7 Best Incubator For Duck Eggs Reviews in 2022

Best Incubator For Duck Eggs

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Wanting to incubate your duck’s eggs? Well, you need to know that incubating duck eggs are much more complicated than incubating chicken or any other bird’s eggs. So, to incubate your duck’s eggs you need a good incubator that requires less manual handling. 

As we know how dear those eggs are to you, rest assured we are shortlisting the best incubators that would help you in incubating your overly loved duck’s eggs with ease.

You need to know you would probably not find a “specific” duck incubator, you have to look for the best general incubator to incubate your duck eggs. I suggest you go for an automatic one, especially if you are incubating your duck’s egg for the very first time. 

The incubators we are listing below are all good for the job but still, we suggest you be the judge, do not blindly trust anyone’s recommendations, pick the one that you think suits your needs more. Our top picks are;

Best Incubator For Duck Eggs Reviews

1. Brinsea Manual Egg Incubator 

Brinsea manual egg incubator is the simplest device that can accommodate up to 24 eggs at a time. It’s an cost-effective solution to your problem as this incubator is not just affordable, it happens to save electricity as well. 

The heavy-duty cabinet does not just make it durable but easier to clean as well. The foam-filled double-skinned base requires fewer electricity to charge up the whole incubation process. The clear top offers better visibility that is needed in the entire hatching process. 

This Brinsea incubator keeps the fresh air supply intact through vent sliders and humidity is maintained by water reservoirs in the base. It might be incubating only 24 eggs at a time but it can process eggs of all sizes. 

This simplest design is highly recommended for beginners. Brinsea incubator comes with a detailed user manual. The most convincing thing about this Brinsea incubator is that it comes with a three years warranty. However, the eggs needs to turned manually. It can only be used indoors. 


  • Affordable 
  • Clear top gives better visibility 
  • Uses less electricity 
  • Comes with a three year warranty and a detailed user manual
  • Easier to clean
  • Vent slides keep the air circulation intact
  • Can incubate eggs of all sizes


  • It can only be used indoors
  • Serves up to 24 eggs of all sizes
  • Eggs need to be turned manually 

2. Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator 

Magicfly digital auto egg incubator made it to our recommendation list because of it’s simpler structure and effectiveness in improving hatching rate. 

This Magicfly egg incubator contains a top shell, a moveable egg tray, an incubator grid, a hatching tray, and a bottom shell. This auto incubator is comparatively smaller than the incubators mentioned above as it serves up to 12 eggs at a time. 

This forced air incubator uses a little fan to keep the incubator environment healthy for incubation. The automatic turner turns the eggs when needed thus requiring less care.

The automatic turner feature can not be turned off but the tray can be positioned to keep the eggs from turning upside down. 

This auto incubator’s humidity can be easily monitored, simply adding or removing water from the incubator would adjust it as per the requirements. Like all incubators, it comes with a detailed user manual that guides the newbies on how to use incubator and how to adjust temperature and humidity. 

Bottom line is, it is simplest and the most reliable equipment but the only issue we have find till now is that it can only incubate 9 to 12 eggs at a time. 


  • This Magicfly incubator has paid off several buyers
  • Perfect for small to medium term requirements
  • Comes with a detailed user manual
  • Allows easy temperature and humidity adjustability 
  • Simple, easy to use and clean 
  • Comes with all necessary parts


  • Can not serve bigger needs

3. Best Incubator for goose eggs: Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator 

Harris Farms, a TN-based company, earned millions of aviculturists’ hearts across the globe with their innovative products. Their products reach us after passing several rigorous field tests. 

This Harris Farms nurture incubator is in Amazon’s choice because it has all the necessary features an aviculturist look for. It works equally fine for ducks, chicken, quail, and pheasant.

As per the user manual, it takes 21 days for chicken eggs to hatch, 28 days for ducks, 16-23 days for quail, and 23-27 days for pheasant’s eggs. 

