Do Ducks Make Nests?

Do Ducks Make Nests

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Isn’t it a widely believed fact that all birds lay eggs in their nests? If they can not build a nest for themselves(which rarely happens), these birds try their best to find a safe place to lay eggs. 

All birds that live in a domestic environment are either allowed to build nests or bought nesting boxes to lay eggs.

Ducks are one of the few domestic birds that can easily pluck feathers and gather grasses and leaves to build a nest.

However, they have hardly noticed building nests. These aquatic birds rather get nesting boxes to lay eggs. Does that mean ducks can not make nests?

Do Ducks Make Nests?

Yes, ducks make nests. It’s just that we hardly see these aquatic birds building their nests. However, if ducks do not get a nesting box, they would gather grasses, leaves and pluck their feathers to make their nest. 

Why Do Ducks Build their Nests?

Ducks build their nests for the same reason as other birds. To be more specific, the ducks build nests to lay eggs, incubate eggs, and live there when the weather is unfavorable.

Ducks build nests, it’s just that they are harder to spot

Most of the people who usually question do ducks build nests? have never spotted a duck’s nest.

The ducks build their nests in places where they can not be approached easily. It tricks us into questioning if ducks build nests or not?

Almost all ducks are capable of building nests, they even do

The domestic duck’s case is a bit different as they are usually entertained with luxurious nesting boxes.

However, these overly pampered domestic ducks are also capable of building their nests. Some domestic ducks that can not fly live in an environment where nests can be built easily, they even build their nests.

How Do Ducks Build Nests?

When the breeding season approaches, ducks build their nests the same way as other birds. Days or even weeks before breeding season, the ducks start building their nests when ducks go outside.

These aquatic birds do not have a habit of searching and picking leaves, grasses from far-off places. They gather the raw material from the place where they choose to build the nest. 

The female ducks have to build their nests. They form a bowl on the moist ground and begin gathering grasses leaves and feathers to line the nest.

By the time they start laying eggs, the ducks’ nests look perfectly lined with leaves, grasses, and features they have plucked from their breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do ducks build their nests?

Ducks build their nests on the moist ground all covered with vegetation near the water. If they can find a spot near the water, the ducks prefer building nests where they can not be approached and their eggs remain hidden.

Do ducks build their nest in gardens?

Yes, domestic ducks do build their nests in the gardens. However, if they are given a choice they would prefer to build a nest somewhere near the water.

Why do ducks not build their nests?

Ducks do build their nests. It’s just that the domestic ducks are forced to live in an unfavorable environment. Building a nest in such an unfavorable environment is hard, they have to lay eggs in the nesting boxes. All those ducks that live in a favorable environment, build nests to lay and incubate eggs.

How long does it take a duck to build a nest?

Even though the ducks have to dig a bowl in the moist ground, collect feathers, grasses, and leaves to line a nest yet they build their nest in 13 to 15 days.


All birds, whether it’s aquatic or not, build their nests. They need to build their nests to lay and incubate eggs.

Therefore, the duck’s case is no different. They need to build nests to lay and incubate eggs as well.

All duck breeds are capable of building nests. The females form a bowl in the moist ground somewhere near the water and line it up with grasses, leaves, and feathers.

Since ducks are aquatic birds, they prefer building nests near the water on the ground covered with vegetation. However, if they do not find a suitable place to build nests, building a nest in the garden is preferred. 

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