraulic fluid. As a very important part of the tractor, your New Holland should under no circumstances, lack hydraulic fluid. 

If possible, it is best for your New Holland tractor to always have a filled-up hydraulic fluid reservoir in order to ensure a long work life for the tractor. To fill the reservoir, you might have to clean the debris and dirt that might have been accumulated in the dipstick tube. 

Then use a clean funnel to fill up the reservoir with hydraulic fluid. In case you want to change the hydraulic fluid you use to another product, you must first drain out the old liquid before adding the new one. You must also be cautious not to mix various types of hydraulic fluid in the reservoir.

What is the Hydraulic Fluid Capacity for a New Holland Tractor?

As aforementioned, ensuring that your tractor has adequate hydraulic fluid is a key factor in the proper maintenance of the tractor. Your tractor must contain the right amount of quality hydraulic fluid for it to work adequately. 

To be able to fill the hydraulic fluid reservoir adequately, you must know the capacity of the reservoir. This will help you fill the tractor with the right quantity of hydraulic fluid, thereby ensuring the smooth running of the engine. The hydraulic/transmission capacity for a New Holland TC29D is 8.6 gallons. 

What Kind of Hydraulic Fluid is Suitable for a New Holland Tractor?

How to Check Hydraulic Fluid on a New Holland Tractor?

Aside from the fact that hydraulic fluid transfers power into the hydraulic system, it also greases the progressing components of the tractor. This lubrication aids the reduction of friction and prolongs the operative life of various components of the tractor. 

To ensure the long working life of your tractor, you must ensure that you use the right hydraulic fluid because not all hydraulic fluid can be suitable for your tractor. Using the wrong type of hydraulic fluid can reduce the productivity of your tractor or even damage your tractor. It is of great importance that you note the types of hydraulic fluid that can enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your tractor.

The following are brands of hydraulic fluid that are suitable for a New Holland Tractor;

  • Ambra Multi G: Ambra Multi G 10W-30 is a multipurpose hydraulic fluid specially designed for the transmission of tractors and agricultural machinery from New Holland. Multi G promises utmost conservation, efficiency for basic gear shifts, power shift and shuttle shift transmissions, oil bath brakes, side reduction gears, wheel reducers, differentials, hydraulic lifting devices, mechanical and hydrostatic steering, or power steering.

These are the characteristics of Multi G hydraulic fluid:

Maximum protection against wear under heavy pressures and at low velocities, magnificent anti-stick & slip properties to guarantee maximum braking potency, high heat friction to ensure constant coercion in the lubrication circuit, and optimal fluidity to lessen force absorption and enhance hydraulic circuit operation. Multi G can also be used in every season. Asides from being suitable for a New Holland Tractor technically, Multi G is also affordable and easy to use.

  • Midlands Lubricants; Midlands Lubricants Ltd is an agricultural brand supplier of quality hydraulic fluids and other lubricating oils. They supply high-performance Hydraulic oils, Universal Hydro/Trans-New Holland suitable HVI hydraulic, and Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil using virgin solvent refined paraffinic base oils.

Midlands Lubricants Ltd supplies a full range of New Holland suitable HVI Hydraulic oils like the HVI 32 Hydraulic Oil, HVI 46 Hydraulic Oil, and HVI 68 Hydraulic Oil as well as CAT 10w Hydraulic Oil and CAT 30w Hydraulic Oil. 

The following are characteristics of hydraulic fluids supplied by Midland Lubricants Ltd; Anti-foam agents, extreme pressure oils that contract to deter touching at high pressure lengthening life, and an improved viscosity index that prevents the oil from becoming thin at high temperatures.

  • Philips 99 Firebird: Philips 99 Firebird hydraulic fluid is an environmentally friendly tractor transmission fluid formulated with quality basic and redefined base stocks which helps reduce the environmental consequence of the removal of used oil. Firebird hydraulic fluid is one of the most recommended hydraulic fluids. It is very compatible with the New Holland tractor. Here are the benefits of using Philips 99 Firebird lubricant; 
  1. It deters brake chatter and grabbing.
  2. It safeguards against rust and attrition.
  3. It has good foam resistance.
  4. It has outstanding seal compatibility.
  5. It has outstanding Wear protection for clutches, gears, and hydraulic pumps.
  6. It has outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  7. It can be used at any time of the year.
  8. It reduces the environmental effect of the removal of used oils.
How to Check Hydraulic Fluid on a New Holland Tractor?
  • Mobil Delvac: Mobil Delvac hydraulic fluid is an advanced transmission fluid with extra high performance. Mobile Delvac is manufactured to optimize the operation of agricultural and commercial and tractors performing in a wide range of environments and circumstances. Mobile Delvac Hydraulic fluid delivers outstanding execution in today’s power train transmissions, drive axles, PTO’s, clutches, and hydraulic systems. The following are features of Mobil Delvac Hydraulic Fluid:
  1. Excellent low-temperature properties.
  2. Excellent insurance against rust, attrition, and yellow metal etching
  3. Enhances frictional properties.
  4. Congenial with the latest clutch equipment and elastomers.
  5. High viscosity index and shear stability.
  6. Good filterability
  7. Strong anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.
  8. Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
  9. Multifunctional compatibility.

Benefits of using Mobil Delvac Hydraulic Fluid include:

  1. Improved brake chatter and grabbing.
  2. Invariant operating reaction.
  3. Safeguards the equipment in wet or moist environments.
  4. It retains the systems neat and operating nicely.
  5. Longer clutch life and lessened leakage.
  6. Facilitates inventory and ameliorates misapplication difficulties.