The humidity knop at the top, build-in-LED candler, 360 wide window view, automatic egg turner system, and digital displays makes it nearly unmatchable. The most convincing feature is the auto turner turns off automatically when the eggs are about to hatch in 2 to 3 days. 

As far as the egg capacity is concerned, it can aid in hatching 22 chicken, 12 to 18 ducks, and 22 to 24 pheasant eggs at a time. This Harris Farms incubator is much reliable than most of the options listed here as it comes from a well-known, well-trusted brand. 

However, the few issues this particular incubator have is it can not be used with any other power supply unit but with the one that comes with it. It can not be kept on the floor. Keep out of childern and animals’ reach for safe hatching. 


  • In Amazon’s choice 
  • Well-reputed brand
  • Can hatch ducks, chickens, quail, and pheasant eggs
  • The auto turner does not need to be turned off manually 
  • 3D window veiw
  • Easy to monitor humidity and temperature 
  • Listed with all necessary details 
  • Got all necessary features 


  • A bit expensive 
  • Can not be placed at floor
  • Can only be used with it’s own power unit 
  • Might need an additional thermometer 

4. Farm Innovators Model Digital Circulated Air Incubator With Automatic Egg Turner

This farm innovator’s model digital circulated air incubator has recently been upgraded to perfection. It is in Amazon’s choice because of it’s a user-friendly model and impressive automatic egg turning feature.

As per the company’s claim, this incubator comes with an egg candle, circulating fan kit, and automatic egg turner. This all-in-one hatching device accommodates up to 41 eggs. The automatic egg turner turns the duck and chicken eggs every four hours.

The inbuilt separate water channels balance out the humidity ratio and improve the hatching rate. Another plus is that this handy instrument allows you to add water without removing the lids or adjusting the eggs.

The digital displays allow you to monitor temperature and humidity with ease, the two important factors that improve the hatching rate.

The simplest structure makes the cleaning and maintenance less tiring. The imported hard plastic shell adds more durability and toughness to it’s nature. The integrated fan keeps the fresh air contact intact whereas the egg candlers allow you to monitor the growth.


  • Upgraded version
  • Got Amazon’s approval
  • Comes with egg candle, integrated fan, and automatic egg turner
  • Turns eggs automatically every four hours
  • Digital display displays the humidity and temperature
  • Water can be added without removing the lid
  • Improves hatching rate
  • Simpler, user-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable 


  • The auto egg turner feature needs improvements 

5. KEPKGO Small Automatic Digital Incubator 

KEPKGO’s proud invention is the smallest cutest incubator every listed on Amazon. This digital incubator comes with foam protect, power line, water bottle, and user manual. The heavy-duty plastic makes it easy to clean and nearly indestructible.

This mini incubator can aid in hatching chicken, ducks, pigeon, parrots, quail, and other domestic birds. This CE, FCC, and IC certified incubator has the capability to serve up to nine eggs at a time. 

It’s super easy to use simply add water(keep the water below 25ml), power on the machine, leave it there for at least 20 minutes, power off the machine, put in the fertilized eggs, cover the top, manually adjust the temperature and humidity as per the requirements. There, the you are done with the first step. 

This least-known incubator is engineered to improve hatch-ability. The space between the eggs makes it more suitable for duck hatching. It comes in only one color and size. 


  • Simple, easy to use
  • Light weight 
  • CE, FCC, and IC certified incubator
  • Improves hatching 
  • comes with foam protect, power line, water bottle, and user manual
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable 


  • Supports only 9 eggs

6. ZJDU Fully Automatic Egg Incubator For Duck, Chicken, Geese, And Quail Egg Hatching 

This dual-power automatic egg incubator made it to our list because of it’s simpler structure and ability to cater larger needs. Unlike other incubators mentioned on the list, this ZJDU can hatch any domestic birds eggs. 

The incubator is made to reduce labor work, as it does all the donkey work itself. The most convincing thing about this ZJDU egg incubator is that comes with adjusted temperature already. The user do not have to worry about the settings at all. 

