How to Paint a Tractor? Everything you Need to Know

How to Paint a Tractor? Everything you Need to Know

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There will come a time when certain machinery needs a touch-up. They start to rust and are just not pleasing to the eye. This can be cars, bikes, and everything in between. But for today’s article, let’s focus on tractors.

Farmers and other professionals use tractors for a variety of uses. From plowing their fields, getting fresh produce ready to sell by putting them in big wooden crates to simply council-type work. In all of these jobs that tractors do, their paint can become withered, can scratch off and that can make the machine look worn out, even if the tractor is not that old.

So exactly how do you paint a tractor? We are glad you asked because in this article we are going to give you everything you need to know when it comes you painting your tractor. From how you degrease it, how much paint you will need, painting with a brush and or roller to what is the best paint to use for your tractor. We will give you everything you need to know.

Read on to find out everything about painting your tractor.

How do you prepare a tractor for painting?

The paint job that you are about to do will only look good if you have done the appropriate prep work and have a good surface to paint on. You are going to need to prep your tractor’s surface properly by removing dings, rusty patches, as well as dents that are on your tractor. Some of these areas might need to be replaced by welding new bits of sheet metal.

After welding, you are going to have to sand every area of the tractor you are going to want to paint and then take off any decals or emblems as it will make it hard for you to paint around and it will also be quicker to paint with them off your tractor.

Once you remove all the rust, the surface of your tractor will then need to be primed or painted within three days, so you avoid any build-up of rust or moisture.

How do you degrease a tractor before painting?

How to Paint a Tractor? Everything you Need to Know

Everyone has their unique little ways of getting grease off their tractors so ultimately you could go through several different ways to fully get grease off your tractor. First, use hot or warm water from a high-quality high-pressure washer and that is often used before you use detergent.

Then most people will use old clothes or stiff brushes to get all the grease off their tractor. As we said before, there are plenty of old wives ’ tales floating around but this one is the most commonly used but we suggest trial and error. Some will work while others will not, so it is about finding the right one that works for you.

How much does it cost to repaint a tractor?

This will largely depend on who you get to do it but generally, you should be expecting it to cost you anywhere between $2000 to $3500 for a professional-looking paint job.

If you choose to do it yourself you will save money on labor but the cost might go up if you do not have access to the same equipment as what professional painters have. So it is important to weigh up that when deciding to repaint your tractor.

How much paint do I need to paint a tractor?

Ultimately this will largely depend on how big your tractor is but for professionals, they will generally use around six to seven quarts of paint. Some people say around a gallon of paint if you are doing 2 to 2 coats but if you are simply painting your tractor the same color then two gallons is recommended.

How to paint a tractor – step by step

1.First you need to remove any emblems or fenders, lights and handles so you can paint easier.

2. Use masking tape to completely cover anything that you do not want to be painted. It is a good idea to use some plastic bags to cover your engine as well as tires but keep in mind that anything not covered will be painted so make sure it is sealed properly.

3. Use Marhyde to that is makes a coating. It reacts to rust and can dissolve it. It should be used on places that you can not get to on the engine, frame, or body panel creases. You should let it dry for the appropriate amount of time.

4. Next use DupliColour, it makes a great lacquer-based primer and it will be ready for you to sand in just 20 minutes. Ideally, you are going to want to give any areas that you have sanded back to the bare metal around 3-5 coats and the complete body of your tractor one coat.

Let it dry and then sand the entire body with 350 grit paper and a sanding block. Ideally, you want the surface to be completely smooth and when you run your hands over it, you should not feel any bumps or scratches. If you do and you paint over them, the result will not be good.

5. Prime anything you can not get to, you are going to have to sand anything you prime so just keep that in mind.

6. Use a paint that has a hardener that activates the paint. What it does is give the paint a very durable finish as well as glossy.

7. Mix the paint as is stated on the can and then let it stand to “sweat”. Once you do this the paint is only going to be good for around eight hours so you are going to have to keep the job going until it is finished.

8. Paint the body with three coats, the first should be light and the second and third should be medium to heavy coats.

9. Allow drying for around 1-2 hours between coats. Do not go overboard with the coats as a thick coat tends to be scratched easier. It does take practice when applying the coats, but you will get there with practice.

10. Let the paint cure for two days and then mask off the body and paint the frame. Make sure that the paint is cured properly otherwise the tape will pull the paint off. Do the frame and engine the same way and if done correctly you will have a nice look tractor with a nice fresh coat of paint.

Painting a tractor with a brush

How to Paint a Tractor? Everything you Need to Know

It is very time-consuming, and you are going to have to set aside quite a lot of time to do it. Depending on your tractor size you could be in for a long day. The steps are essentially the same as above as you will need to sand back the bits you are going to paint and put masking tape on the areas you do not want to paint. As we said it is time-consuming but some people like that.

Painting a tractor with a roller

Similar to the brush, it will take time but follow the steps we listed above and you should be good to go. A roller may make getting into certain areas tricky because of the size of the roller but other than that, it is a quicker option than a brush.

Painting tractor with spray cans

Again, the same as above except you are most likely going to

need a lot of spray cans. Some suggest around 30 to 40 spray cans but in the truth

that is just overkill. Most people using tins of paint as it lasts longer

takes less time and is considerably cheaper. Some even use a spray gun and thin

the paint by adding mineral spirits.

What is the best paint for tractors?

Depending on who you ask, every person is going to have a different answer for you. It will ultimately depend on how much you want to spend and how much of your tractor you are going to paint.

Here is one from an article we previously did regarding the best paints for your tractor. Check it out here.

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