It contains two compartments; one for incubation period and the other one for holding period. This handy egg incubator improves hatching rate to impressive extent if fertilized eggs are placed. It allows 56 to 200 eggs to hatch in a comfortable environment. 

Build in air circulation fan keep a sharp check on temperature and humidity that is needed to be maintained for the eggs to hatch. It suits chickens, geese, ducks, parrots, quail, pigeon, and poultry eggs more. 


  • Automatic, reduces manual labor 
  • suits chickens, geese, ducks, parrots, quail, pigeon, and poultry eggs more
  • Can hatch 56 to 200 eggs
  • Improves hatching rate
  • Got all the needed features 


  • Not defect/issue came to notice yet

7. XUXUWA Dual Power 96 Eggs Hatching Incubator 

XUXUWA dual power incubator is another high performance hatching device ever listed on Amazon. As the title suggests, this hatching device can hatch up to 96 eggs. 

The digital display displays all necessary information including egg turning time, humidity, temperature, and hatching day. The temperature and humidity can be monitored and adjusted easily. It comes with an alarm, the alarm rings whenever temperature or humidity crosses the normal range. 

Good heat preservation, energy saving, and automatic egg turning are the most promising features of this egg hatching device. The suggested humidity and temperature range is 20-40.

XUXUWA offers incredible customer support, queries are normally answered within 24 hours. Information can be obtained before and after placing order. 


  • Can hatch 96 eggs
  • Good heat preservation 
  • Incredible customer 
  • Humidity and temperature can be monitored easily 


  • Comes in only one color and size

8. ZJDU Professional Cabinet Automatic Incubator 

This professional Incubator is made to cater bigger needs efficiently. As per the company’s claim, it can serve 1134 duck, 576 geese, 2016 pigeon, and supernaturally 3978 quail eggs. This ZJDU incubator is 100% reliable for the purpose it is manufactured. 

It features main and voice control, voice control can be used when the main system fails to respond. The egg turning process is uniform and stable, this incubator hardly damages the fertilized eggs. The egg turning time is 90 minutes. An automatic water supply is another great addition, it reduces manual labor and saves time. 

Circulating air duct system and humidification water pan system prevents drying and the heating fan keeps on spreading heat evenly, thus improving the hatching rate. The low noise feature gives this professional Incubator superiority over the rest. 

Besides hatching, this incubator can be used as a brooding device as well. It contains an egg tray and hatcher basket to support the said functions. A transparent window allows you to judge the situation more precisely. Contains enough vents to cater to the situation. Listed with complete information and comes with a detailed user guide as well. This incubator is best for ducks or ducks like birds goose and swan etc.


  • Listed with all necessary details 
  • Can be used for hatching and brooding alike 
  • can serve 1134 duck, 576 geese, 2016 pigeon, and 3978 quail eggs
  • Uniform egg turning process
  • Reduces manual labor to a great extent
  • Professional Incubator 
  • Rewarded with auto water filling and voice control system features 


  • Expensive 
  • Can only be bought for professional purposes 

These were the few options that caught our attention, there would be some other promising options as well but we wanted to recommend only the tried and tested ones.

What Do You Need To Look For In An Incubator?

While finding the incubator for your duck’s eggs, you need to know first who many eggs you are planning to incubate. If the need remains small, a mini incubator allowing 10 to 20 eggs is enough, but it’s too small for you to go for the medium one, the one that allows you to incubate 50 to 100 eggs at a time. 

Once you have found the right size, you need to look for the feature called “Automatic egg turner”. As you can not strictly turn the eggs on time, take off the pressure from your shoulder and invest in some automatic incubator. 

Most incubators listed on Amazon do come with a digital display that helps in monitoring the temperature and humidity. Make sure the incubator you choose has this feature. Humidity and temperature play an important role in improving and bringing down the hatching rate. 

Lastly, you have to look at whether it’s expensive or being sold at the right price. A few incubators listed on Amazon are overly expensive, do not give up keep on researching you would surely find something as good as it should at the right price.

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